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The next API Social will be held at Beta Lounge on Wednesday 5/21, starting at 4pm. Included will be a talk by Raymond Yee about his upcoming APICon session on "How to Consume APIs with Python" at 4:45. (This will be a good pre-game for the APICon in SF that some folks are going to the following week.)

Hope to see you all there!


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My "Working with Open Data" course is hosting an open house next Tuesday (May 6 2:15-3:30pm) in 202 South Hall.  Please join us: http://www.ischool.berkeley.edu/newsandevents/events/20140506opendataexhibition

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I'm going to be teaching a session on how to consume APIs with Python at APICon 2014 http://www.apiconsf.com/ --> a conference on APIs run by David Berlind and company at programmableweb.com.  (I've written for PW and will be doing so again soon.)  The conference is local --  happening from May 27-29, 2014 at the HIlton SF Union Square.  There's a free hackathon pass -- and that pass will give access to my workshop.  Let me know whether you want to know more about the conference.  (If you're a student, I might be able to get you one of the limited number of full-access passes for free.)

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Research IT is partnering with the Bancroft Library as part of Digital Humanities @ Berkeley for a hackathon around the Free Speech Movement archive. The library will be making some of the digital content in the FSM archive available via an API.

a hackathon in honor of the Free Speech Movement's 50th anniversary.  Students will be designing a new interface and research tools for the Free Speech Movement Digital Archive at UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library and Digital Humanities @ Berkeley. 

1st: one 11-inch MacBook Air per team member (retail value $999, up to 4 per team)
2nd: one 16 GB wi-fi iPad mini per team member (retail value $299, up to 4 per team)

Registration is limited to UC Berkeley students (undergrad or grad).  To encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, teams of four must comprise at least one CS student and one student from the Arts & Humanities division or the History department.
Kick-off and team formation: April 1st, 4 PM - 7 PM.  Judging: April 12th, 12:00 PM - 4:30 PM.  While a hackathon lasting several days is a bit unusual, we are using a longer timeframe to encourage participation and collaboration from people with a variety of backgrounds, such as first-timers who would otherwise be intimidated by the hackathon format.

More information on the hackathon can be found at: 

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Today is my next-to-last day at UC Berkeley.  It's been a privilege to work with everyone here, and it's wonderful to leave knowing that APIs are now sprouting up organically in many corners of the campus. 

There are some exciting products to watch for over the next few months, the API team is working on beta releases currently.   This includes an all new developer portal, a web store for campus apps (we're calling it the App Gallery, check it out at http://calappsdev.herokuapp.com), and a new API key management system.  Not to mention our new messaging API that uses AWS (see the developer portal). 

There's some awesome work being done with the Twitter API by the D-Lab, AMPlab and other groups.  The library is releasing an API for the first time to give access to some of its archives.  The new student system is planned to have a full API.  Isn't all that cool?

So long everyone!  We'll still cross paths at all the local places in Berkeley.


Any suggestions for building a database of classes?

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Have been watching developments around the Restlet REST API framework and APISpark - in part a cloud-based RAD for developing RESTful web services - with interest.

Some recent news suggesting even more robust development continuity:


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The API team has open internship positions. 

Find more information on Callisto (job ID = 849090), where you can also submit your resume.  If you contributed to projects on GitHub send us those links!

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Ask for an API to be part of the new SIS implementation at UC Berkeley, fill out the survey at:  http://sis-project.berkeley.edu/ 

Here' the survey question about API....

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Add your ideas to shape the new Student Information System (SIS) at Cal.  Students, faculty, and staff can contribute to the survey at: http://sis-project.berkeley.edu

If you want the system to be open and accessible through interfaces (API)  make sure to state it clearly (and often) in the survey!
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