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If you're looking for ambient/cinematic music for a strategy-based gaming environment today, Van Reeves of Higher Eclectic Ground has made this tune of 'Decelerate' available for use royalty-free.

Simply leave us a comment below if interested. :)

Don't like it? Van Reeves is also available to creating original soundtracks for your games. Learn more at -
This cerebral, atmospheric, tense tune of Decelerate by Van Van Reeves derives inspiration from RTS game Homeworld.

As he explains -- 'I've attempted to pay homage to an experience that accommodates for a deliberate & methodical approach to gaming.'

The track is now available for free-use in your games; simply leave us a comment below to get started.

I've created over 1000 tracks of music and sound effects that you are welcome to use in your games. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage:

I sincerely hope some of my tracks are helpful!

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Triple A quality ready game material is available to download for free for a limited time. New register customer will receive 10$ to spend in store. - Sci Fi Metal Crate - Sci Fi Concrete Metal Crate
#indiedev #gamedev #gametextures #unity3d
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From Caleb Cuzner's work on upcoming retro/modern platformer comes Flaming Volcano, an audio loop that was not only created for the game's volcano level, but that is available for use in your own games.

Simply leave us a request for the track in the comments below should youw ish to do so. For terms of usage, visit -
Originally created for the Volcano level of upcoming retro/modern platformer, Ninja Cube.

This audio loop of Flaming Volcano has now been made available for use in your games by its composer, Caleb Cuzner.

Simply leave us your request below. For terms of usage, please visit -

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Grand, spacey, sombre, subtle. This ambient tune of Impractical Son by Higher Eclectic Ground affiliated musician, REEVE, is available for free-use in your games.

To request its audio file, simply leave a comment below.

For Terms of usage and more such free tracks -
This tune of Impractical Son is the product of our usually Synthwave fanatic, REEVE's recent foray into a more ambient musical direction.

Grand, spacey, sombre and subtle all-in-one, the track not only draws inspiration from space exploration, but is also available for free-use in your games.

To place your request, leave us a comment below. For usage terms and/or more of Reeves' downloadable music, please visit -

Thanks for the art, beeple.

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A friend asked me for advice on getting into game design as an industry. After our conversation, I decided to record my tips in a short video, which I would like to share with the community. If it can help someone, it was worth making. :) 

Hello developers!
For my degree in computer science, I am writing an essay about programming languages and game engines in independent game development. I would be extremely grateful if I could borrow a minute of your time as I am conducting a short survey to base the essay on:

If interest is shown I will of course share the results with you guys.


Edit: Closed the survey! Thanks for the responses :)

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Developed by Amiten Software, 'The Dream of Rowan' is a jump-and-run style 2D platformer for the Commodore Amiga.

Here'a the background theme composed for its cemetery levels, a spooky sounding track composed by member Simone Bernacchia alias JMD using MilkyTracker.

Conceived in 2014, the game is stated to still be in development with upto 3 demos already made available. More on Club Amiten's site:

A homebrew Amiga and OC game musician, J.M.D is available to both retro and new music composition requests.

Learn more at:

#spooky #mystery #commodore #retrogaming #amiga #arcade #homebrew #retro #8bit #chiptune #backgroundscore #bgm #gamedesign #gamedev #gamedevart #gamedevelopment #gamemusic #indie #indiegamemusic #indiegamepromo #indiemusic #indiemusicpromo #indiepromo #indievideogame #nostalgia #videogameart #videogamemusic #vgm #onhigherground
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