My garden is like a playground,
a playground for birds and squirrels to spend a bit of time.
A cat might decide to appear,
then frightened birds will fly away in fear.

Squirrels run across the grass.
Birds might eat some food then fly away to another place.
It is Spring, what a dull and cold winter it has been.
Bright Blue skies, the sun shining and animals in my garden is a nice scene.

(C) Sarah Jackson Bennett 2018

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When the sun sets you await the demons from the moon, I am here to take you down soon.

Let us vow our words of war,
I will let you in until I soar.

I may have the scars from another battle I still burn fire,
On my knees I know what I was missing... my desire.

I will rise with the heart of a warrior along with my soul of a soldier.

Darkness tells us what to fear,
I know I am done from a single tear.

As I walk with others that shares my scars,
We always fight for what is ours.

I may be the only candle in the night,
You will know you are wrong from the stars that shines bright.

Bring us hope and power,
As we will bloom as a beautiful flower.

Let’s rise together to bring back what we love,
And show them what we are capable of.

It’s time to burn bright,
Into the world of light.

Love and Chaos may be two things apart,
The last thing to remember it doesn't matter in the end.
Love can last forever, Chaos can last the same.

For now its Law and Order.

Now we can be one.

Two things may be different at times but they may not know, they were likely the same.

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कोशिका (Cell) :- INTRODUCTION
कोशिका (Cell) :- INTRODUCTION

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Fabulous Award for our retaûranrrr
La Petite Bouchee

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From The Archives

You And I
Where do I end and where do you start?
We’re joined at the head and joined at the heart.
We wake in the night and talk through ideas
Our hopes and intentions, our worries and fears.
We might madden each other, but never for long,
Because the love that we share is so constant and strong.
There is just one puzzle, one minor regret,
Why all the misery before we finally met?
I guess there’s an answer, we needed those lows,
To discover our passion, mutual love that just grows.
Where do you end, and where do I start?
We are one perfect package with one beating heart.
© Text Caro Ness 2016
Photo: Anna Kunst

You And I via @caronessauthor
You And I
You And I

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‪Anita-Clare Field is famous for her ‬
‪Pickled Mushrooms at La Petite Bouchee. They are paired with pork rillettes ‬

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From the archives


The Sea View

My father was a sailor,
And one day he set to sea,
It seemed he’d fallen out of love,
With both my mum and me.
He left us broken-hearted,
For we truly loved that man,
So each day I’d go and search for him,
As only the desperate can.
I’d sit for hour on hour,
On the decking by the shore,
And dream of our reunion,
And the life we’d led before.
The years flew by and gradually
My expectations changed,
And somehow my emotions
Were revised and rearranged.
So now when I gaze out to sea,
It’s not of him I think,
And there’s no raw emotion
From which to hide or shrink…
No, that enormous ocean
Spells romance and mystery,
And, at last, above all else
Farewell to history. 
© Text Caro Ness 2016
© Image Jane Carson

This beautiful photo was taken by Jane Carson and she very kindly gave me permission to write a poem to accompany it.

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By having people negative feelings,
I can't go forward.
Only by believing,
things will not turn around.
Now, at this time
Now, at this time

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I was so hurt when I met you that day,
I'd been battered and bruised, well, what can I say?
Without you, my world would he dark and grey.
You are essential to my DNA.

You're life, you're love, you're the Fourth of July,
You're the best present in this life of mine,
There's a bar to reach and you set it high,
You know me, I'll always give it a try.

There's more than love in your bones, Anita-Clare,
There's skill, strength and passion for you to share,
And generosity you have to spare,
Try to deny it, my love, if you dare.

We've both made mistakes, but they're in the past,
A tentative start, but our love will last,
You are my rock and I'm holding so fast,
If I am a schooner, you are my mast.

I just don't deserve you, I know that thus far,
You're not a tea pot, you're MY samovar,
You're not a planet, you ARE my North Star,
You are my miracle, that's what you are.
© Caro Field August 2017
Anita-Clare via @caronessauthor

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