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Buyers Getting Blown away by the Bling?

Keep Clients Grounded with These Priceless Tips on Resale Value...

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We Focus on "Staging" the Home Interior...What About that First Impression...Out Front?

Spring Landscaping Transformation...

From Humdrum to...Stunning Outdoor Setting!

Do you advise clients on the importance of curb appeal?

Hi Everyone. I hope this community will grow there are some great people and ideas to be shared so make the most of each other and connect through this and other on line portals.
If anyone is in any other on line groups post links here to, I have just got back from America myself, where I took in a great property event, Ron Legrands I was very tempted to join up even though I already have a great mentor lol.
There ways of buying and selling in today’s market place is very inspirational I myself will be taking it to the next level over the next few months I would be happy to share my plans and would love to listen to yours if you have anything to share.
You may be wondering why I have that picture, well this is a property that I am trying to pass on to a tennet buyer at the moment, in the future I plan to put up any ones pictures of property that are currently trying to sell at the top of the page.
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