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Hi guys! :)

Do you know about everything which happened in 2017?

Then try 2017 QUIZ from which you gain knowledge and you won´t miss anything.

Answer right more than 50 questions from this year and be the best quiz emperor.

Play game:

Game 2017 QUIZ I made with friend Marek under SEKAM PROJECTS. See more at

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A little platformer I made recently because I wanted something a little more approachable in my gallery.

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Get the GBL Poker Game for free to play - Enjoy the wild west table Poker Card Game, Play Now! #gblpoker #texasholdem #poker #cardgame #casino #highstake

Install from play store:

Play it from your Facebook:

IOS Users:

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“Color Line Dash” Available for android in GooglePlay store:

Gameplay is very simple - You nawigathe line through the color tunnel. Rotating left or right to avoid obstacles. Collect multiple points and shield to progress in game. Game Graphic style is influenced by “Synthwave, Retro Electro” music and in game background it is used to enrich gameplay experience.

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Just finish a small puzzle game. Here I share with yall hope it would bring some fun. I would appreciate any feedback.

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In the crowded genre of tower defense, Cereus has been hailed as refreshing, unique, clean, simple to control, and easy to learn. Best described as a cross between Tower Defense, Geometry Wars, and Asteroids, Cereus feels like a retro game with modern touches.

With challenging gameplay and satisfyingly difficult bosses, you'll need to rely on quick strategy and fast fingers. A skill grid provides gratifying progression that emphasizes versatility rather than increased power, requiring increasingly strategic gameplay on your road to victory.

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Ninja Quest a game I did - A shooting platformer
You are on the quest to get All the Ancient scrolls

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Hi everyone,

I made the game.
Enjoy it together.

BlockParty is a challenging block puzzle game with a simple gameplay. With this simple and addictive block party, challenge yourself and compete with your friends, colleagues and the family.

The goal is to drop blocks in order to create and destroy full lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally. Don't forget to keep the blocks from filling the screen.

The game ends when you don't have enough space to put the elements into 8x8 board.

- Combo Bonus : Continuous line clearing gives you extra bonus.
- MultiLine Bonus : Clearing multiple lines at once gives you extra bonus.
- Special Block Bonus : Removing the special blocks gives you extra bonus.
- Hidden Achievement
- BestScore Leader Board

No need to consider block colors, but shapes and space. Start to enjoy Blocks now!


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