Hello I Am +Frisk but older
I used to think of this place as a game and I was messed up in the head.
I was on medication that was bad for me and I no longer like that
If only I could've had you all with me till the end...
I may not be savaging through shit like this.
I am sorry to all of you
+Chris Dreyar Especially you

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Name sans (star)

Age 16

Won't kill unless he needs to. Brave lazy. He
And his papyrus who is dead in his time line
Kill genocide runners.

Weapons sword and pistol.

Powers all of sanses attacks.

Bio once both human star and koy. But a glitch occurred justice turned genocidel and killed them both the souls were recovered by
WD then they were input into there own skeletons then swore to kill all genos

This is a au on my YouTube and tumblr

Human photo below others will post soon

(I don't have a picture of her yet and I co-own her with +Lapis Pinkie​ )

Name: Kat
Age: 15
Gender: female
Soul Color: Green (Kindness)
Likes: Spaghetti, jokes, music, snow, puzzles
Dislikes: being mistaken as human, bullies, fighting, Asgore
Appearance: brown short hair, glasses, brown eyes, pink turtleneck and a purple shirt
Personality: kind, short-tempered, funny, shy
Bio: she was born on the surface and went to school there. She learned about Monsters and the Underground. One day, she was bullied by someone and she summoned spikes out of the ground. That's when she realized she was a monster and went to the the Underground. She lives in Snowdin and sometimes visits Waterfall.

I'd like to apologize for my earlier post, I didn't realize I was posting on this community. I'll try to avoid making that mistake again

Thanks Paps for inviting me here, hop I can help bring this school to life again
Anyway, I'd better start the profile right?

Name: Verdanna Aharoni Calibri. "_Obviously not my real name, but it suits me now_"
Age: Eighteen. "_And fabulous!_"
Family: None. "_I'd rather not talk about it_..."
Skills: Fighting "_I guess_...", Puns "_I'd like to think I'm pretty punny_", Skeleton magic "_Abra kazooble!_".
Likes: Puns "_I had a pun but I forgot... Damnit_", Peace "_Nuff said_", Justice "_I'm like the Peacekeeper's! But yellow!_".
Dislikes: Cruel people "_I don't need to explain so I?", Murder and death "_Also obvious".

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Quote~ "A friend lost is like a reset. You'll never get it back."

Name: Silhouette (The Skeleton)

Age: ??

Family: Sans, Papyrus, g*a*s!¿te/r

Crush: None

Fav. Class: Gym

Likes: Family, Friends, Frisk, pie, puns

Dislikes: Chara, her inner d.e.m.o.n.s

Bio: Was born as Sans twin. They however were not identical. lo st m.o?th!e.r.? when her and sans have came to the age of 11, they noticed they have the same exact powers. Exept silhouette's powers were silver. One day, they both started having strange... spasms.. One of silhouettes spasms was so bad it made an eye of hers fade away. She can still see out of it though. They soon found out the spasms came from silhouette. Her powers had a bit more than sans.. It was something from -h er m.ot?her* a relative. She had to be taken away from sans. But gaster was able to remove that part of her. They now can see eachother freely.

Pic: Below

Sans!!!!!!!! I haven't ben In class for 4 weeks you need to teach!! I snap my fingers causing the class to explode (open rp)

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"Call me a Mary Sue, I'll prove your downfall!!!"

Name: Sparkles 9-(If in geno mode, Sparkles the Swords master :P))-

Age: 16 XD

Species: Catbird XD

Power:Can Teleport, Can control elements, make people do whatever she wants, and her eyes change color to the soul color (Ex. if patient, her eyes become blue.)

Weapon Of Choice: Swords and Magic :P

   *Pacifist:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rGZiyi3Z_Q
   *Genocide:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhOdhWZVIdwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpR-fXpuidQ

Battle Stats:
*Health 10
*Defense 10
*Attack 1
"The weakling of all monsters"

(I'll Edit it again later.)

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(art by my good friend dovewing spirit. Also im new here so if i need to add something to the profile tell me)
Name: frisk
Age: "12 i think... Maybe 13.... I dont remember, its not very important anyways"
Gender: " technically im a girl but i prefer to call me by they/their pronouns ^^"
Personality: merciful, kind, caring
Bio: "its something i dont really wanna share"

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(Open) Helloe class today you shall learn the beautiful sounds of classic songs so be sure to take notes Yohohohoho! He would say laughing as he held his bow up for all to see.
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