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Following on from Charlies post regarding Singapore being a suitable option for the business school. It is widely known that Asia is the worlds fastest growing economy, with China set to overtake the USA as the worlds largest economy in 2018.

Having students in such close proximity to the largest and fastest economy and industrial area in the world will give the students a great insight into the efficiency of these countries. It will be of great help to those students who are particularly interested in exports, as in 2014 Singapore exported $272bn. The majority of this being Chemicals, Machinery and Pharmaceuticals.

In the third quarter of 2016 Singapore's economy grew 21.3% on the rest of 2016, this emphasises how current the growth and strength of the economy is within Singapore and this could give students a great interactive learning experience.

Linking both Freddie's point regarding the worlds need for new 'green' energy and Charlie's potential location of using Dublin as a suitable location. As mentioned the decline in Dublin still hasn't allowed it to be less of a business centre within Europe, with many of the large global companies still having major offices within Dublin.

Linking this with the global rise in 'green' energy, there are already a number of wind farms located off of the West coast of Ireland that, the amount of energy that was produced through these wind farms provided 24% of Ireland's electricity in 2015, this was a rise from 18.2% the year before.

Placing a business school here can also lead to good job opportunities with 3,400 of the people who live in Ireland now employed in the wind energy sector. This shows the importance of this sector to the country and the amount of energy that it provides.

Looking at more obscure options that could potentially be explored for the business school. Areas in South America such as Brazil or Argentina, could potentially offer students a varied learning experience, while potentially aiding in the growth of the economy in these areas.

With the intended injection into the economy that came from the 2014 Football World Cup as well as the 2016 Olympic Games, there could be a real opportunity for cities such as Rio de Janeiro to become one of the business centres of South America.

Brazil again have a large amount of exports that are sent around the globe, which bring $185.2bn to the country every year, which is a 21.1% increase since 2009.

Brazil have an opportunity to grow themselves within the global economy through some of the innovative technology and focusing on improving these in order to reduce their overall trade deficit within electronic equipment and technology.

Southern Africa can provide potential opportunities for a business school to be placed there. While there is a view that Africa is one of the less affluent places on the globe, there are many places which, if explored, could be a very interesting place in which to have a school.

Kenya has recently been one of the faster growing economies within Southern Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa is still the second fastest growing region in the world, this has lead to higher living standards and a reduced poverty rate within this region. Kenya has the highest share of their population with access to financial services in this region. This allows a higher percentage of people to have their chance to improve the Kenyan economy and to aid growth.

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Greetings, Oliver Edward Beauchamp Blackett reporting for service,

i believe I'm a reflection of my own interests so here goes nothing:
I have been a proud hunter throguhout my life, from the acres at home to the club dance floor i have a keen eye for good prey. I am currently in application for the army because i am such a hot shot. as you may already be able to tell, i take my sporting commitments very seriously, as a keen player of brookes tennis my aggressive foreplay is only bettered by my animalistic forehand. This is reflected in my squash hobby, nothing is more entertaining than bequeathing my own personal squash onto any of my lucky subjects. Since i took part in D of E i have also taken real interest in the elderly. Nothing makes me happier than sharing my own ability to give happiness with the people who are less able to bestow it upon themselves. I genuinely love giving back to the old age community, the ability to handle women over the age of 50 is one of the key stills i have in my hands. This shows my real tendency to be a giving, helpful and lend a signet ringed hand wherever it may be desired.
I have had a recent foray into the culinary arts by educating my self in the taste of the daughter of Gorden Ramsey. This reflects my domestic side, as I'm more than happy to help create and consume my morning brunch, due to this my one morning kitchen chefs now feel more at home in my company and all I can hope is you feel as comfortable with me as they do. If i could summarise myself in a few words in all modesty i have to say I'm : eccentric, aristocratic and the potentially the man of your dreams 07511529134

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This is a picture of me in oxford city center just after getting my haircut and dealing to get the best possible exchange rate for some euros I had.
Some information about me is that I am Colombian, I left home when I was 16 to go to America to learn English for a year and then I moved to England to get my business degree.
One of my favorite activities is going to gym or do any other physical activity as a daily routine in the morning I have being doing it since I was 16 as I think if gives me discipline. Also I love reading books that are business related when I have the time to read them. Also I consider myself to be a Cinephile as its one of the activities that I spend lot of my time every week excluding academic semesters.
In terms of work experience is very limited, but instead I have spent time with my father meetings from the company (in the healthcare sector) and with clients in order to learn and analyze how business are carried out from the top level management.
Well my career goals is to get in charge and carry on my family business and venture in other industries beside the healthcare sector such as construction and in the high tech sector

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From London, 3rd year
I enjoy a bit of travelling, pretty big film and TV knowledge and watch a lot of football. I run 3-4 times a week and love to kick a football around in the park.

I haven't had a job for a couple years because of Uni work but still know how best to cut a loaf of bread from my time working at a bread stall.

After University, that will probably have to change for a few months, but hopefully using that money i will take 6 months out to go travelling again and end goal move to sunny Australia to start a career with any company who will take me!

Looking forward to the 'Consultancy Co-lab Jam'!

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Hello all,

My name is Callum. I am a third year Business and Marketing Student from Beaconsfield. My main interests are sport, especially rugby, travelling and generally being out and about.

Below is a photo of me from a travel I did in the summer of my first year at Brookes. I did a 6 week trip through Southern Africa, beginning in South Africa and going through Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania before finishing in Kenya. As it sounds it was an incredible trip and would recommend it to anyone who likes to travel and hasn't been to Africa! The photo is actually taken in the sand dunes in the Namib Desert, having just climbed the highest sand dune in Africa to watch the sun rise!

Unfortunately, I didn't take a gap year after school and I also didn't do a placement, so I have no interesting stories about what I have done work wise since joining Brookes, other than a few part time jobs, which were as boring as they sound.

After Brookes, I'll do some more travelling in the summer before I hope to be offered a job in sales to begin my career and see where that'll take me. If I don't get offered the job then I will be taking a gap year and will do some more travelling.

I look forward to working with you all

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My Name is Peter, I’m an international student from Norway, I grew up in Asker 15 minutes outside of Oslo the Norwegian capital. I´m on my final year of my International business management degree. My main interests are football and climbing, I enjoy being outdoors, and exploring the beautiful Norwegian nature. The photo is from a trip i did with my father last easter, where we skied up to one of the highest peaks in Voss, in the western parts of Norway. (My father in the blue jacket, me in the red and our dog in the middle)

During my bachelor degree i have had a running internship with Steen & Strom, a subsidiary of Kleppiere. Steen & Strom is one of Scandinavia´s major players in owning and running shopping centers, with some of the best centers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. My tasks at Steen & Storm has varied over the last 3 years, where i have worked my self up from a personal assistant for the CEO, an expatriate from the French owners. To working with financial forecast, and budgeting with the finance department. Last summer i was offered a job in Steen & Strom after my degree, the job would involve selling short term areas at the different centers, mainly small pop ups and stands, as well as developing new rutines for gift cards throughout Scandinavia.

I intend to take the offer from Steen & Strom, and work there for one or two years, before i will complete my studies with a master degree or a MBA. Im not really sure where i will be in 5 years, hopefully i have completed my masters, and have managed to work my self up to a greater role within Steen & Strom. My main career goal is to start up my own company, and enjoy what I’m doing.

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I have many interests which include reading, especially when at home in front of the fire! I also love to cook and (try!) to run on a regular basis as well as going to different classes at the gym. I like watching live sports, especially England play at Twickenham.

I am currently in training for a 100Mile charity bike ride in June, although not much training has been done so far. I am using the mind-set that I did it last year so can do it again!

I also did a placement year where I worked at a hotel in Leicestershire as an events co-coordinator, planning weddings and large corporate events, I was even trusted with a footballers wedding which was very fun! I enjoyed my year so much that I am going back in May after I graduate. After finishing my placement I went travelling around Asia and now have plans to go travelling around South America and New Zealand in 18months time.

I eventually plan to live outside of the UK, hopefully in Dubai or anywhere that is hotter than here!

Looking forward to working with you all
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