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Hi Meteor users !

I'm looking for a complete doc about the facebook accounts on Meteor.js, I've found some basic tutorials wich made me able to connect with Facebook, but it lacks a lot of functions and explanations.

Could someone indicate me a good doc about it ? The official doc about accounts does not give more information.

Thanks you, have a good day !
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Meteor Interviews episode 5: Chris Mather (Evented Mind, Iron Router)

The fifth interview in the series. I talked with Chris Mather about learning Meteor, taking time to learn new things just for fun, and the role of Iron Router in the Meteor ecosystem.

Also if you’re interested in really levelling up your Meteor skills and want to make a name for yourself helping out with Iron Router Chris makes a great offer, check it out.

You can subscribe by iTunes or RSS in your favorite podcast app to get the next one as soon as it happens.

And I promise to get a good mic for the next one!
Paul Dowman talks with Chris Mather about learning Meteor, taking time to learn new things just for fun, and the role of Iron Router in the Meteor ecosystem.
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Is there any good article that explains what's going on in the .meteor directory? I think it would be helpful to understand what is happening behind the scenes, especially the local folder with the client and server directories.
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Bonjour; in my humble opinion this the best to you!
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Jay Shaffstall

Discussion  - 
I'm considering using Meteor for a web app, but my particular application doesn't really leverage the real time aspects of Meteor.  But ground:db provides offline caching and synchronization when online, which is important for the app (think in terms of a personal bookkeeping system).

Does Meteor still provide advantages that I should consider even if I'm not making a primarily real-time application?
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Meteor makes a lot of the everyday developer tasks easier or disappear either by clever base functionality or through smart packages. Accounts management, security, data management, build processing for example. Also it is all JavaScript and the API is isomorphic on the client and the server, which makes developing applications a lot easier since you don't have to work with two (vastly different) APIs like when you use the MEAN stack or similar all JavaScript stacks.
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Building Real-Time Web Applications with Meteor

Many developers agree that Meteor is a fun platform for writing real-time web applications. Turns out, it’s also a powerful platform for building robust, production-ready applications.

In this article, Toptal engineer Peter Rogers will walk you through a step-by-step tutorial for building a real-time book catalog management application using Meteor.

#Meteor #Real-time #JavaScript #Full-stack #Development
Many developers agree that Meteor is a fun platform for writing real-time web applications. Turns out, it’s also a powerful platform for building robust, production-ready applications. In this article, Toptal engineer Peter Rogers will walk you through a step-by-step tutorial for building a real-time book catalog management application using Meteor.
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want to join a #meteorjs hangout live session ? here you can ! plus.google.com/hangouts/_/guy… please turn off you're audio and say hello in the chat!
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Paul Dowman

Discussion  - 
I'm doing a series of interviews, the first is with Josh Owens. I think we had a good conversation, we talked about Meteor, teaching, and leaving a positive mark on the world among other things.


I have some other interviews coming up too, details on the site. You can subscribe via RSS and it has been submitted to iTunes so it should be available there soon.
Paul Dowman speaks with Josh Owens about teaching and learning Meteor and leaving a positive mark on the world.
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Enjoyed the interview really insightful.
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Launched a new site today - Built with Meteor! (Web development will never be the same...)
Over the last few years, we've witnessed a handwriting revolution. Endless promises of a "paperless future" have fizzled, and people are re-discovering the simple analog joy of writing things down!...
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I've been searching for some time now, and I can't find out how to do this. I want to know:

How do you assign a property to an instance of a template using Template.myTemplate.created?

The scope of 'created' means that if I just write 'this.value = something', then I can't access it as 'this.value' from my helpers. Instead I have to write 'Template.instance().value', which makes the code less readable.

How can this be done? I know I can do it with '{{> theTemplate value=something}}', but in some cases this just isn't feasible. I'd prefer to do it from the JS file.
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+Kasper Brohus Allerslev 
The best way is to use a ReactiveVar.

In your onCreated, you will do something like this:

this.myReactiveNumberVar = new ReactiveVar(4)

So you can pass in an initial value (if you want to)

In your events
It is accessed by doing Template.myReactiveNumberVar

In your helpers
it has to be accessed with Template.instance().myReactiveNumberVar
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Hey everyone, I am new to Meteor and experimenting with Meteor + Polymer and have one question. It looks simple but it doesn't work:-(

I want to pass array of objects to created <belo-test> polymer component (see below)

In Meteor template "userShowDashboard":

This component works

            items='[{"title": "Title 1"}, {"title": "Title 2"}]'
            header='Test HEADER'>

but, this one NOT (no items are shown)

            header='Test HEADER'>

This is meteor helper function

  getItems: ->
    [{"title": "Title 1"}, {"title": "Title 2"}]

polymer component

<polymer-element name="belo-test" attributes="items header">
          <core-submenu label="{{header}}" icon="apps" active>
            <template repeat="{{item in items}}">  
                <a href="#">
                  <paper-item data-action="switch-project">
                    <core-icon icon="chevron-right"></core-icon>
    items: []

Thank you for any suggestion.
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Why do you use Polymer with Meteor?
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Hi, I've been playing with Meteor for a few weeks now, and I really like it.

I have a question about Mongo collections though, because I'm having some difficulties understanding how to make them efficient.

Assume that I have a social network with a few million users and a few billion posts. Each post is stored in my "Posts" collection, each having an "owner", a "contents" and a "date" property.

So, if I wish to retrieve all the posts from a certain user, would Mongo then retrieve the posts from all users, and then do a filter? Because if I understand this correctly, that makes the example setup extremely inefficient.

So, questions:
1) Is this how it works?
2) If it is, how would I deal with the problem in practice, given my example?
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mongo does scan every Post if you didn't set an index on author_id.

else the retrieval is done intelligently scanning only the minimum set of items in the post collection.

Mongo configuration and performance tuning is quite independent from Meteor.

Here's a starting point. http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/method/cursor.explain/
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The third interview in the series is up. I talked with Arunoda Susiripala about scaling Meteor apps. We talked about some common problems that you might hit when scaling a Meteor app and how to deal with them, and whether there are any unknowns. We also touched on Flow Router briefly.

And you can now subscribe by iTunes.
Paul Dowman talks with Arunoda Susiripala, founder of Kadira.io and Meteor Hacks.
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Managing a Meteor Application in Production

One of the challenges of running a Meteor.js application in production is managing all of the different components that support Meteor. This blog gives code examples showing how set up logging to help out.  http://bit.ly/1GcQRcX
Find out how salesbox.io uses these logging strategies to scale monitoring of a Meteor server, detect bugs on the client, and monitor the Meteor Stack.
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Meteor For Everyone is a tutorial series to teach the basics of Meteor
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After a few requests from Meteor users, we've put together a zero-configuration one-click MeteorJS Factory. 

Factories eliminate the need to waste time configuring your development environment, are lightweight and very powerful. To try it out, just click the link below and a new environment will open up in your browser. 
-Enjoy, and please let us know what you think of it - We really appreciate user feedback. 
https://codenvy.com/f?id=z2kwkhlrit1ewpy3 #MeteorJS #javascript #Codenvy
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+Jesse Williams that is ridiculous. Thanks for the heads up though. I'll have to remember that.

Also, I'll look forward to playing with Meteor on Codenvy.
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Arash Soheili

Discussion  - 
Just built my first site with Meteor. I have to say that Meteor did live up to the expectation. Looking forward to expanding on this and learning more.
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+Adam Rutkowski Yeah, I did notice that and need to fix it. Thanks. 
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Could someone make this clear. Cant get my head around this.

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Idris Jafer

Discussion  - 
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Dear Meteor lovers,

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new boilerplate tool allowing to rapidly build Node.JS powered API’s, online stores, and many other apps (igloos).
It’s open source! Here you’ll find more details, components, examples and the source - http://eskimo.io/. Feel free to test this tool out, make pull requests and use it in your developments! Hope this will be helpful!
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Only on February 4th 2015: Get 50% off Meteor in Action when using the code dotd020415au during check out!
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Yau Ri
thanks for the discount! just bought it!
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