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The first BBF pbp game is doing good. So good that we've converted the rules of another pbp game to BBF. So now I'm running two pbp games. A couple players took this opportunity during the covert to drop out of the game which means a couple spots are open. Check it out if you're interested.

I've been running Barebones Fantasy for a few sessions and really love the system.

I have a homebrew game with a time-traveling center-of-the-earth type of vibe, that I was thinking of porting it over to BBF or Covert Ops, but it looks like FS might be a better option considering different TL's working in the same space.

PC's are all humans, but from all different time periods from stone age to near future. So I would need a group of skills broad enough to cover a viking, a college professor, a big game hunter and 1980's street fighter vigilante.

Is it worth it to get FS or just port over BBF or CO?

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I realized I forgot to post this here when it went up. As part of that same module, I developed a new ship, the Scavenger Transport. Here's a link to the write-up (including a ship spec sheet) and also links the to the posts were I describe making the 3D model:

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A piece of EDM music as inspiration for the dangers of spaaaaace...

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Hi everyone! Sorry again for more shameless self-promotion :P
I just pulished a Sci-Fi horror scenario for FrontierSpace: "Cold Space"!
Head over to drivethroughrpg and check it out if you like:

Many thanks to Bill Logan for all his great help with this module!

My other FrontierSpace product "Adventures in the Deep" is also available at a discounted price until the ebnd of July - a great chance to grab both. ;)

Maybe I haven't gotten to this point yet...what do Defensive Screens look like? Bubbles? Shimmering form fitting field 1 inch from the body? Invisible? Only can see when they deflect?

Does anyone know of any fun “actual play” podcasts for FrontierSpace?

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Actual play report!
LATE BLOG POST: Actual play report of the BareBones Fantasy RPG session I ran at a neighboring university during an exhibition in May. There were only two players. Also, there was TPK.

I took advantage of Christmas in July on and picked up the FrontierSpace Referee's Handbook, Referee's Screen, and the Dark Side of Loridian! It's PDFs for now to go along with the PDF Player's Handbook I already had. Pretty sure I can sell my gaming group on this, even though it isn't D&D! LoL

How to approach it? First thing I'm showing them is the technobabble damage chart...
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