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Name: Marcell Michaelson (the name Marcell originates from the word "Mars" which is the Roman god of war)
Rank: wandering huntsman/demon hunter
Gender: male
Race: human
Powers: enhanced speed, strength, reflexes and senses. Weapons expert, trained in hand to hand combat
Magic: can enhance all things above besides weapons expert and trained in hand to hand combat

Hikari (light in Japanese)- Hikari is a broad sword that he inherited from his father after his murder. Marcell is a master with this sword. Most would have to hold the sword with two hands but he is able to hold it with one. He honors this sword and sharpens it every night. Unfortunately this weapon has seen much blood as it is his main weapon to kill demons. Its name is very ironic to its purpose. Light killing demons. The sword has a special ability. After tasting the first drop of demon blood spilled onto it it can now sense the presence of demons. To notify of a demon's presence it vibrates slightly

Yin & Yang- the twin daggers that he inherited from his mother after her murder. He honors them just as much as Hikari. He uses them for fast paced attacks and usually takes these out for singular opponents
Description/picture: down below
Likes: slaughtering demons, watching demons suffer, war, destruction
Dislikes: demons, anyone who gets in the way of him killing demons, he's not quite fond of angels either
Bio: Marcell was only 10 when he watched a pack of demons kill his mother, father, sister, and brother. He didn't know the reason they spared him but what he did know is that they deserved to die and so did every other demon in existence. From then began his training. He trained with many many weapons, knowing almost every weapon in existence by now. After about a year he began training "in the field". That meaning he began to start killing demons. He began to enjoy the sensation of watching them suffer and die. Soon he slaughtered them by the thousands and in a few days there were no demons left within a 20 mile radius of where he made his home. He soon left to hunt more of the Infernal beasts to slaughter. Years passed and now we come to present day... (His journey continues in RP. More detailing into his Bio will also be revealed in RP)
City: none. Wanders around
Age: 19
Love: none. Yet
Family: all viciously murdered by demons
Sides with: himself

(Is this good???) 
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I have one quick question. Can there be an outside of city category??? I know most human OCs wouldn't want to leave the protection of the city but there are certainly those who would want to go outside of the cities. Just a question and a suggestion 

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Name: Abaddon (Means: Fallen Angle, Destroy)
Gender Female
Nickname: Aba
Rank: Angel squire
Race:Fallen angel\Hybrid
Powers: Dark Magic, Light Magic,?????? Magic
Weapon:Scythe, Knife
Likes: Being Alone (unless your there friend they enjoy your Company)
Dislikes: Bitter Food,
Age: 18
Love: ???
Family: Kaiad
(Kaiad is her Twin)
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Family:midnight is the only brother i have now ive losen control and killed my other brothers i didnt mean to
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Name:Mabel Pines
Dislikes:Demons, Violence, Death

Race:Fallen Angel  Rank:Angel squire    Name:Kamui Powers:teleportation Ninja like abilities   Weapons:Scythe,Holy Bow,other hidden weapons  likes:Fire  dislikes:Evil   bio:Unknown(believed to be Emotionless)  Age:Unknown

Information:Error, power:unknown, Stats:unkown, threat level:Insane
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