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It's Tuesday and you might have drag yourself out of bed to get to work with the enthusiam of a person on death row.  BUT doesn't this make you feel better !  So why don't you share it with someone else.  HEY IT DOES'NT HURT AND ITS FREE!!!!

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I'm spending my time mastering the Google adwords for video platform - not easy at all to understand what Google really wants - and they gladly disapprove your ads for reasons unknown; yes nothing new but I am determined to make it work - potentially as my only advertising method. I think it's all about grabbing a method and mastering it.

One thing to avoid is the idea that having a website is what you need and that it will make you money; websites don't make money - valuable content does though so all you need is a place to post it; G+ is a great platform.

Thanks for the invite Terry. I look forward to your teachings.

Thanks for the invite Terry... Glad to be a part of this community

Ask me how I can add 1,000 people to your email list - and I won't charge you a dime.

Hey Terry here is one for you:
Where does money come from?
I think if more people knew this they could make more of it!!!

Easy email list building technique: buy traffic via a Facebook Ad and send it to a Facebook Page - asking the person to opt in to get something you are giving away - almost any Facebook page app will allow you to do this, even using Wordpress. The value here is buying traffic from Facebook, sending it to a Facebook page - do you think Facebook will allow you to buy traffic from them and send it to them - which is a page containing your opt in form. Don't take this tip lightly; it is powerful.

Did you know, the one top thing that helps you get traffic from Youtube is - logging into your account once per day - show YouTube you are active, real and involved - just that alone will get your videos more views because YouTube will simply trust you more, and trust that you are real.
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