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This is real. I know someone who ignored it, she died from it!

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(Just saying I'm using +Ivene the witch now because I forgot this accounts password)

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H: emma! Did you hear? The ceili is in a couple days! she has her head in the clouds again think about it! The boys are searching the walls for young ladies such as our selves! So want to come? I mean we will have to bring out 3dm gear incase a titan attacks but that is highly unlikely. (Don't question it)

(+Emma Szel
+Eren Laurance
+Eli Simons
+Bloom phoneix of phoenix drop)

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Your dead renier so dead!

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Name: Eren Jeager
Family: unknown has lost her family and doesn't know if there still alive
Age: 14
Equipment: A special kind of bow and sword, regular 3DMG
Combat styles: Martial Arts, Titan shifting, Extreme skill with blades, loyal, strong, assassin, silent type, Fearless
Titan shifter: 39ft, female
Titan powers: Rawr, Strong, Bare hands and feet to fight
Looks: White, short hair and well different
Lives: Outside the walls

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Name: daisy hepzibah freed
Family: Petra took her in as a sister after her family where killed
Age: 19
Equipment: 3DM gear, blades, fan with blades
Titan shifter: (secret )25m high titan shifter, long blonde hair , just flesh,
Tfa: can regenerate her body, diamond, claws, can move at night
Appearance: waist length blond hair, curvy,paler than usual people
Lives: she lives in the s.r. HQ
Born: (also secret ) she was born in a large mountain/countryside area outside the walls called the keel row
Raised: she never knew , some of her memory's where erased
Extra: has her head in the clouds but will kill a titan in the blink of an eye,
She is closely related to Levi and can fight in a very similar style to him
Talents: singing,country dancing,kicking ass
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