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UPDATE: International multi-language discord chat and voice group server for Pocket Code users

Hey there Pocket Code programmers!

Do you need help with Pocket Code? We would like to introduce you to our new Discord chat and voice server. Discord is a popular "Chat for gamers" app you can download on your mobile phone from Google Play at

Discord allows you to connect with other people and chat and talk with each other and a community. For now, we started a Discord server called “Pocket Code”.

Here you can create, learn, and share. You can make your own tutorials and share them with the community. You can present them in a global video or talk chat. You can also post it in the community thread.

Our hopes for this server is for users like you to come in and check it out. You will be able to talk to other Pocket Code programmers. You can come to get help or even to just hang out with each other. We want the community to be close so go ahead, make some friends, and even do mobile game collaborations.

The main goal here is to give you guys and girls a general understanding to computer programming. So you can thrive and maybe even take the knowledge you gain and turn it into something big. Even the most successful programmers started small, for example Bill Gates. Bill Gates started small and was making cool computer programs like the programs you can make in Pocket Code. He loved it so much he went on to create the legendary operating system as we know it today (“Microsoft Windows”).

And like Bill Gates said “learning how to code will change how you think as a person”. Programming has so many possibilities: not only do you gain a lot of knowledge, programming can give you confidence, better problem solving skills, and allows you to express yourself creatively.

Unlock and release your minds!
Join our Discord @ Pocket Code server =>

Jordan & Wolfgang

PS: Initially the server was English only, but we changed that now, and there are sections for several languages. Let us know if you are interested in other language or area Discord channels. Discord has servers all over the world, and for voice chats, being nearby helps to keep the lag low. The server for Pocket Code is located in "US Center", but there are servers all over the world, so it is easy to set one up for another region as well. But for just text chatting lag does not matter, so this international one is enough.

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Hi, I have a question.

A robot (Makeblock mBot) has an ardiuno plate in it, in the Pocket Code there is the ardiuno option if this tile is compatible with Pocketcode. How would you upload the software makeblock to ardiuno and the event of the pin changes to trigger the edc engine movements ...?


hello I would like to know how to make a solid object in pocket code

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We really enjoyed to chat with other mentors from GCI and GSoC at the meetup in San Francisco!
Now looking forward to participate in the GSoC mentor summit this weekend! :)

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Recently I wanted to combine arduino and pocket code but I came across a problem. On the screenshot is the function how to set this function digital on high / low? Is there any number that corresponds to high / low?

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Pocket Code Game Jam / Hackathon!

We want to organize an international online game jam / hackathon on Pocket Code via and are looking for users who want to help. Please contact me at if you are interested, and please help spread the news! With your help and involvement, it will become totally awesome! And there will be many ways to help, so don't hesitate! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Meet us at the Scratch Conference at the MIT tomorrow!
Community manager Matthias will present the latest news on Catrobat and Pocket Code at the Poster Session!

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Mobile spy-cam and more: Remotely controlled and/or autonomous robot from around the globe!

I just found that with Catrobat's free Pocket Code app and with two Android phones and any robot (e.g., a Lego Mindstorms NXT or EV3 robot, a Phiro robot, the small Rover on the picture below, or other robots on which one can mount a phone that are supported by Pocket Code or can be controlled via Arduino or Raspberry Pi), it is possible to remotely control and/or autonomously drive a robot from anywhere, including video transmission from the robot's phone. To do that, put one of the phones with the Pocket Code app and Quick Support app (from TeamViewer, or any similar app) on top of the robot, and control it through the second phone using the main TeamViewer app. If the Catrobat program running on the phone on the robot has the camera looking towards the driving direction and the camera is turned on (which can be done with a brick from within Pocket Code), the second phone (the one in your hands) will show the video stream from the phone of the robot. And touching the screen of the second phone (in your hands) will have the same effect as touching the screen on the first. At any distance, e.g., one could do that from one side of the world to the other. The Catrobat program running in Pocket Code on the phone of the robot also could drive the robot autonomously, e.g., using the GPS information accessible via Pocket Code, or using the face detection via Pocket Code. Endless possibilities. Mind boggling...

More on Catrobat and Pocket Code: and

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Dear users,
We're currently maintaining our servers. We hope to have this work finished by Wednesday. We're really sorry if you face some issues with our sharing platform or if you can't access our services during that time.
However, we're looking forward to be able to fix the uploading and downloading issues we had the last couple of weeks and to provide you a better experience with our services! :)
If you have any questions please write us - we will let you know as soon as we're back to full service again!
Thanks for your understanding!

Good day,Сatrobat!I've been creating a game for a very long time in your engine, and I like it very much, but there are some disadvantages. For example, there are no online save modes! Please remove these cons to make your engine more user friendly!
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