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What's your favorite thing about VEX
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How do you guys feel about starstruck. I think it is a way too easy game and since we only got second in world last year its gonna be easy to avenge ourselves.

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The golf idea/theory
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I showed up at a competition without a robot recently. my team (me and my cousin) made 5 different designs of a push bot in the course of one competition. we actually did amazing. defense is super important. we actually beat the first seated team with it. after much arguing with the referee we were DQ ( we touched their robot while they were still in their colored square) but we still got more points then them. if you don't have a very consistent robot and your alliance does, play defense. its a total game changer. 

Longhorn Robotics from Leigh High School in San Jose is looking for a mentor. We are a second year team consisting of mainly underclassmen. Any guidance would be welcome. :)

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I already ask for skyrise, but now that Nothing but Net is out. What drive are you going to use and why? I think in early season it is important to share ideas to get some thoughts flowing. I am tending to use a X Drive because it would allow me to be faster and because we use the base to adjust on the x and z axis the 0 turn is quite nice , on the other side a X Drive can be pushed around easily. But I'm also going to try a transmission to be able to be fast and powerful.
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Tank drive
Tank with transmission
Servo drive (lol)

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Animated Photo

My first ever programming/electronics that works

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Pls Subscribe!!!
Walking quad robot 3DOF
transformer multifunctional robot
super fast line follow with controlled stop
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