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Sup yall I've wanted to do this for a while!

The contest is to draw a headshot (or whatever you want really) of any of my ocs. There are little requirements.

If your draw one of my oc couples (Vincent and Connor or Alexandria and Quinn or Connie and Daisy) then you will get a free shout out!

DUE DATE: December 24! Please tag me in your post and don't tag me after the 24 because I cannot enter you in.

~ headshot (or full body)
~accuracy to the character's personality and design
~match a color pallete (grayscale included)
~Traditional or digital
~be creative


1st place- Full body gif, headshot, shout out
2nd place- 2 headshots, shout out
3rd place- 1 headshot

If you draw one of the couples (Vin & Con or Alex &Quinn Connie & Daisy)
you will get an automatic shout out

👽 OCS 👽
Alexandria- blue tips, weird prostitue outfit under sweater, demon

Quinn- mid-neck length shaggy hair, large nose, hair covers eyes, flannel, tol, thin, anger

Con- non-binary af, blue weird hair, missing right arm, tats, piercings, blue-green-grey-white-ish eyes, angel?

Cassles- short blue hair, smol horns

Daisy- Twin of Connie ,side shave, blonde, overals, pastel colors, murderous, some what large nose

Connie- twin of Daisy, side shave, long blood red hair, raggy black clothes, murderous

Vincent- blue-green eyes, chubber, sweaters, grey wings, thigh high socks, vans shoes, pulled back side shaven orangey-red hair (vvv curly, thick) lilac tips, guages
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WIP drawing of bidybabs jumpscare!

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Phantom Chica WIP

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Artist Clóvis Loureiro

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Withered chica wip,took 11 minutes

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Update on drawing
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FunTime Freddy from fnaf sister location wip....

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Some Copic things I found online if you're wondering
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