Amount of damage:24
Cause of damage:Pineapples with sunglasses
Likes:Rap, Photo Editing, Food
Hates:Pineapples with sunglasses
Favorite ship: None
Time of stay: Forever

Name: Golden Freddy (Nickname: Goldie)
Age: (Not Saying)
Gender: Male (irl: Female)
Amount Of Damage: I have no clue
Fandoms That Caused You The Damage:  Beliebers, Directioners, Big time rush fans, Homestuck.
Likes: Ib, FNAF (It's okay), UNDERTALE~<3,  Gravity Falls, Anime, A whole bunch of youtubers.
Dislikes: Kanye West, Annoying people, Slender-man, the color pink, IB X GARRY
Favorite Ships in Said Fandoms: Papyton, MettaSans, Sansiel (Toriel X Sans),  Blooky X His Headphones, Frisk X Sans, Grillby X Sans, Mettaton X Flowey X Fellyrus (UnderFell Papyrus), America 2p X England 2p, Bill X Mabel, Wendy X Dipper, Foxy X Chica, Freddy X Golden Freddy, Golden Freddy X Foxy, Yandere-chan X Senpai
The Approximate Time You Want to Stay In the Hospital: idk and idc

Okay!Now for my roleplay I'm going to be Ane the Psycho (my OC) in the Creepypasta Fandom.Remember, you can roleplay as whoever you want.And we can all roleplay together!a.k.a. crossover maybe

I have an idea!What if we create a room where people can roleplay about their fandom?Fnaf, Hetalia,Creepypasta, etc.
I think it's a good idea because it can be some sort of therapy for us...
I'll wait to see what do you guys think.

Name: Emily
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Amount of damage: Idk ._.
Fandom that caused the damage: Idk. Forgot deh name.
Lieks: Pizza. Turtles. Potatoes. Being random. Friends. Music. (mainly nightcore)
Dislieks: Bullies. Haters
Favorite ship in said fandom: Well it was a FNaF fandom so... Foxica. (foxy x chica (HATE ON ME AND DIE B**))
Im too lazy to type all that so time I want to stay in hospital: idk

Well.Here I have a few little rules...
1.Be careful with your language.
2.Don't do anything that can annoy/bother the others.
3.It doesn't matter you ship ChicaxJeff the killer, or etc., so don't hate!
4.You can roleplay as your OC in the said fandom.
5.Don't hate on the other's givens,that's mean.
6.You can ship each other if you want. :)

And now...Let's explain a few things.
 We are all like, in a super huge mansion, (in the roleplay) and we have our own rooms.And, as Slenderman it's the most "powerful creature" here, he's going to be the boss, however...
And, remember, maybe some of you know more creepypastas, and others, less.Or Hetalia, or Fnaf, what-so-ever....
But don't worry, you'll get used to it.And don't be shy or sad that you like a fandom that no one here knows!It's allright.We have the chance to know about it, and learn about it.

Ok... I think that's all guys.I'll start the roleplay:

It was a sunny day in the Roleplay Mansion, everyone was awake and happy.Ane,Ben,Toby and E.J. were playing super mario kart in the gaming room.
Ane: Ben, you aren't too good at this game, are you? hehehe
Ben: UGH!I can't believe you always win!You must've hacked the game!It's IMPOSSIBLE!
E.J.: You're just jealous 'cause we're better than you~
Toby: E-Exactly!H-Ha ha ha ha!
Ane: Oh guys... Leave him alone,It's enough that he's not good at the game...

Wait. Do we use our REAL name?

Name: Maya
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Amount of Damage: idk
Fandom that Caused Damage: idk
Likes: Chocolate
Dislikes: N/A
Favorite Ship in said Fandom: N/A
Approximate time you want to stay in the Hospital: idk


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