I started this group in 2013 and I'm ready to commit to making Mondays Magnificent again.  You are invited to the conversation!  What do you think is magnificent about Mondays?  I like the idea of new beginnings:)

What a magnificent Monday today. Jam packed work day followed by an intense vb workout then quality time with Kosmo. Topped off with home cooked meal by Ken and a refreshing shower. Going to bed greatful!

Hello Magnificent Monday.  Enjoyed some somatic education and the release of some stressed out muscles.  Thank You Keith!

Feeling so connected!  How do you feel connected today?  Mondays are truely magnificent.  Focusing on connecting with the people who help create the wellness facility I enjoy sharing with the world.  THank you all!  Please tell me what you are thankful for.

Well here's my never late then ever Magnificent Monday sharing.  aha Kosmo saying big words like magnificent and asking "what does manificents meeeeean?"  Another strong week of building the immune system without antibiotics.  Go  Kosmo!

The first of many magnificent mondays.  Thank you! I love the magnificence in simplicity.  I sat here on this call and focused on the space between my cells, my bones, my muscles and everything else around me.  The flowing of the watery space is so vibrational.  I invite you to focus on the space and simplicity in the openness we are.  AND please share what you come up with.  I am curious;)

Heather hope your monday was as magnificent as possible!

Welcome to Magnificent Mondays.  This monday I will post the first of my magnificent monday ideas, thoughts, or experiences.  I hope that you will too!  I am so excited I figured I would create this community today on a Magnificent Mother's Day.  My son has a great way of loving me in the most unique ways.  Giving him a bath he turns his "wine" off seeing that I am a bit frustrated and says, "Mommy lets give a hug"  and offers the most precious smile.  Thankful for that moment, many others of the past and many more to come.  
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