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Ally walks out of the tattoo parlor with her first 2 tattoos, both on her wrists. The bird one on her right wrist, the life one on her left. She sees you
Uh~Hey She smiles
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Fandom: Doctor Who
Species: Timelord
Gender: Male
Real Name: Daniel
Timelord Title: The Wiseman
Home Planet: Gallifrey (Duh.)
Likes: Cowboy hats, pocketwatches, saving planets, and pizza with chocolate syrup.
Dislikes: Daleks, The Stone Age, and losing people, cracks in the wall.
Personality: A wise man with more than a few wisecracks in his head, he is very clever. Likes to pop up behind an enemy, act very humorously and cleverly, and foil their schemes brilliantly.
Background: Used to be friends with the Master as kids, then they drifted apart and the Master became friends with the Doctor. He stole a TARDIS when he was a hundred years old and ran away when Gallifrey explodered. That's how he survived. He has saved mostly every planet in the galaxy.

Brook sprints into the forest surrounding town -+Sofia W-

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Fandom: Supernatural
Name:Charlie Bradbury
Species: Human
Alliances:Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester
Appearance:Red long hair, Green eyes, and medium height
Personality:VERY VERY geeky, Lesbian, Kind of emotional
Likes/Dislikes:Likes staring at ladies butts, Dislikes The land of Oz
Family:(Never dicussed)
Other:Not much more about me

Jenny walks out of her house and sees you standing on her porch 
J: Who are-
You: Come with me if you wanna live!
I stare at you shocked not knowing who you are
(Open to anyone and I do reposts) 

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Fandom: OUAT
Name: Rumpelstiltskin/Mr.Gold
Age: Older than you dearie
Gender: Male
Appearance: ... theres no way to describe how I look so... look at the picture...
Family: oh gosh... do I really have to go on about his family. Sighs Im just gonna put another picture from the internet of the family tree 
Personality: Rumple is pretty sassy and a little psychotic. He has a desperate love for power and magic. He enjoys tricking people but also helping people too. 
lol i just realized how lazy I was when making this profile and i dont even care anymore!
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Yay first Supernatural character!!! +Sofia W 
Fandom: Supernatural
Name: Jennifer ((Jenny)) Winchester
Age: ((Older than Sam but younger than Dean))
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: 50% Human, 25% Demon, 25% Angel
Appearance: She is a little bit shorter than Dean. She has long flowy blonde hair and sharp brown eyes. She has fair skin. pic below
Family: Sam Winchester=Younger brother, Dean Winchester=Older brother, John Winchester= Father, Mary Winchester=Mother
Bio: About a year before Sam was born, Mary had a daughter. She was terrified. When Jenny was born, her eyes were black. Mary, didn't tell anyone, not even John. She had sworn she would leave the hunter life. She practically threw Jenny away. Mary left her by a river to die, thinking no one would notice. The angels did. They took some of her demon and gave her some angel blood. They raised her until she was a teenager, she then escaped from their control. She lived in the woods for most of her life, learning how to survive. When growing up, she was hunted down by demons and angels. She learned from other hunters how to kill and stop both. Her best hunter friends were Jo and Ellen. She went to their bar all the time for weapons, ammo and advice. Thats pretty much it I guess...
Personality: She is generally very loud. At times she can be more silent. She is a general Bad-Ass. Sorry for the language She is very sharp and makes a quick comeback. 

Angie is in the Maps Room, waiting of the other runners

(+Hermione Granger open anyone can join)
Ally walks through a small town surrounded completely by seemingly endless forests 
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