Daily Prayer for President Trump

Let us pray for the president of the United States #DonaldTrump . That your light, Lord Jesus Christ, may constantly shine on him. In that way, his motives and actions may become transparent to all people.

Therefore, those who for one reason or another may be inclined to follow him and defend him blindly, may no longer follow him based on the new information they get from your revelation; and that those who for whatever reason may be inclined to reject him and attack him blindly, may begin to acknowledge his good will, if he is in fact benevolent.

That Donald Trump’s true relationship with Vladimir Putin may be revealed openly and clearly, so that all Americans can choose to support him or oppose him based on facts.

That if he chooses to serve satan by lying (John 8:44) to the American people, his own lies will circle around and ensnare him. That the more he lies the more he will trip, and the more he tells the truth, the more you will up lift him up Lord. We pray this in your Holy Name Jesus Christ. Amen!

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De Rosa Francisco de Assis e a Turma De Picagalo ! O CRIADOR ! NÃO É BRINCADEIRA ! SOU QUEM SOU !

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De Rosa Francisco de Assis e a Turma De Picagalo! O CRIADOR SUPREMO ! ... ? . . .  ( . )  Gostaria de perguntar o que os Senhores Tem na Cabeça ! Mas Já sei bem ! Vocês acham que estas atitudes perante a Humanidade são dignas,pois saibam que me oponho plenamente e terão de prestar contas com à minha Pessoa !
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The famous preacher behind the Hillsong Church to give evidence at royal commission about how he responded to his own fathers admission of child sex abuse

By Amy Ziniak for Daily Mail Australia and Aap

High profile Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston is expected to give evidence at an inquiry into how Pentecostal churches responded to child sex abuse allegations against his father Frank Houston and two other men.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual abuse sitting in Sydney on Tuesday will hear how Hillsong and the Pentecostal association, Assemblies of God, responded to abuse allegations against William Francis 'Frank' Houston - the famous preacher behind the movement which gave birth to the mega-church.

His son Brian Houston was national president of the Assemblies of God (AoG) in Australia from 1997 to 2009. More than 1000 Pentecostal churches are affiliated to the AoG which is now commonly known as Australian Christian Churches (ACC).

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The head of the Shuvu Banim community, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, spent Yom Kippur in northern Holland together with hundreds of his chassidim.

A Dutch court held a hearing last week to entertain an Israel Police request to remand the rabbi. Officials in Israel have filed for extradition and they want the rabbi held behind bars until that hearing so he cannot flee again. He has remained a step ahead of Israel Police for two years and has traveled to many countries including Morocco and S. Africa in his effort to avoid arrest.

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A Dutch court is to decide on the possible remand of an elderly Orthodox Jewish rabbi, until a decision is made on an extradition request by Israel on Monday, Dutch news site De Telegraaf reported.

Fugitive ultra-Orthodox rabbi Eliezer Berland, 77, was arrested in at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam in September, almost two years after he fled Israel to avoid arrest for sex crimes. However, he was released from custody the next day, according to Dutchnews.nl.

Berland, a Breslov rabbi, then went to the northern Dutch island of Texel, joined by 300 followers from all over the world. The Jewish-owned camping site's capacity is 30, so the municipality ordered the eviction of 270 of his followers from the site. The visitors came from various countries to spend the holiday with Berland, who was arrested in the Netherlands last month.

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ROME — Theoretically, in a Synod of Bishops, all of the 200-plus prelates taking part from around the world are equal. Politically, however, some are clearly more equal than others, and this time around, few are more equal than Cardinal Péter Erdö of Hungary.

Erdö is serving as the relator for the Oct. 5-19 Synod of Bishops on the Family, a position that means he sets the table for the discussion at the beginning and then sums it up at the end. Being chosen can be a hint of bigger things to come, since each of the last three popes at earlier stages in their careers had served as a synod’s relator.

The relatio ante disceptationem, or “speech before the discussion” this morning, amounted to an effort by Erdö to define the terms of discussion, focused as much on what the synod won’t be talking about as what it will. He took “doctrinal issues” off the table, but opened the door to practical changes such as a streamlined system for granting annulments, meaning a declaration that a marriage was invalid.

In truth, in past synods the opening relatio often didn’t have much impact on the exchange that followed, but it is nevertheless closely read as a signal of what’s on the mind of one of the session’s prime movers.

The 62-year-old Hungarian prelate is known as a strong defender of Church teaching. Erdö had enough going for him back in early 2013 that some considered him a candidate for the papacy himself, leading to speculation about whether the successor to Benedict XVI might be history’s first “Goulash Pope.”

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Last week a lawsuit was filed against two large, popular Houston churches, Second Baptist Church (a Baptist mega-church) and Community of Faith. The lawsuit claims "the organizations were negligent by employing a youth pastor who was convicted of sexually soliciting their daughter while working there," according to a Houston Chronicle story."

Foster was part of a "marketing scheme" by Second Baptist that allowed youth pastors to encourage students in public schools to attend church activities and events, enticing them with fast food, the suit states. The goal was to recruit their parents to join. He later went to work for Community of Faith, the suit states.

The girl met Foster during her lunch hour at school, where he was able to get her involved in activities with Second Baptist. The two started a relationship as one of religious guidance, the suit states.

"This is no different than a pedophile with candy in his pocket," said Cris Feldman, attorney in the case for the parents of the girl, now 17. "It's just someone who worked for Second Baptist and was told to go into school lunch rooms and recruit."
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