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Question on Sun County Rabbit Farm (SPOILERS)

Hi Folks,
In Polybius chamber, room K, where is the sturdy oak door that leads to it? The text mentions that besides the 20 meter rope ladder for the vent, there is a sturdy oak door in the west wall.

Looking at the map, that means Cavern C would be on the other side of the door, is that correct?
Then looking at the map further, this door wouldn't really be visible from Cavern C because it would be up in the darkness and not at ground level.
(Just looking to clear it up a bit, i'm running this for RQG... very nicely done by the way)

thanks, Gil

Frustrations with RQ1 chargen

This is me sort of spilling my guts... Not necessarily looking for a solution, just trying to work out my feelings.

So I've been starting up a play by post RQ1 game and I also have a Roll20 game I've been running for a few months.

Since I've been doing "going back to the original" for D&D (playing OD&D) and Traveller (using 1977 Books 1-3), and I've always been partial to RQ1 over even RQ2 let alone any of the newer ways to play in Glorantha, I thought I'd do much more by the book than the last few times I've run RQ.

For the Roll20 game, I did straight 3d6 rolls for attributes (well, 2d6+6 for INT as suggested in I think TrollPak). With that, an ability bonus is rare, especially more than +5%.

For the play by post game, I decided to do 4d6k3 (or 4d6k2+6 for INT, similar adjustments for non-humans). That has resulted in better ability bonuses, though the 4d6 INT of elves really shows through (since INT is SO important, affecting almost every ability bonus). The 3d6+3 DEX shows through pretty strong also (since attack, manipulation, parry, stealth, and defense all use DEX).

We've also been using the previous experience from the back of the book. This has caused tremendous delay in getting the play by post game started and lots of frustration on the part of the players.

This has seriously got me tempted to return to what I did for the game I ran in 2006. For that game, I had settled on doing a point buy for attributes, distributing 103 points (the first couple characters, I actually told the players to just pick attributes - I think they averaged 103 points with both of them pretty close). But I didn't compute the ability bonuses. Instead, they got to distribute +25, +20, +20, +15 +15, +10, +10, and +5 among the abilities (attack, manipulation, parry, defense, stealth, knowledge, perception, and communication [oratory]). I just asked the players to consider their attributes and not apply a bonus that was way out of whack (no +25 knowledge for a character with INT 5 - not that anyone took that low an INT).

One of the cool things about this was that if you take computation of the ability bonuses from the attributes, the value of the attributes becomes much more even so a point buy works.

On top of that, I used a previous experience system I had developed in the 90s inspired by RQ3. This set lower skills than characters often come out of the previous experience system from the back of the book, but also more uniform (we have some characters who didn't make mercenary or get into an apprenticeship).

But that feels so new school even though I think it would make the rest of the game (which is plenty old school) much more accessible.

What are your thoughts? What do other folks who still play RQ1 or RQ2 do?

BTW, a definite non-answer is RuneQuest Glorantha. It's more money than I'm willing to spend, and from tidbits I've seen I think it makes changes in areas I really like the originals. For example, post RQ2, it seems that the idea of cults having very different skill and spell offerings, from free, to half-price, to normal price, has changed to be more uniform. I haven't actually seen an RQG cult writeup, but I know for sure I really don't like the RQ3 cults.

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RuneQuest VII—A review of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, the new edition of the classic roleplaying game of gods, myths, and heroes published by Chaosium, Inc.
RuneQuest VII
RuneQuest VII

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Play a game and honor Greg Stafford

Next weekend on November 10th, Greg Stafford's family is holding a memorial celebration of his life in Berkeley CA. For the many, many gamers around the world who would love to attend but can't, or would like to commemorate and honor Greg's life and achievements, here's a way you can:

—Play one of Greg's games, or a game he influenced (that scope is wide).
—Or play any game - as Greg said in his last public speech at the 2018 ENnies, the gaming industry only exists because of your enthusiasm and support. We at Chaosium recognize that countless RPG fans are fans (including us!) because of Greg Stafford and what he achieved.
—Feel free to share an image of your game on social media or at BRP Central, with the hashtag #WeAreAllUs.
—Show the "Greg Rune" (aka the Sartar Rune) in your post - copy and print the image here, or from Redbubble (all "Greg Rune" merchandise is currently available at cost, with no artist margin).

As one of the greatest game designers of all time; winner of too many awards to count; and a friend, mentor, guide, and inspiration to generations of gamers, Greg Stafford influenced the universe of tabletop gaming beyond measure. What better way to honor his legacy than getting your friends together and playing a game in remembrance of him!

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Play Location/Method: Houston, TX - TTRPG FtF
Game/System: RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha
Player or GM?: I'm the GM in this campaign.
Time/Frequency: Every Friday Night at 6:00 PM
Genre: example: Bronze Age fantasy in Glorantha
Current needs: Looking for 2-3 more players
Accept Drop-In Players? No
Accept Spectators? No
Short description of the setting/campaign:

I'll be starting a new RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha campaign this Friday, November 2nd. We are looking for some more players (we have three, currently). If you are interested in joining us, please send me a PM. The game will be Fridays nights from 6-9 (or 10) each week. We're playing in a home near the Braeswood area of SW Houston.

We'll be paying a somewhat standard campaign in Dragon Pass; the players are jurors/agents of the Argrath.

Here's the game:

Here's the world:

If you have any questions you can post them as replies, or send me a PM.

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