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+Google Summer of Code is back and we will be a mentoring organization for the 7th time! =D
We're really happy that +Google Open Source selected us also for #GSoC18 and we're looking forward to an amazing Summer (of Code) with you!


Hi! I am making a fully functional Sonic Engine in Pocket Code! It's coming out great, already added collision and such! Thank you so much to the team who made Pocket Code, without it I wouldn't even be able to make games! Again thanks so much,I do have some ideas for bricks though if you guys want to hear them

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Kicking off the "Remote Mentor" project, funded by the Austrian Netidee, with Harald Kainz, Rector of Graz University of Technology, and Christa Neuper, Rector of University of Graz.

We're looking forward to this awesome joined project!
Stay tuned to get more information on that later this year!

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+Google Code-in winners have been announced! =>

Thank you all for participating in this great program!
We enjoyed to work together with you and we're still amazed by all your submitted tasks!

You all did a great job and we hope you enjoyed it as much as all our mentors did! :)

Hi, when I used the Pocket Code and Pocket Pain application daily, I stumbled upon a mass of errors. I want to help with the repair please contact me.

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How to create music for your Pocket Code project?
Find great ways on !

Our +Google Code-in students did a great job in doing research on that topic and we summed the results up for you! :)

Is Catrobat is participating in GSoC 2018?

Thanks to the Catrobat team! We have been using PocketCode and PocketPaint since 2014 for our Computational Thinking and Coding programs in K-5 and 6-8 grades. Kids love the ease of use.

Have anyone tested the BBC MICRO:BIT with the Arduino or PHIRO programming interface in PocketCode?

Are the any plans to include MICRO:BIT for the IOT line up?

FYI. MICRO:BIT can be programmed with ARDUINO IDE.

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Google Code-in 2017 is breaking records! Less than half way through it's already surpassed 2016. Let's take a look at the numbers:

Many of the available Pocket Code games/programs have a "download as app" option. When I upload my own games, I can only "download" them (into the pocket code app) but not "as an [standalone] app". What do I have to do to access this functionality? I've tried just about everything I can think of :-)

I'd like to release a somewhat "larger" game than most as a prototype to test if people like it, but that won't work unless it can be done stand-alone....

Many thanks!
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