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Hello everyone! We have officially reached 72 members!!


New news/Rules:

The owner +Kawaii BENNIE drowned may not be on as much so I will be filling in for her.

We need more teachers.

No Hentai is a new rule.

Please do not post spam.





+Kawaii BENNIE drowned

+Alice Jones (me)





I believe that's all!

Name: Michael
Gender: Male
Age: 19, I think
Race: Human
Pasta name: Slasher

Weapons: A simple, but effective switchblade

Likes: Blood, the color Navy Blue, and sushi
Dislikes: affection, the color yellow, and sunlight

Flaw: caring about victims for a time

Weakness: little sister and older brother (both dead)

Bio: had an abusive father who killed my mother and baby sister, severely injured my older brother and tried to kill me, woke up in the hospital with my brother next to me, he died, but I lived, I feel like their deaths were my fault. Left the hospital early and killed my douchebag of a father and have been living in different houses the past 3 years.

Status: killer and new guy

Appearance: 6'5", blonde, scars all over his body and a large patch of skin missing from where his heart should be, has one blue eye and one green (originally belonging to his brother)

Quotes: "Do I look like I care?" And "Piss off"

(Just look at my profile pic to know what my cp character looks like)

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Never heard of him? That's because the Catholic church made sure to cover it up.
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Um, Do you still need teachers?

 name: Clyde Rogers or Mystery Slender(no relation to toby rogers/ticci toby)
class slender's right-hand man
gender: male
age: 122(looks 19)
species:seer proxy
 relationship status: married to zero
bio i was 19 when i basically ran away from home we had already been living in the woods and i knew Slender so he probably would take me
personality: kind nice and chilled unless killing then sadistic teasing smart aleck
Quote: life is the greatest mystery why not take evidence?

Could you post the profile template in the comments so I can copy it please?

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Watch this GIF!

It's too late now, you watched it...

You are now going to die in a week, the last day He will appear while you sleep, and will delete you from this world; meaning you would have never existed.

You can possibly prevent it though by resharing it to 4 communities, and posting it publicly...

The clock is now ticking...
save yourself...
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Something scary

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Name: Death Melody
Class: Computer science,
Gender: female
Age: 15
Species: Glitch
Quote: (mainly laughs)
Personality: perky, happy, smart, and mysterious. Can go inside anything with technology.
Bio: Was abused by bullies until they choked her by her headphone cord turning her into a creepypasta.
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