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A police car with a siren of frequency 8 kHz is moving with uniform velocity 36 km/hr towards a tall building which reflects the sound waves. The Speed of sound in air is 320 m/s. The Frequency of the siren heard by the car driver is

a) 8.50 kHz
b) 8.25 kHz
c) 7.75 kHz
d) 7.50 kHz


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Dissolving 120g of urea (moll .wt.60 ) in 1000 g of water gave a solution of density 1.15 g/ml. The Molarity of the Solution is

a) 1.78 M
b) 2.00 M
c) 2.05 M
d) 2.22 M

#IIT #JEE 2011 Question:

Extraction of metal from the ore cassiterite involves

a) carbon reduction of an oxide ore
b) Self-reduction of a sulphide ore
C) removal of copper impurity
d) removal of iron impurity

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