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Hi everyone, Angel here.
I just wanna lay down some ground rules, those who can't follow them will get a warning/demotion, and eventually will be banned.

#1. Respect.
Everyone here deserves equally respect.

#2. An introduction is mandatory.
Upon gaining membership you must post a small introduction so everyone can get to know you better. (Any format optional)

#3. Everyone has a right to an opinion.
When a choice or new rule is put in place it MUST be voted on

Much love and thanks,

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In my costuming journey, I am in the process of building my first fursuit head. By using the known method called a bucket head.
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Since i have the lion mask of mine and I do like the 2017 release of Beauty and the Beast from Disney along with a French version that came out in 2014 but then again released in English as of the same year. Plus with a Local event in Lubbock HubCity Comic-con. I am considering the Idea of cosplaying as the Beast. But with a mix of looks between the two different films. Though I have been looking on eBay for the dress suit the Beast wears in the 2017 variant and I can not tell if its embroidered design or just printed onto the fabric as I want it to look realistic and yet be of quality. To put it simply I want to represent him in such a way that brings him respect and honor. As He is a good man like myself whose most often than not misunderstood.
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A interesting question to ponder;
I have been told by a certain person ( -+Brisk The Husky )- that I am similar to the character of the Beast from the classic French tale of "Beauty and the Beast." Though in your own educated opinion, (thoughts fully expressed with examples to back up your words), please in your own words explain in what ways and why my personality and myself overall is similar and also different to the character of the Beast?

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If anyone is taking art requests I am interested and seeking them. Also if required I am willing to pay for a commission but with a maximum price tag of $20.

For info as to references refer to this Blog Post:


I would have to say that this group has been quite inactive lately

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I believe progress has been made with the creation of the claws for my fursuit/costume project (refer to the images for an idea to what I am referring too). As for the changes via the use of my hands shaped the claws and then molded them to feel a bit more realistic to the shape of a claw. Though FYI these are claws not what some people have commented them as being! Constructive criticism is welcome as long as your thoughts are explained well enough for me to understand.

As for myself I am still alive just away from social media to avoid dealing with certain people and the stupidity that the world brings via such services. Since to me memes are rude, disrespectful, and overall can be down right hateful to others. I do not mind the occasional joke as long as its kept within proper context, as certain things are best not discussed on a public level.

For anyone who has created art for me and with it being difficult to see G+ mentions unlike the old system, If you could please send it to me via hangouts or a Private post anytime before 7Pm central standard time as I will be offline after that point. Or better yet via Email which will be given on request via private post then the post itself deleted or a link to the photo works as well on one of my posts on my profile.
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I know I have not been online but anywho I have been making claws for my costume project via Sculpey and a wire frame, so any thoughts or suggestions can be given.
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