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Rolling out today to the beta channel (version 5.4.0) is our brand new Warnings service! Get notified for new warnings wherever you are!

Currently, the service is fairly bare-bones. Coming soon is the ability to set refresh intervals, severity levels and more. Eventually, warnings will have its own page in Settings.

You may have also noticed some other changes we have made, including our transition to native ads. Tell us what you think. As usual, we may revert back to our old format depending on performance.

We have also fixed many bugs. Some of the more interesting ones include properly handling ads sleeping in the background (which should fix some wakelocks!) We have also cut down the loading time for the graphs from over 2 seconds to about half a second! Things should seem much snappier than before.

Once again, thanks for everyone's support and trying out the beta!

Is there any chance to include current UV info (from Arpansa)? I think that would be a great feature that's missing from most apps...

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Since the last beta update the app seems to be using a lot of background battery on my pixel I do have a wear device so maybe it's related

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We're excited to share an entirely new experience for our users with Android Wear. Beginning 5.2.0, Aus Weather will have a companion app on Android Wear devices, complete with native notification integration for easy navigation for weather on your watch, or on your phone. Utilizing the latest in the Android Wear design guidelines, the Wear app provides a clear, at a glance look at the weather. As this is just release 1 of our new app, there will be more features to come in future updates. We'd like to hear what you'd like on Wear.

This update will be available to beta testers in the following days. Stay tuned for more!
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Just in time for Christmas, we're unveiling the latest in Aus Weather! In this update (5.0), we've focused on providing at a glance information even more details if you want to drill down further.

Here's a quick overview of whats new:

Improved Design
App Shortcuts and Circular icon (Android 7.1+)
Improved Historical view with interactive graphs and current records
New Detailed view with week long 3hr forecasts
Improved temperature graph now with rain chance
Improved radar loading times with intelligent caching (it really is much faster!)
Improved startup times
Night mode for automatic dark mode switching
App indexing. Aus weather can now open BOM links and can be searched from the Google quick search box

This update is available now in beta. As usual, we welcome any feedback or comments.

Still my favourite weather app.

My only gripe is that the notification widget only has an option to expand into the next 4 days. What I really need is more information about today...

Logically, notifications are all about right now - I'll go into the app to find out about tomorrow and the rest of the week, but right now, I need to know whether I need an umbrella, sunglasses, a jacket or all three!

Would be great to have this as an option.

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Hey guys, new update to the Beta channel today, including some fixes for notifications and a new location prompt when you disable location services.

We've also introduced a new (much requested) feature that allows you to adds radar shortcuts to your home screen. Simply access it from the radar screen's three dot menu.

We've also worked hard to make sure this is one of the fastest performing releases for Aus Weather to date by optimizing more of the back end.

I thought I would also address the following question.

Q:Why are some locations showing blank data?

A:When we added the thousands of new locations for the 4.0 update, there were many locations that included limited data support that did not contain detailed information about the location. Unfortunately, it seems the best solution currently is to switch locations to another close by station or wait until the BOM fixes this.

So what's next for Aus Weather?
Keep sending in those feature requests. We're still working to make the UI as intuitive and as polished as possible. Who knows? A weather tile for the new Android 7.0 Quick Settings?? Even more bug fixes????

We have some exciting stuff (slightly unrelated to the app itself) in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled to our social media channels (Facebook) in the coming weeks.


+Benjamin Xing​ I've started using this so again recently and it's gotten lots nicer but I found a bug with the expanded notification in that sometimes the icons are white on white and sometimes it's half and half
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