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Stuck inside with the heat? Jump on your laptop and get access to lots of great resources from ISTE presenters.
🔎 Browse or search the session resources from #ISTE18.

Go to, click Attend, choose Program Search, enter a search, click a title, and scroll to Digital tote resources.

There are hundreds of links to keep you busy all summer!
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+Heather Roy Saw your presentation at the Google conference and got motivated. Thank you!!

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Some exciting new Google for Education Updates announced.

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ISTE holds a massive educational tech conference every year in the US. This fantastic resource explains how you can still be a part of the learning no matter where you are June 24-27.

Hi Heather Roy,
I am working now at Casablanca American School and I have recently passed the Google Certified Educator Level 1. I am very passionate about Google apps and education and I am thinking about starting a GEG here in Morocco to help my Moroccan colleagues get familiar with how to use google apps in their classrooms. Any suggestions about where and how to start will be appreciated.
My email is:

Thank you

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Google is changing the appearance of the sign in screen. If you see these changes don't panic. You are not being scammed.

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When it’s too hot to go outside why not bring the universe inside! Google expeditions now includes AR expeditions. My sons and I watched Earth and Moon rotating around the Sun in our living room and had a giant bee on our couch.

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Hi everyone,

If you haven't checked out IFTTT (if this, then that) before, you should!!!

There are some amazing features, including the following G Suite focussed workflows:

1. Sync new events added from an iOS Calendar to your GCal
2. Save new email attachments from Gmail to Google Drive
3. Track your work hours in Google Calendar
4. Automatically back up your new iOS photos to Google Drive
5. Automatically share your new Youtube videos to a Facebook Page
6. Share your new Blogger posts to Twitter
7. Automatically log every call you make on your Android phone to a Google spreadsheet
8. Save tweets featuring specific content to a spreadsheet
9. Tweet whenever I upload a video on youtube

There are loads of 'Applets' pre-created...but if that's not enough, you can always create your own!

A huge time saver for teachers! I bet students could come up with some inventive ideas and workflows too if you challenged them!

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