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If You are reading this page, then for some reason You are interested! The reasons of Your interest can be many. In this regard, I would like to explain who I am, what I can do, what it needs and what it may do You some good!

I am ultramedium! Why "ultra"? My options are much wider than that of the medium in the format in which it is interpreted. I'm not a parapsychologist. Parapsychologist is a very broad concept. Parapsychology is the study of everything supernatural, and at the same time, about anything. Why? You will understand all the reasons mentioned below.

The medium - sensitive natural person who, according to the followers of spiritualism, serves as a link between two worlds: the material and the spiritual (Wikipedia). In this case, spirituality is understood as it is not "material" part of the man, and his energy aura.

According to the definition of James Maxwell, the medium – the man in whose presence may experience psychic phenomena". Gustave Jelly wrote: "the Medium is the man, the constituent elements of the personality which is mental, dynamic and material – capable instant decentralization" (Wikipedia). In this case, Gustave Jelly implies the ability of a medium to switch from the material to the mental, that is an opportunity, informed, partial migration in your aura and control the degree of this relocation. The full transition is impossible. The full transition is a conscious death. The body of a living person is so arranged that if for any reason, consciously or unconsciously, comes from the material to the mental and thus exceeds the admissible level of output, the brain just switches off and the person loses consciousness. Yes, exactly, is disabled is that part of the brain that is responsible for admission control the entrance to the outer aura. Between the human brain and external – there is a certain aura of the binder substance. By means of this particular substance and navigates. After making certain a conscious effort of thought, the human perception of the world, by means of a binder substance, out into the outer aura and people telepathically begins to feel what is happening in his aura and all energy fields, which contacts his aura. If the permissible degree of transition is exceeded, the brain includes the command prohibit further movement, disabling all functions of the living human consciousness, and automatically tighten all sensitive components back. Disabling consciousness, the brain prevents deliberate further progress, that is, disabling these features, Your brain will save You and myself from physical death. This is a stressful situation. The physical body in this case is a huge energy loss. After losing consciousness, the physical component of the body begins to recover, using the energy in carbohydrates and fats. After the body was restored, runs and Your consciousness. The person regains consciousness. In this case, the unconscious person is like a moving car at night with a failed part of the on-Board computer that is responsible for lighting, direction, speed, due to the blackout. If this part of the system apply energy from the outside, it to start and the driver can continue to drive the car. This part of the system, in this case, is Your consciousness. For joining in consciousness it is necessary that the material body has accumulated a sufficient amount of energy needed to run this consciousness. We often hear stories of ordinary people who have no supernatural powers, how they experienced a state of clinical death and saw myself! Often it is at the top. I such a condition is sensed repeatedly in connection with certain features of your body. What does it mean? During stressful situations, in most cases it is associated: with painful shock, heart failure, with oxygen deficiency. Areas of the human brain responsible for consciousness, disabled and persons included in a fainting condition. Strongly decreases heart rate, and oxygen supply to the brain becomes very limited and unstable. If oxygen is sufficient for the functioning of the part of the brain that is responsible only for the physical condition of the body (this part of the brain never turns off), she is able to work for some time, even after the heart stops, the body begins to recover from energy reserves. After recovery and accumulation of sufficient energy to run the consciousness, avilucea part of the brain motility of the organism starts the part that was turned down and was responsible for consciousness. The person regains consciousness. But if, at the time of syncope the part of the brain that is responsible for the motility of the organism, not enough oxygen to work on the recovery of the body – the heart rate begins to fall even more oxygen goes to the brain is even smaller, and even if the heart still beats with a frequency of 5 to 15 beats per minute, this condition is called clinical death. The part of the brain motor skills of the body that are still alive, no longer able to hold the disconnected part of the brain that is responsible for consciousness within the material body, and so-called "soul", and this is a telepathic component of the brain that is able to navigate through a connecting substance between the body and the aura goes to the outside environment, the aura, and people really can "observe" from the side", often at the top! This happens until the next day: the human mind in the aura, waiting for a full stop of the heart (the final clinical death), and then the consciousness will enjoy the absolute death of the brain responsible for motor skills. This part of the brain still live a decent period of time after stopping of the heart. But there are a number of reasons, which even at this point, after stopping of the heart, but still with the living brain motor skills of the body that can trigger biological system of a person. This medical technical (direct cardiac massage, electropuls) and chemical (direct injection and injection into the heart). And the body can be affected from the outside, through bio-energetic aura that will be present near the body to full brain death motility. Aura is able to delay the necessary energy (the main thing to her was how to tighten) and send it to your body, this energy or force can load into the aura of a dying person in contact with it the aura of another person interested in this, and this can only be done consciously.

What does it mean???

"Medium – the man, the constituent elements of the personality which is mental, dynamic and material – capable instant decentralization". This means that once the mind is partially left in the outside own human aura arise telepathic sensation of external energy environment. People can adjust the degree of yield in this environment. The degree of access to the outside environment of the aura is directly proportional to the strength of his feelings in this environment. Man force of consciousness can decentralize its sensitivity in this environment. You can feel the overall condition of the aura, switch to the General condition of its owner through his aura, and can also experience specific emotional States and, with a very strong desire (this is very dangerous for a medium), their causes. This pain, fear, joy. That is, the person telepathy one really feels everything that happens in his own aura and all that is in contact with its aura. Feeling real. As they are converted into conscious perception cannot be explained. From your own experience I can say that on the conscious level I can determine what are auras that come into contact with my own aura. With weak entry in your aura, feeling very blurred. To feel human aura which is in contact with mine, I just think about it. In my mind his image emerges. Simply put, I can see it. His image blurred. As in a dream. To enhance the feeling of what is happening outside, you just need more out of the material condition in my mentality, that is, in the aura. The more you go, the clearer emerging images. Images of people and their outer energy shells. The interesting thing is when I delve into the energy field of the aura even more. If I concentrate on a particular person and more mentally interested in him, then there is something like a temporary relocation of consciousness. In fact, I'm starting to feel whatever it is that feels this person. His experiences, joys, problems, challenges, goals, and even pain. But all these feelings are very blurred. That is, there is a clear understanding of what the person is afraid, and that's exactly what he's afraid to feel very difficult. The same can be said about everything else: the feeling of joy, the feeling of satisfaction. The most vivid feeling is pain and sensations of sexual pleasure. If a person, in pain, and I increasingly focused on it, I sent him pain. The same can be said about sexual feelings. I can't feel what hurts man, I can feel what part of the body there is this pain, and even if a person having a problem with some sort of body that is sick, not feel any pain, I can feel it through the pain in the body parts where there is an unhealthy body. I feel his pain his body. Most likely it is actually to my body, none of this is most likely my consciousness through the introduction of the external environment of other material bodies reacts to any changes in these other material bodies. In particular, on pain of change. Why am I so sure? After leaving the state of trance in normal conditions – I have absolutely no consequences after these painful sensations. Sexual feelings are completely identical pain, with the complete opposite feelings.

To finally concentrate on a particular person and his feelings almost impossible. It is impossible to know everything that disturbs the person that he meets, his joys and sorrows, specifically to trace cause and effect relationship of some of these events, information about which is stored in its information system. To do this, we must consciously and almost completely out of its material essence. This is not possible. At the transition of consciousness to the external level, likely expend some energy in our body. The amount of this energy is likely very limited. The relationship of the material body and aura constant and our minds are able to move out of the body in the aura of a binding substance. But the full transition is impossible. If the body is alive, consciousness exists only in him. I have repeatedly tried to go deep over the line in his aura, but for me it all ended very badly. I just fainted. Try to compare your feelings of loss of consciousness in a state of trance (the period of deep entrance to the aura). Imagine that You run on a treadmill at high speed, say 15 miles per hour and You said that if You can last 10 minutes at this speed will give You $ 1,000,000. And this million dollars is put in front of You. You know your strength. You repeatedly ran with such speed and know that You can hold a maximum of 7 minutes is Your limit. And here You are running for 7 minutes, has gone on record 8 minutes, You are at the limit. It's been 9 minutes, and You're running! You broke all records, surpassed all their expectations, but You have a goal - You need to run to 10 minutes and You get a million, which is right in front of You. And you know You'll never forgive yourself and premature stop loss million. Was no more than thirty seconds, You go crazy with loads of pain in the respiratory tract, in the worldview appears blurred, You feel faint, but still run. And then BOOM! Failure... You woke up, You are the people, coach, nurse, You watered, patting her cheeks, a poke in the nose ammonia, You awful bad, You understand that he lost consciousness. Now You, the reader, probably, think in your mind, like a jogger, only an ode to the thought: how sad that You don't ran only 7 seconds to a million. And that thought becomes even worse. No, it's not! You became so bad during the run that after coming to consciousness, You don't even understand what happened, why are You here and what happened. You don't even remember what all this over a million. You consciously loaded your material body so that the impact load, lasting changes in Your brain, and it is partially or completely erased all the recent information or did not have time to write it. After You woke up, You partially remember only what You came into the hall, stood on the track and ran. Why did and why You did it and for what purpose You just don't remember. The same thing happens with me when I go deep into the aura. If you exceed the limit the output of all material bodies abruptly disappears. Just "Bang" and turned off the light. And the more times I lost consciousness, the more problematic I came back, that is regained consciousness. The first few times it was nonsense, for 2-3 minutes, then it's already been 25-30 minutes, then one hour. The interest grew and grew, I experimented on myself! The last attempt for me failed miserably. It was something like a micro coma. Consciousness brought me in intensive care with the help of medical intervention after 4 hours, and 12 hours after that I was recovering. Two or three hours after coming to consciousness, I remembered who I was, where I am, what happened to me, and anyway, what's going on, and that means everything that surrounds me. After coming back to normal, I only remembered the topic, about which I left in the environment, I don't remember anything that happened there, specifically, although it happened a lot, and important, no wonder I'm so risked so deep entrance. The whole period of being outside myself, I clearly was in control and could return at any moment. This is identical to the condition on the treadmill, the deeper I go into the aura of the worse for me, but I have self-control (like on a treadmill, at any time can just stop), at the end happens, all the same, blurred perception of all senses and, finally, just "BANG" and lost!

Against definitions of mediumship sharply objected F. W. H. Myers: the term "medium" he considered "barbaric and ambiguous. Considering that many of the phenomena associated with mediumship are in fact manifestations of subconscious activity, it was proposed to call such individuals "automatiste" (automatist). Professor Pierre Janet in the book "L Automatisme Psychologique' used in relation to the mediums, the term "les individus suggestibles", considering that they are not under the control of supernatural "spirit", but the idea or suggestion or domestic origin or imported (Wikipedia). With these remarks, I almost completely ready to accept. All my actions on foreign energy layers are actually the result of my subconscious activity. I'm clearly in control of degrees and periods of the inputs and outputs to external energy environment. I, in varying degrees of awareness, feel it with your mind. I can intelligently modify certain of the structure, as to its external environment and the structure of external environments, which are in contact with my external environment, strictly by the latter. 

Lombroso argued that there is a direct relationship between mediumship and hysteria. Partly agreed with him and Professor Richet, saying, "the Mediums in varying degrees - psychopaths... Their consciousness suffers from dissociation, resulting in a certain mental instability and a reduced sense of self-consciousness in a state of trance" (Wikipedia). Naturally, this claim to some extent is correct. In the classic sense - consciousness is one, and it exists in the material body, in the period of access to the outside environment is its dissociation (dissolution), but not in the literal sense of the word. Simply put, the same amount of consciousness, who used to work in awareness only of everything connected with the material world, becomes aware of the external environment. The power of consciousness remains the same. Not be increased. During my state of trance, I really much weaker perceive the real world. This is evident even from people with whom I work.

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Each person carries his own cross in life. Our cross is our destiny. Each person has a destiny designed, a set of events of our life planned for us base, the Lord God. The base is planning our fate long before our creation, and constantly sends it to their planned interests throughout our lives. All the events of our lives always remain unchanged throughout our lives. Because this is our planned destiny. Base changes only what is happening around us to ensure that our events were unchanged. And modifies the Base of everything that is happening around us because someone can change his destiny by himself. And if someone changed his destiny by himself or with someone's help, everything that happens around us is changing, in order to keep our events are pre-planned, because we choose to change your destiny can't for some reason. This is called fate intended. Intended, planned the fates of lives the vast majority of people. And only a very small part, is less than one percent are able to change their destiny by themselves, or with someone's help.


We are all created in God's image and likeness. We are all Gods on earth. Our options are not limited. Limited only by our consciousness. One is limited by default and is divided into two parts, limited, and unlimited. But absolutely everyone can expand the scope of its limited consciousness due to the unlimited. Limited consciousness we managed. And unlimited consciousness is controlled by the Base and operates strictly in its interests. Every person at any stage of his life, the way to change their destiny. It means to significantly expand its limited consciousness. We are created in God's image and his likeness. We are Gods on earth, so changing and controlling your destiny is actively supported by the Base, the Lord God. Changing your destiny and controlling it, we stress their belonging to God's Providence. And the Lord always approve of it! Always! That's why he created us. The Lord (base) always gives us the fate that we choose ourselves. And choose a new destiny we can at any stage of his life.

Long time ago, one man came to God and said, "Lord! I try to be righteous, strive to live by the Bible and to obey all his commandments: But you gave me such a heavy cross, it's so hard to bear it, that I can't anymore. Could you go to meet me and give me another cross easy, that it was easier to go through life". What the Lord God took him: "my son, go to the warehouse and crosses pick your cross that you'll like it!" The man went to the warehouse crosses and saw many crosses. There were crosses the size of a skyscraper, these crosses is not what it was impossible to grasp hands, his gaze was unable to cover them completely. But were out of stock and such crosses that could have been the food to see with the human eye and to the touch. People chose the smallest cross, which hardly could be seen by the eye and hand. He put the cross on his hand and went to the Lord! Come to God, the man opened his hand, the Lord showed the cross and said, "Here Lord, I chose the cross, look!" Watched the Lord God to the cross selected him and without hesitation replied: "Your this cross! Bring it!" Each person is its own destiny. Everyone has their cross to bear in life. The cross, which was given him by the Lord God. But everyone, absolutely everyone, without exception able to change their destiny, every person chooses his cross himself. And the Lord God never this was not disobedient. We are created in God's image and his likeness. We are Gods on earth, we have a specific purpose and we continue to show progress!

If we change your destiny, the Framework encourages this and change events in life so that people. who cannot change their destiny by themselves or with someone's help, live and exist for the benefit of those people that change their destinies and manage them. Major planned events people can't change their fate to remain largely unchanged, the base change only parts not in the interests of the vast majority, that would change the fundamentals of a significant minority is able to change and control their destiny in their own interests.

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If you are interested in my services, here is my contact details.


Ukraine, Odessa


+380 48 799 08 29

We are in social networks!

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The cost and timing of responses.

One, two, or at my discretion particular issue I am responsible for free.

If You are interested in a larger number of responses, You pay the amount at its discretion.
If you need something to analyze, to get advice, to make a comparative analysis, it is done online. 30 minutes chatting with me the equivalent of US$ 50. 

Comprehensive change of fate starts from 200$ equivalent.

I do everything in the complex. Diagnostics, edit bioenergetic environment, change the destiny of a person and the direction of the vector, the direction of which coincides with the maximum interests of the person. And most importantly it's what I train the person in the future to completely control their destiny is in their own interests.

All changes in the bioenergetic environment and learning occurs in two stages. I will teach you everything! Two sessions online for one hour. The first session this eyeliner: filling body ties 

Your future bioenergy environment necessary content, at the expense of my generative activity and their activation, again due to the support of my bioenergy flows. I activate the generation and regeneration of output, the maximum input identification, will raise Your mental ability to manage Your threads. You'll generate streams of content, and to identify incoming streams is similar! Then one to three days is homework. 

After homework another session online. This analysis of our homework and practise of combining mental visualizations with unlimited consciousness. It is unlimited consciousness governs the process direction vector of Your destiny is in Your best interest. In the first month, You will feel significant changes!

200$ is a minimum. The price I set, at its discretion, and it depends on many factors.
To answer your question, I can immediately, or may in the long term. Free questions a lot, and I'm sorry one! The deadlines paid questions naturally much faster.

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First of all, You must understand the following: everything that happens to You in Your life, occurs in the area of Your limited consciousness, there is five of your senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch (tactile), and in the unlimited field of consciousness: it is a gut feeling, call it intuition or telepathy. Absolutely everyone capable of telepathic perception, generation and regeneration. The area of unlimited consciousness manages Your life, the fate of the so-called "thin." This is Your external environment that generates and regenerates and takes bioenergy flows, which form bioenergy connection in Your external environment and respectively form the same connection for all external environments, which contacts the outer environment through bioenergy flows. Influence on Your destiny has exclusively Your unlimited consciousness. If you try to explain it simply, Your unlimited consciousness always refers to limited consciousness with the question: What to do? But the limited consciousness takes no more than one percent of Your brain. Everything else is unlimited consciousness, that which You have no control over how. And if a limited consciousness is able to answer the question of unlimited consciousness all performed as indicated limited. But due to the fact that the limited minds of more than a hundred times less unlimited amount, in most cases, limited consciousness does not know what to answer. It is in these moments of unlimited consciousness makes Your destiny, what You prescribed base(God), and not something that You're interested. But absolutely everyone is able to increase its limited consciousness, thus the number of answers to the question of what to do, and will increase the destiny will be more loyal to You, because Your limited consciousness is able to answer more questions in your best interest. Increase the voltage limited consciousness is very simple. You do not, because they do not feel causality, is a thin layer, the external environment.

Here is a simple real-life example: You very often there was such a case. When You first met is not someone You know, no matter what the circumstances. Your best friend brought her boyfriend to You for your birthday, Your friend introduced You with your business partner to receive, or to your office came a potential client. In any case, You see this person for the first time, he looks good, neat and so forth. This man has not had time to say one word after You, and You have, as they say, it's already heart is not! You feel some discomfort and do not particularly want to communicate with him and to be around. Now the case is in a different format, beautifully set different gastronomic products table in a beautiful crystal vase You saw a ripe peach, You immediately stood out saliva and there was a great desire to eat it. You took it in your hand, put it to his mouth, and.... Then noticed that he was rotten and crawling worms. What will you do???? Absolutely true: You throw it away. In the area of Your limited consciousness logic worked. You saw through the eyes of danger and concluded: it is dangerous for Your health. The consequence of this - You threw a peach. In this case, You control yourself, because You feel threatened by your senses. Peach then You throw, but throw a person that You for some reason, what You don't know, not comfortable, You can't. You can't just throw him out, because You are limited by ethical framework of its binding behavior, or You depend on him financially, he is a potential buyer, it is Your money and you can't kick him out! In this case You telepathically sensed danger for You from communicating with him, but You don't know what to do with it, and how to control it, You don't feel that. In this case, it would be better if You ate a rotten peach than unmanaged continued communication., the man who telepathically you not Comfortable. Eaten a rotten peach in this case would do much less harm! This is the simplest explanation. What is telepathic perception and generation.

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If You decide to ask me a question, then do it right. In free format, I don't watch it thoroughly and do not go far in your external environment. The external environment of each person is unique. Each person has a different power generating and regenerating output. It depends on my ability to feel the format of the filling body ties the future of Your external environment. Don't ask me General questions like: What will happen to me soon? Tell me about my future life? How the rest of my life in three years? And so on. These issues require thorough intervention in your external environment and in the free format is not included. You should not ask me questions like: What can you say about this man? and drop me a photo. First of all, photography is the weakest of bioenergy substance. I'm a medium, and first of all, I need your emotions, which is converted to bioenergy threads when You are typing text. I catch Your bioenergy flows, and the more of Your emotions, the easier it is for me to go to Your external environment and bioenergy feeling fulfilled future relations. Ask me specific questions and describe the preamble to them! For example: We had a fight with her husband and he left the family, he's been gone two months. Will he be back? Last week I went to the guy, we had a big fight, will he be back? Please put questions specifically. For questions of a General nature and is maximized for free I will not answer. Free I only respond to specific questions on the statement of facts of the future. Free I do not answer questions such as: how to do, how to act, how to fix and so on. All of this is not included in free format and already refers to the correction of Your destiny, that is, its change in Your interest. These are the questions I am responsible only for the money. Free I answer one of two questions. But the number of responses I strictly regulate itself. It depends. From my desire. emotional and physical condition and Your availability to me. I am stating only the facts of the future of Your intended destiny. But You always have the ability to change it. In case if You ever do, Your fate will change. Nobody and never will tell You about the facts of Your future taking into account the changes of fate. Even the Base was closed for themselves the opportunity. The Lord God created us in his image and likeness, and therefore gave us a chance to have capabilities similar to them. Therefore, the change of fate are accepted unquestionably and unconditionally, as they are depending on our desires. If in Your life that you can't change fate. If not systematically after You've put a huge effort, so You cannot change their destiny. You must wait until someone will help interested in this, or learn to do it with my help.

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Bioenergy flows, bioenergetic communication – what it is and what role they play in our existence?

First of all I want to say the following: in the outside world bioenergy fields there are two types of flows and linkages formed by them. These flows and connections are opposite to each other. In our real life have conventional notions of emotions. Emotions for us, there are positive and negative. In the world of theoretical physics there are positively charged particles and negatively charged. But it is a stereotype that we have invented for ourselves. It is easier for us to live, to feel and to analyze what we perceive reality. To perceive the reality that is controlled by our consciousness.
The true reality is completely different. You could even say that the true reality is radically different from that which we perceive through our consciousness. Our minds do not know, unfortunately or fortunately, programmed on a huge limitation on the perception of reality to that which exists.
Our minds are very much limited. Restricted within certain limits, pre-programmed common database. In the world bioenergy relations do not exist positive and negative energy flows. These threads just opposite to each other on their content. The threads are not positive and not negative, they are just the opposite. To understand the contents of the stream or educated them it is possible only after a particular sensation. Only after deliberate concentration of consciousness on the stream, you can determine what he "charged" to our consciousness: "evil" or "good".
Stream or communication may contain hatred, and can contain love. Naturally the first to aura in which it is loaded, carries a negative, bad energy, and the second is positive. In the world of external bioenergy globally there is good and bad relationships, everything that happens, shall we say, normal. There are just flows are opposite to each other in content. And all that they do for the common global GOOD. There is a saying: "All that is done, everything is done for the better." Everything that is happening globally in the world bioenergy fields, happens for a common, pre-programmed goal. Someone, or something, when it was designed, set goals and have programmed them. And the system works to this day. I'm sure IT WILL WORK FOREVER.

Consciously in the system bioenergetic fields, you can make certain changes. This is done to improve, in our living understanding of life perceptions material for owners of certain energy auras. Simply put, you can change the influence of certain energy flows and linkages at a certain aura, the better for narrow material perception. If you try to explain it even easier, you can block, redirect, to destroy certain bioenergetic flow or connection consciously, adversely affecting specific energy aura. The ideal solution is a redirection of the flow. In this case, the thread does not disappear, but simply redirected. The second option is blocking the flow, i.e. the prohibition of the flow at the entrance to certain aura. And the third option is the destruction of the thread and all the links that he has created.

Now a little about the existence of bio-energy flows and educated them bioenergy ties.

In the external world energy fields exist outside of the aura, bioenergy threads and formed bioenergy flows of communication, and one huge, perceived telepathically, substance, which I call the "base".
If You log in to your bioenergetic environment, more precisely in its aura telepathically feel it, and then exit through it in bioenergetic environment, You simply can go crazy with what You feel. First of all, deeply immersed in the aura of the problem. A deep breath, for starters, is fraught with a simple loss of consciousness, and retry fraught coma. But if You go into your aura even superficially (safely) this is enough for a stressful situation. You start to feel the same things by the method of telepathic perception and very unusual.

First, You feel his sheath, feeling her layers, feel some movement inside these layers and between the layers, I feel that something out of the shell out, something comes in from the outside. Initially, You will feel movement, You feel the threads that come inside form of communication, You can feel the movement. But then You realize that some relationships are much stronger than the other, they predominate, on the, shall we say, content. These "ties" or "streams" You may feel faster and fuller. You will naturally concentrate on the strongest links or incoming flows and then, telepathically, You start to feel normal human feelings. You feel: fear, courage, pain, pleasure, joy, satisfaction, responsibility. All that we feel absolutely real in life. If You felt the content of any communication or flow force of his mind linger on it and have a bit more focus, then You will make in the overall energy of the external environment. The external environment of the living auras, inanimate energy fields, energy fields inanimate material substances and various energy flows and generated fields emanating from the base. In bioenergetic environment there are plenty of bioenergy auras and fields associated with the existence of parallel worlds and probably other civilizations. Read more I will focus only on what we are really interested in.

Next, I will tell it in his own person, that You finally realized that it is me and I on the basis of their conscious telepathic sensations, make some conclusions and deductions. After logging into their environment, superficially, I can mentally move within its aura through tracking links. As freely, by means of binding to bioenergetic connections, I am able to move in the space between the aura and feel of other auras, only within the sensation of energy connections and flows. His real consciousness I feel everything that is happening around me and inside of me in the real world. When crossing a certain threshold of tolerance of the entrance to the aura, my real consciousness becomes more blurred, by I begin to seem inattentive, absent-minded, the impression that I am under the influence of some psychotropic substances. But in most cases I do not allow such situations. Membership of the aura, if it is located near, within sight of the real view, I can clearly define it. But if an aura is outside of real visibility, I can determine its identity only if I personally, in material perception, just saw the owner of this aura! That is, if the person is out of aisles actual visibility I, in any case, can determine the identity of the aura, if I am familiar with this person. If I don't know the owner, and he is not far from me, I can determine the identity of an aura only indirectly. I can determine a person's sex, approximate age, physique ailments that he can suffer, and the main character traits. Only in this aspect. I mean, I can directly determine exactly those people who are in some degree through its bioenergy fields affect Your life. The sensitivity decreases, depending on the distance at which may be of interest to me aura. The farther the naturally weaker sensitivity.

Our conscious, natural existence, a sense of its surroundings, its perception in 99 percent is based on our emotions. That's what we're different from what exist in parallel worlds and brought into our lives from space (other civilizations). We exist strictly in the framework, in which our consciousness is limited. I will try to explain a specific example: You have long been familiar with the person You since the Dating was described as adequate, normal calm and deserves Your attention and respect. You communicate with him, get closer, it becomes Your friend. And here between You there is a conflict situation. You communicate in a raised voice, he says phrases like: "fuck you", "have you live on one salary", "so you have the liver tanked" and so on. You are a man of another type and not allow themselves such statements, You just turn around and leave. Your head is swollen from all the presentations, You worry, You have elevated blood pressure, palpitations and so on, in General, after You have all of the experience comes before infarct state, and You are taken to the clinic for inpatient treatment. What does this all mean? This means that within its limited consciousness, You realize all the negative that deliberately went into Your address from Your friend and then Your brain can process included negative emotions have transformed them into a common negative for the organism. And thus consciously accepted Your emotions into physical negative of Your body. This kind of transformation. Nothing just does not appear and does not disappear.

Negative emotions Your friend got a huge charge out of it physical body consciously pulled energy from its material aspect, and he them, these emotions, consciously directed to You, and You in turn they consciously pulled. Where Your limited mind to put them? The fact that You have a very poorly developed unlimited consciousness. Based on this, Your brain is not able to dispose of this excess negative energy for You, transforming it into bio-energy flows and direct in the bioenergy space through Your own aura. You can recycle within their limited horizons. Your brain immediately weakens Your heart, and the body begins to waste energy (for Your limited consciousness bad) to combat disease. That's all, everything fell into place. The system has used up the energy that was extra. For total, the global system has no energy is bad or good, its only task is to equalize the balance, which she did. But You seriously injured in their perception of the system. It was all just within Your limited consciousness and within the same limited consciousness of Your friend. Now imagine how much beyond Your unlimited consciousness, that is what You feel, and don't control, negative flows out of the aura of Your friend and logged into Your aura, form a connection, which is harmful not only to You. Your friend wanted You bad, not only in the hearing. Imagine how many things he said "mind" that is, what You couldn't hear, and didn't say that it's because it can land you in jail. But for him, it was within the limited consciousness. But You are not hearing all of this, could not take it all consciously, so all this drew in Your aura. This is already beyond Your conscious perception, that is actually, Your aura drew in bioenergy flows, negative for You, and converted in connection has caused damage to Your body. And Your aura is not informed Your limited consciousness of what occurred to her. This is the simplest and most primitive example. Actually this doesn't happen, it's more complicated. I have given You an example of a core schema of what is happening. 99 percent of everything that happens to us is embodied beyond our limited horizons. Exactly where we can't control it. Everything is controlled by the system. We can, even going beyond the limited horizons beyond what is permitted by the system, to make the most minimal changes to the system, but is very noticeable for separate living individuals. The simplest conclusion from the above example is as follows: Your aura is unable to block incoming threads that are negative for her. And this is normal. It's very simple: incoming streams negatively to your content, do not meet any resistance in the bodies of the aura at the entrance, go in, create internal links that are processed bodies and give Your limited mind negative for Your perception information. But after that Your mind gives immediate command of that part of the brain that is responsible for the normal functionality of the material of the body. In this case, the command is as follows: "the unnecessary Release of negative threads". And Your brain throws them in such a way that weakens the body and begins to restore it due to the excess energy obtained.

People say about curses, the evil eye, the spell, the lapel. Yes all of this definitely exists, but not in the sense in which I understand You. In the world of energy fields, constant movement, they never cease. Energy flows with different contents are constantly looking for the entry point, and if they find them, make sure you're trying to get form a connection. The aura is constantly present, so to say, the extra energy. This energy is in the process of existence, aura pulls either from the environment or creates it itself, using the energy of a living organism. Unnecessary for us energy aura emits through the threads and install retracts, but it ideally. The aura has a protective function. The body of the aura are able to repel unwanted energy flows. Auras can absorb the energy flows, process them through educated, and then to push them out as unnecessary by converting the link to the stream and throwing him out. Extra for Your aura flows, may be totally different in content for other auras. They can go in other auras for their permission, you can go to force. All depends on the capabilities of auras, in which they try to go! Energy flows when you encounter do not disappear, they either go to other auras, or go back and this is also a problem. There are exceptions, some threads can tighten the base. The base is all. Base can connect at any time. The base may emit a stream and direct it in the right place, can tighten in itself. For the no restrictions. If the target database to embed the stream in a body has a certain aura, no matter how protective functions not possessed the aura, the flow will definitely come into it, and converted into the desired format in content links. Base has certain enforcement actions in the interests of some of their global objectives. It is impossible to understand. From the database, you can come out say so, private flows in favor of something specific, separate, and you can come out flows that carry the goal base, these flows are not controlled by man.

The auras of living people are able to just block the entrances to certain threads, by not letting them enter. Aura can block the release of negative or positive for her threads. The aura may be entirely closed "curtain" and to prohibit and entry and exit is absolutely all threads. And the aura does this on the basis of their shared with her material body of interest.

I want to consider two options streams, depending on the place of my residence.

In the Church, during the service. In this moment and in this place there is insanely active power flows and formations bioenergy ties. People come to Church in order to ask the Lord to protect them from something bad, and to give something good, or that men would praise the Lord for what they received something good. In these moments of auras leaves a huge number of threads, and they are all different, and the same is included. Embrace it all is almost impossible. And flows out of everything. It is almost impossible to describe, it should feel. Flows out of the auras from the database, icons, images from virtually everything that is in the Church. The base is connected to everything. Flows from the base to feed all that is in the Church. It was at this point always Your aura is constantly under the influence of the base. In the Church database controls all on the bioenergetic level.

But at the stadium during a football match, especially where in the stands there is a clear division between fans at the place of their situation. Especially if one part of the stadium bleachers is the fans of one team and the other the opposite part of the stands the fans of the other team. Emotions move like waves in different directions. And mostly negative emotions. If attacked, such as the red team, the black team, on the part of the tribune team black wave is the flow of negative energy flows for team red. And Vice versa, depending on the game situation. Flows are just as huge waves. And so in the course of the match.

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Bioenergy environment

On the theory of the existence of bioenergy environment of the person, the human aura consists of six shells.
• The first layer is the etheric body: this layer is closest to the physical body and is responsible for health.
• The second layer is the astral body: here is the info about all feelings and emotions.
• The third layer is the mental body: here, allegedly, contains the entire thought process.
• The fourth layer is the causal body: contains the causal relationships of human life, his destiny and purpose.
• Fifth layer is buthionine body: shows how a person's worldview, what are its ideals and values.
• The sixth layer – Atmic body: contains information about karma.

I will not paint, which means that each layer of bioenergetic membranes, this information can easily be found on the Internet. I will just say that really the case with energy bio-shell situation is somewhat different.

All my further approval, statements, conclusions are based on my personal conscious perception, directly during the term of my consciousness in bioenergy shell of my own physical layer. Bioenergy shell of my body and other bodies of living people (no wonder I draw special attention) indeed, based on my conscious telepathic perception – has the structure of the cocoon and consists of four telepathically tangible layers.

The first layer is really the etheric body, it is the largest layer in size. Layer of the etheric body does not deviate from the physical body at a certain distance. It begins in the physical body, there is a blurred than not beyond the transition.

The second layer can be called the mental body (in name only, I agree with existing theory of the structure of the aura). The second mental layer, to say, simply, about 30 percent less than the first essential. In the mental layer mixed everything described in astral, mental, causal, budiljnom and Atlanticism layers. Energy communication inside the layer, between layers, between different energy auras move is chaotic, and their movement, speed, density, power, saturation, separate power connection depends on the particular circumstances. This place and time. The location of the material body of man is the most important factor movements energy relations. Naturally, the randomness of these relations is strictly my telepathically conscious perception. All these connections, somehow, something is processed, filtered and evaluated. I just can't feel even telepathically. Telepathically I can specifically concentrate on the most powerful connections and trace their causal relationship.

The third layer of the aura is the body of the past. Body size last a little less, 45 percent of the mental body. Inside layer is always movement, but it is much less active. If you compare the activity within the layer itself, the activity of a hundred times less than the activity within the layer of air or mentally. Communication layer of the past have only been observed within and between the layers of the etheric and mental bodies. The body of the past not contacted by bioenergetic relationships with other auras and with the layer of the body of the future directly. The body of the past records all the information bioenergetic changes that are needed to influence everything that happens in the future. The body of the past may come in contact with a common base (more on that later).

Last, the fourth layer is the body of the future. For its size the Layer of the body of the future a little (30 – 35 percent) more than last layer of body! Layer of the body of the future this is probably the most active layer on its inner content of the movement's energy relations. Only in substance, on the subject of internal energy ties own energy aura. The body of the future actively changes in their volume with a very high frequency, but constantly, some longer period, it retains its minimum size. The minimum size may also change. But the frequency of changes in hundreds and thousands of times less than its maximum size. The minimum and maximum body size of the future is the definition of the duration of human life. The minimum size varies much less than the maximum. Simply put, watching the energy body is the future of man, can with certainty say that in the moment of observation, people at least will live 10, 20, or 30 years. Maximum feature limit is in constant motion, and the accuracy of the determination will be highly conditional. The body of the future is very actively, by means of energy ties it in contact with the etheric body and the mental body in both directions, i.e. energy ties are moving in both directions between the bodies. Energy future connection of the body, out to the outside world bioenergy is not active, i.e. the body of the future does not radiate outward anything. From the outside, that is, from other energy fields in the body of the future does not go any energy relations. The body of the future will not let me into your volume all foreign matter from the outside, the body has some protection that blocks direct entry. Bioenergy field, trying to go inside the body of the future, after unsuccessful attempts to pass the body of the future and through the body of the past and connect with the internal energy constraints tel etheric and mental bodies. But there are, of course, exceptions. Energy communication inside the aura between the body of the past and the future body directly, not happening. The energetic connection of the bodies of the past and the future only happen through mental and etheric. That is, if the flow of energy, called energy connection, directly trying to get out of the body of the past into the future body, the body of the future, its direct entry block, and the flow of energy will be forced to change direction or in the mental body, or etheric body, depending on its purpose. And only after processing and filtering, or essential in the body or mental body, or in both, the body of the future will let him inside. There are exceptions, energetic connections from the outside can come in and be in contact with internal body connections of the future, only by force, if these external links have great energy potential and the protective function of the body of the future are not able to resist them. Only in this case a possible link internal energy fields of the body of the future with an external, third-party auras. But more on that later!

The structure of the energy bodies of the aura is such that energy flows needed to get into them layer through passage, ate in their way are the other layers. That is, if the energy flow is programmed to log in to the etheric body, and in his way is the body of the future, the body of the past and the mental body, this energy flow passes through all three of the body and directly connects with energy constraints of the etheric body. But then he falls to where it will redirect the system of the etheric body.

The outer layers of the aura, is all, so to say, animate and inanimate beings. Living matter is humans, animals, insects, reptiles and so on, all these creatures have their auras. They are somewhat similar and somewhat different. And all these auras are energy flows and is connected by energy constraints. Flows are born and are emitted by the auras. The same aura sucks in the streams that originate from other auras. In addition, there are energy flows that are forcibly try to boot into the aura. If the resistance of the aura is strong, the streams are recorded and go to other auras or back in the aura, in which they emerged. Lifeless body, this refers to material objects, liquids and even gases also have their shell of energy and also have the ability to light energy flows. Energy flows inanimate bodies are fundamentally different in telepathic sensitivity energy flows from living material bodies. Let’s just Say, can not be confused.

Many people ask me, especially on the subject of mediumship. The medium, in its classic definition, is a person who is able to summon the spirits. Immediately answer, without going into details. In the outside world bioenergy no auras auras of people who "passed"! Live with the aura of the material body after death just move to other material substance. Aura is entirely separated and leaves. Where she goes I don't know. I don't feel these auras, my mind is not subject to. There are only energy flows emerging from these somewhere past auras, which are very clearly visible. These flows are in contact with live auras form energy links. Telepathic conscious sensitivity of these flows are highly visible, these threads and context sensitivity are fundamentally different from all existing in the external environment. Simply put, you can clearly identify that this thread or a link belongs to the aura of the material body, which no longer exists. The flow goes from something very low-level external radiation. That is, compared to our conscious material world, it seems that streams live emit auras, and some sort of huge database. The database is so huge that I can't consciously embrace its borders. The impression that this substance is infinite. Simply put, "to invoke the spirit" is impossible. You can determine the location of the input of the power flow, in advance of the feeling that he is "dead" and the cause of his entrance into the aura. The reason is its emotional charge. For our emotional perception of the charge can be bad (negative: anger on vengeance) or good (positive: thanks for what you done in the past). That is, first of all, I feel clearly what is the benefit of living aura carries this thread is any connection, positive or negative. The ownership of the thread I can determine through the body of the last of the external environment of the human aura. If this information is not enough, I can go directly to the exit point of this thread, if he was still recovering from database and linked with it. "Dead connection" there are several types: links that are left in Your aura for the first time when the person was alive and streams coming into your aura, after his death. Ties remaining in Your aura when aura was alive, exist for one reason: the existence of these links for some reason supports your aura, at the expense of your energy. This is not a very common phenomenon. Most active relationships formed with external threads that exist due to the energy introduced by the PTA, on the initiative of which they were loaded. These "dead" links, which for some reason supports Your aura, very easy to block. The same bonds that are currently supported by the flow from a common base more difficult to block. Streams, forcibly loaded into Your aura from a common base, the most complex. These are the most common energy relationships associated with the so-called "spirits." But trust me that it's not all about what you can say on the topic of "dead" energy flows! That is, the people called "spirits."

People often ask questions like: "Why do we feel, and sometimes even see these spirits?". If You really feel the "spirits", and most likely, You telepathically feel something unusual, something with sensitive than Your system, and You feel it telepathically, it means that one of the layers of Your aura, force loaded the flow of energy from a large database and have already established some kind of connection. You can not just feel it telepathically, You can even communicate. And it turns out You have it because You are from a part of the medium and is capable of extrasensory perception. Ordinary people don't feel it. Why is it sometimes you can see? In this case, You see nothing. Your consciousness, energy constraints slave, able to draw the image to project it in the right place at the right time. It's like a dream. In a dream You can also see images and entire films, often colored. Your mind draws what he dictated from outside. No wonder it is called "Ghost". That's the whole secret. I can immediately ask the question: there are many cases when these "spirits" are not just seen, and photographed, and photographed them not only conventional cameras and digital cameras. And the image on the photos turned out pretty clearly. In this case You are not in contact with the "spirit" and nothing You do not dreamed. What You have seen and photographed, or introduced into the system of our consciousness and perception, either directly generated. It's a parallel world. The world is still far more superior intellect, but entirely emotionally cold.

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Do I spoilage and what to do if I really am?

Damage, evil eye, curse is any unwanted bio-energy flow (Your limited consciousness identified it as bad for You and unlimited consciousness gave command to the external environment to stop him) that loaded in Your biofield forcibly! Forcibly can be loaded with a huge number of different not right for You bioenergy flows. And they are all to some extent are corrupt, evil eye, curse and all sorts of other nonsense. Example You are walking down the street with her husband, passes by a woman with a very strong aura on external power generation. Looking at you, for Your husband, he she is madly in love, and mentally she speaks in Your direction the following: "That chicken is terrible! What would you last hair out, this guy is cool themselves cut off!" Said and forgotten, recalled. She needs to have time to buy fish at the market. You have a weak aura, low ability identification sign, and as a result of this negative thread for you booted into your environment and created it not a required connection. It already has damage. But any biophoton, like any energy cannot exist forever. It must be supported from the outside. And unmanaged witch with a strong generation of the output, which is uploaded in this thread You have already forgotten about You, it does not support it. In this situation You have, for no apparent reason it can spoil the mood. You can quarrel with her husband because of the nonsense or You have a headache. You will not understand why this happened, because nothing will feel. It happened outside the scope of Your limited consciousness, on a subtle level, and the impact You feel it is in the area of limited consciousness. You don't feel a reason, but I feel great consequence. The flow depending on its power in any case will be weakened to such an extent until your aura it won't reject it. But sooner or later everything will return to normal. There are of course exceptions, when such communication itself is reproduced or recorded in reincarnation entry, but these are very rare cases and they are visible from space. In the world there are very few people whose auras have been capable of. The really dangerous damage to human is forced download of the flood threat, from relatives, friends, colleagues. It is those people who are constantly faced with you. Meet and chat. This enables them to constantly think of You and support these bioenergy flows. And it is these relationships. Constantly supported from outside the most dangerous for You. It is these relationships and can be called corruption. In 90% of cases when a person takes something is not as it always was or not because I want it in my huge most not damage nor the nor the evil eye curse! It's either a weak aura that is not able not to start, generate, or produce regeneration that has identified a limited consciousness. That is, the first: Your weak external environment and the radiation of what You need and second, Your limited consciousness is not able to identify the required number of the fact that You included. Everything that went undefined. Used in the future is not in Your best interest. Conclusion: if You really are spoiling supported from the side, it is natural that I am able to remove, block, redirect. All the same, absolutely no problems, and I will do with the evil eye, and with a curse. Of course not for free. But everything else: this is a weak identification sign, weak generation or regeneration output, everything that affects Your destiny and leads her along the vector which does not suit You, it is called correction bioenergy Your environment. In this case, You should learn to control his aura, either themselves or with my help. My help in this case is not included in the free format. It costs money and it costs a penny. It's decent money. Each person is a unique individual approach. The price I give to each at its discretion. I teach You to control your destiny, that is, being able to feel the telepathic perception and be able to telepathically influence other people and do it to their advantage. It's not a matter of minutes. The result is always present. But all in varying degrees. Like in school, there are losers and movers. But after school to read and count money especially good at everything. The result is inevitable. In any case you will deploy destiny in the direction You want. If You ask me a question, be prepared for the fact that I will answer is not what You expect and want to hear. To get what you want, not just one of my Clicks. I'm not old Hottabych. What would that be correct to want to work on yourself, you must want to learn to change their fate. To learn how and do it. If You can't do it yourself, I can help you with this. But it's not free to you!

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How can I change fate? And what I can do for You?

Every person absolutely at any stage of their life can change his destiny. The person is able to do this myself, is able to do this with someone's conscious or unconscious. The easiest way to do this is to resort to my help! I can change Your destiny is in your interest and teach you in the future to do it completely on their own. I don't do any rituals, charms and spells. My help is carried out either in person or online for two sessions lasting one hour each. Between sessions You perform homework. Between sessions on homework are given a day or two! Very often the question is asked, is it possible to change himself his destiny? Whether it is dangerous to change what is ordered from above! The answer is unambiguously simple. No, not dangerous! And it is not a sin or something similar. Changing destiny is the biblical tenet. God gives us the fate that we choose for ourselves! So it was, is and always will be and it is inevitable and nothing is undeniable!

First of all, I want to tell You about the most important: every person (please note that is what ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE is capable to telepathic perception and ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE has the limited and unlimited consciousness. That is, ideally, each of You is able to feel and do what can feel and I do. I'm as human as You are. All available to me, absolutely accessible to You! I will teach You telepathically to feel and analyze the bioenergetic flows. Feel bioenergy flows it means to go beyond the limited horizons. Quite a bit! This is "learn to FEEL"! Believe me it is absolutely a snap. First, I'll feel all together and make it into the framework of Your limited horizons and work with You to analyze it. First, I'll create the necessary energy flows and manipulate them to Your advantage. Then You learn to do it yourself. When You learn how to telepathically feel and do at least 1 percent from all that I know how, you can assume that You have done very well. The result will be stunning. All physical ailments, disease, weakened immune system, moral and psychological insolvency - all this will turn into the little problem of Your life.

Now about one very important thing... I Want to warn You! I am capable of many things. But I fundamentally do not, as they say, some things: I am not a "cavalry", not "do the spell," in General, I purposefully do not load in the human aura bioenergy flows such content. I don't do anything that can harm a limited and unlimited consciousness. It's very important!

I feel all of bioenergy flows and educated them. I am able to determine that affect Your aura bioenergy flows. Simply put, I am able to determine the sex, age, body type, and the main character traits, Hobbies, and so forth, the person from whom everything emanates bad or good, systematically and powerfully affect your life positively or negatively. I am able to determine the content of bioenergy flow educated or communication. That is, the thread or the link may contain, for example: anger, envy, hatred, kindness, contentment, love, disappointment and so on. I am able to make the most powerful link in the human aura, to determine their content and what the negative or the benefit they bring directly to You.

The most basic and useful that I can do it for You:

- to block negative for Your aura bioenergy flows that have been uploaded to Your aura force. Example: Your friend much like the man with whom You live, but the man is not paying attention to her. The feeling of envy borders on hatred for You. And Your friend, mentally specifically says the following: "are You with him derision, and any more when I make it up". Your man she does not wish anything bad. Really, Your girlfriend hopes that You will quarrel with Your man and it will give her a chance. You then have, for no apparent reason, begin some problems in the family. You can't understand the reasons. Problems arise out of the blue. And Your friend, and continues to be friends with You and meet. The fact that this is negative for You bioenergy stream has been loaded in Your aura force. Connection formed by this thread very powerful. These links are energetically supported by the thread that constantly emanates from aura Your girlfriend, because she is constantly and constantly thinks about it. I am able to block the entrance to this thread in Your aura and destroy all educated him respect in Your aura. But this is not necessary. Communication is not externally supported themselves fade. A simple example of this. The same situation, only You with Your man saw a completely unknown woman. Your man loved her, and she's at Your side, from feelings of envy, mentally said, "this bitch is painted, what a cool guy got yourself here". Said, and in five minutes and forgot You and Your man. This stream also carries negative content for Your aura, but it can be powerful and strong, but short-term, so he will no longer eat from the outside. About You have long forgotten.

- redirect unfavorable for your aura bio-energetic flow. This is done mostly when this adverse flow was forcibly loaded into Your aura by the customer through an intermediary. The mediator in this case, maybe black mage, veroica, fortune tellers and so forth. I can very simply calculate the aura of the intermediary and the customer. With that, I in this case, no it does not need a specific person. Enough bioenergy auras. Redirect bioenergy flows is one of the most easily accessible ways to solve the problem.

- to destroy the bio-energy flow and his connections. This is done in the case, if for some reason you can not use neither the first nor the second option. The reasons can be many. To go into specific details, I will not. Let me just say one thing. By the strength of their opposite bioenergy fields I am able to destroy the negative threads for you and created them.

- force to make Your bio-energetic aura for a certain period of time to cease negative bioenergy flows. That is, Your aura will just stop tightening negative flows, the period of time that I can strictly control. You will no longer go all the negative that prevents You to live a normal life.

- the content of future relations. In practice, asks a lot of questions on the topic of the future: how in the future to achieve a certain result? How to return a loved one, a favorite to win the favor of men or women, how to activate their reproductive ability, especially if the doctors don't see this as a problem, and the result is no (the problems of pregnancy). How to achieve certain financial results, and so on? This is a direct change of fate. The thing is that in the body of Your future are always bioenergy respect of certain content on its content. This means that the desire is not enough. If the desire is always present, it means that the connection of the body of a future filled with the contents of the desires of this event. The desired event does not contribute to his coming into your life. If the desired event does not occur, then the explanation is simple. Your future is not filled with the contents of the satisfaction of this event. How do I determine whether a particular event or not. If I emotionally feel that Your communications have the satisfaction of this event, such as financial well-being or the birth of a child, it means that this event will happen in your future. If communications are filled with only the desire, in the near future this will not happen. Communication can be full of streams emanating from the auras of any facilities. You can choose to fulfill them, to fill them with any third parties consciously or unconsciously, if it is in their interests. If You cannot fill these connections, it is possible to learn. Capable of absolutely everyone and no exceptions. At the training sessions You are first under my control and direction of themselves into their future connection required content for you. When I participate with you in this process, I force You activate this ability, and then You successfully'll do it themselves.
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