Story Title: The Creepy Field Trip Stop

The first stop in my school field trip, a place which was connected to what the citizens would call a ghost town.
When we went to the "sea collection" I stayed vigilant that someone was watching us... after the sea collection, me and my classmate rushed to the sort of hall museum thing, nothing was found, the cold game me a feeling of an unseeable being, once we followed our bus group to the stairs, instead of going to the age museum, we instead went to what seemed to be an abandoned office, and my classmate took a video of what was inside the storage room, I managed to get some photos of what was in the abandoned office, it was a bland, normal office with eye-searing light by the windows and extremely dim light in the rest, we took a photo of a nearby hotel, and saw very old spiderwebs. It gave me the creeps. When we headed back to the bus, the classmate I was with in the storage room investigation showed us the storage room video, we saw 2 wisps moving circularly and just falling. It was just creepy.....

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