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First off, some simple rules.

1- Keep this mature. No porn, no smut. Jeez guys.
2- Keep it kind. No fighting.
3- NO ART STEALING! If you do, it will result in a permanent ban, and my everlasting disrespect. 
4- Don't be annoying.
5- No Mary Sue OCs. Ocs must be approved before you can use them.
6- No excessive gore. Some gore is fine, but some people can't stomach it well.

Roleplay Rules- 1- No Hybrids (Unless adopted)
2- No excessive swearing
3- No fights (unless wished)
4- No killing (unless agreed on)
5- No Mary-Sue-ing

+dark feather has been removed from the community for harassment and bullying. They falsely accused someone of art theft and proceeded to attack them for no apparent reason. Now, please rethink your life, man. You're probably an 11-12 year old kid who thinks he's really cool but just sounds like an idiot. Please stop. And correct your grammar, because that was some serious bull.

Name:diablous rex

Specie:diablous rex
Rivals:+the spinosaurus

Hi I am new

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Here's a rant I did awhile ago and saved
I've been doing some research on velociraptors and i've discovered how of the mainstream depiction of them is HORRIBLY off(mostly because of Jurassic Park), here is some examples.
1. All raptors have been PROVEN to have feathers, they are part of the theropod branch of dinosaurs who most if not all members have feathers. the bigger dinosaurs in this branch such as t-rexes probably only had patches of feathers (yes paleontologists have found proof of tyrannosaurus having feathers because the have found MULTIPLE closely related ancestor being COVERED in feathers.) but the raptors have been proven to be covered in feathers. Now keep in mind not all of these feathers on the dinosaurs are the typical branching feathers on birds wings, lots of dinosaurs had fur like quills, but most theropods had a mixes of different feathers types.
2. The maximum size of a velociraptors is about THREE FEET high and a weight of an ASTOUNDING THIRTY POUNDS(catch my sarcasm). Deinonychus is the dino the velociraptors in Jurassic Park are based of of, but is name wasn't as catchy so the chose to mislead viewers into believing that it was a velociraptor. Deinonychus was about 5 ft tall and weighed 161 lb.
There's many more inaccuracies but i dont want to list them all, so i leave you with some picture (1. a real velociraptor, 2. Deinonychus, 3. what tyrannosaurus really looked like.)
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So here's a cartoony t-rex I drew a while ago. (It's not very good.)
Fun fact t-rexes were part of the theropoda suborder (because of a common ancestor of this suborder pailenolagest have evidence  to believe that all dinos in this suborder have the genes to have feathers.), paleontologist have also found an ancestor to the t-rex that had feathers. so in conclusion the t-rex was more likely to have feathers than not.

So I'm I allowed to rant about scientific accuracy or is that not allowed?

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An adopt- and a DTA too. (Draw To Adopt)
Offers are accepted too.

A little notification- No one is allowed to make hybrid dinosaurs unless they are a moderator, or if they got one from an adopt. This is to prevent against unfairness.
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