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Hey There! Welcome to this community! In this community, you can post anything about the server!
The Ip for the server is and the port is 54840:) And please do not break the rules for this community:)

Community Rules:
🔫No Swearing!
🔫No Advertising Other Servers
🔫No spamming non server stuff
🔫No channel advertising
🔫 Respect Others
If you break the rules🔝, you will be banned from this community:)

If you want to help build on this community, I have to make sure that your're trustworthy.
Thats all of it! And hope you enjoy you stay at this community.

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Hey I made a new server 36930

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Connection Info:

Port: 19232

Guys I know it's been 5 Billion years Since The last
Server. I think I have a way to hack in credits But I'll Have To try. I AM very Sorry To keep You guys waiting. It's hard Owning a Server.

Hey tachgap you can get credits for free in a website called

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*New* Mob Command Mod get it for free at

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Get The Best christmas gift mod at
--------Merry Christmas------
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