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Alright, so here's my plan for the GTK tutorials:

1. Markdown Editor w/ Live Preview

Teaches GtkSourceView, GtkWebView, MenuButton, PopoverMenu, and the Check/Toggle Buttons.

2. mdBook GUI

Teaches GtkNotebook, GtkStack, and GtkListBox.

3. Content Management System w/ Postgres(?) + Diesel

Teaches SearchEntry, ComboBox, ...?

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd like to hear them.

I love #GNOME Settings app!

One suggestion tho, it would be perfect if it just had a collapsible side menu for small devices aka phones :)

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I will just leave it here, maybe someone got interested.

In short words, it's a my alpha version of OS X Mavericks theme for Ubuntu Gnome 17.04, i already created it for 14.04, but 3 years went (right, that word? I forgot, thats not mine foreign language), so I decided to revive a deal.

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Unloved Preferences Dialogues

So, today I was changing something in the GEdit preferences dialogue and was just struck by how little love these have gotten over the years.

The design feels a bit dated...

So Here is a proposal for how it could be done.

Feels a little bit more modern, in my opinion.

The left List Box scrolls the right List Box to the correct position was what I had in mind.

I can send you the .glade file if you want. But it is nothing interesting rely.

And I have not figured out what to do about the plugins in this case.

Just a thought. :-)
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Strange but since the upgrade of my laptop from F23 to F24, the Gnome font (Cantarell I guess) seems to have been a bit streched vertically. And, to honest, I found the previous version more pleasant.

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What folders do you like more? Just want to know

P.S. Blue folders are from this icon [] pack

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How do you use gtk
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This is preview of a wip. I would love some feedback leading to the final wireframe.

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I appreciate the simplicity of gnome terminal, but my admiration for the gtk headerbar led to this. Headerbar everything :)
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