When I first moved here, I was so happy. The rent was right and the neighborhood is fantastic. Yes it did have bugs but I spent about 300.00 an very seldom I see anything now plus the neighbors work together. But since we have gotten a new office manager an maintenance manager attitudes are really changing. I am a senior,Someday it takes all I can do to get out of the bed, because I have lupus an degenerate arthritis. So my apartment does not look like G-Q Housekeeping but its not dirty because it would be drawing bugs. Yet when anything breaks down, it seems my apartment not being cleaned to their specifications keeps the gas stove or dishwasher or from not getting  bathroom fixed.  Is it senior citizen prejudice? race prejudice ?or she is just to dumb to know.? An of course there is the fear , if I complain , will they fine some excuse to put me out.  So I am going to keep writing an see how long it takes them to fine an excuse to put me out , and how nasty the maintenance crew an office staff is going to get. They have some form called the 2310, I will be posting it as soon as it comes.
Just me Snooping!
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