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To give everyone an update. The last community was glitched out. I could only see 7 of the now 20 members we had. I'll set this up with what I had which are the normal roles and rules
This is an AU version of a community that Tails one of my assistant owners made. It has sonamy so you hate sonamy get out. I'm not taking hate.. If you just came for rp and don't care about the main ship I'm using that's fine. Just trust me you won't hate. Now the pinned post should have rules and roles. Once made I will add them here. Also fan characters are allowed.
 King Sonic: +Sonic The Hedgehog 
Queen Amy: +taleyah prower 
 Aurora:Taken by me
Tails: +Miles tails prower Archie Comics 
Andrew: +Andrew Clark 
1:No Taking Roles 2:No cussing(PG-13 level only) 3:No godmodding 4:No hentais 5:Listen to owners 6:No mods(Only owners which are me and well they are tagged) 7:No random rp's(I only want ACTUAL rps which are mine and normal ones) 8:No asking to be owner 9:No harassment 10:Have fun
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I run around, constantly transforming between Booksona, normal, and human forms.

REVOLUTION! We don't want a monark (intentional misspell is intentional) ruling us!

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-_- i feel so betrayed right now. :(


Hi +Chloe nelson roach​ I saw that you joined the au version of the 30 years community by +Miles tails prower Archie Comics​ that I made for +Aurora The Hedgehog Zone Cop

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Name: shade kintabor robotnik (aka maria) ((DONT ask I'm from Sega as well))

Speicies: hedgehog


Age:?? (Phiscally 13)

Personalities: curiosity, nature lover,not a fighter,guardian of earth

Friends: shadow,sonic,silver

Bio: was revived like 30 years ago and died by the ark accident and has been gaurdian of shadow till now
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Name: Hunter Prower
Age: 18
Species: Fox Cat
Weapon: Buster Sword, Sniper Rifle with magic ammunition
Powers: Magic and True Sight (allows perfect aim only on certain foes. He'll be rejected of it when facing other people.), Element-Camo (can hide in any terrain and can even hide in places you normally wouldn't survive ie. lava), Ethereal sight (gives him the ability to see people's aura and track their movements.)
Likes: Friends, peace
Dislikes: Injustice, bullies, chaos
Bio: Hunter is the youngest of the brood of Niko Prower. He got his Buster Sword from Cloud when he left to become a peace keeper in The Radiant Garden. While it isn't the official Buster Sword, it's a working replica that Cloud forged for him. Perfect for close and mid-range combat, Hunter spends his mornings at the crack of dawn training with it. When the suns goes down, he spends his nights training with his XK-79 Sniper Rifle. His father, Niko, isn't exactly keen about the whole Sniper thing, but his mother praises him for it. Hunter, while he trains for it, doesn't like combat. In fact, he almost always tries to avoid it, only fighting if he has to.
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+Aurora The Hedgehog Zone Cop​ this scene from the japanease version of sonic x is one of the reasons why it was changed in the english dub of sonic x.

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pulls out a drum machine and mix board and nods okay... Now how did that song go... Oh right! plays this song as you walk by

((Open RP))

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