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Is anyone up for some Vampire RP?

I'm thinking about a Romance or Adventure or Action. Whichever y'all prefer


•No emojis or text talk. (I luv u, rn, wyd, 🙀 or etc..)

•Proper grammar and complete sentences. Hate reading a long paragraph with no period or somewhat decent writing style

•At least 4+ lines! Please!

•Do not make your OC invincible, then no ones having fun.

•Doesn't matter with gender.

•Do Not kill my OC off!

Have Fun!!

Comment below on which one you want to do. 👇🏾

Thanks for Reading! 👏🏾👏🏾
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I dont want to risk it guys!!!

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((3 reposts available))
you and Kaine have know one another for a long time. Three years to be exact. At first it wasn't the best. He used to be kind of a jerk to others and you. They didn't really get along until a group of students pinned you to the wall and one of them was about to put a hand where it didn't belong. Luckily Kaine was there before it got worse GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF OF HER!! it was five against one and Kaine with his eyes of rage ended up on top sending every one of them to the hospital on a bed. After that, you both started getting along slowly but surely. Fast forward 3 years to the present and you're both dormed together and are extremely close. It also helps that Kaine cleaned his act up for the most part and what really helped is that he developed a crush for you. Also during those 3 years, Akuma who was a former masked contract killer has come back after presumably announced dead but now a vigilante. Now today was a wonderful day. Kaine had you dress in a panda suit and told you to wear it all day. So you did and everything seemed fine. Then suddenly, you wake up in a dark room tied to a chair and duct tape over your mouth. You were kidnapped and missing for a week with cuts and bruises all over your body as well as the panda suit ripped in multiple locations. Just when you thought it was all over, screams of pain as well as fear and yells for backup outside the room were heard. Then there was silence. The two men armed up ready for whatever came there way
((Open rp. Female needed. There's not limit to description as long as it isn't one liners. Most importantly leave your name and a short description if you choose. Have fun))

<Kaine Myers is 18 years old, 5"8, 175lbs, has a past that nobody really knows and just seemed to appear out of nowhere three years ago. Currently he's overall a nice guy and has good intentions. He tries to be sweet and is a bit of a goof at times. He also refuses to take off his shirt in front of anyone and whenever he forgets to covor up his crimson red eyes by putting on his brown color contacts, he lies and says the crimson red are color contacts. Fatigue wise, he seems like an average joe. But it was obvious his actual strength was anything but during that incident with you and the five students trying to cop a feel. He also tends to wear glasses at times, but they're not real. Also he's a bit of a gamer and loves his anime from time to time. But enough babbling about Kaine. More will be known soon enough>
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((Female needed, will do reposts))i was driving down the road one day when I saw you on the side of the road next to your car. I noticed you were trying to flag me down, so I pulled over behind you. I asked you what the problem was, and you said your car broke down. I volunteered to drive you to the nearest gas station to get a tow truck to get the car for you, as we are driving down the road, you...

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((Romance/Action/Adventure/Dystopian/A little Sci-fi/Maybe Mystery))

War is normally regarded as a simple, and sometimes even primitive, activity. The average person sees war as just to nations fighting just to prove who's better, and the winner taking over the losers land. They see it as a pointless display of brute force and army power. But war is so much more than just the glorification of armed forces. It is the act of fighting for a belief, fighting for rights, fighting for honor, and fighting for the ones you care about most. What most people don't know is that sometimes war results in long-lasting peace. It sounds crazy, but yes, people have to go to war to achieve peace. Peace is only one of the many things that war can benefit us with. It can also benefit us with freedom, unification, more resources, diversity and by broadening our horizons. But...war also takes away just as much as it gives. It consumes so much time that a child could be born and live in war until he is over thirty years of age. It takes up so much of our resources, that sometimes when the war is over the nation has trouble sustaining itself. War has the potential to strip land of its fertility and habitability. So many possessions and buildings will be lost, completely destroyed...and most importantly...lots of people will be ripped from the arms of their loved ones. Whether in the name of their nation or by accident, the effect is the same. Some people are so overwhelmed by the negative effects of war that they are completely blinded to the positive. They subconsciously rob themselves of the capability to move on and continue life to the fullest. They lock themselves in the past, and wallow in their grief and sadness. Some come out of this state, some never do. And those who don't either die a grieved person, or direct their emotions towards something productive. But, even still, they are very detached from the people around them. They often tune out every single person except for a chosen few who they deem to be close enough to trust. Even so, the state their in still isn't a healthy one. And sooner or later, it'll be the death of them...but, despite this, a young man continues to live like this. At a young age it is surely dangerous for him to bear such a cross. But yet he does, and he does it...with pride. It doesn't weigh him down, it drives him. Drives him to do more than he ever could before...before the incident

Richard Anderson was born in what used to be know as the United States of America, in 2050. He was born into a middle class family, consisting of a man: Michael Anderson, and his wife: Katherine Anderson. Katherine was a nurse at St. Charles  Hospital. Michael was a police officer. Both occupations brought in a steady income allowing them to have some money to care for their newborn child. They had been longing for a child for as almost as long as they had been married, which had been about four years now. They had planned everything, bought a house and moved out of their small apartment, they got all the baby necessities and they had read multiple books on parenting. They were more than ready and capable to take care of this baby, and they would do just that...if fate did not have other plans for this child

At the age of seven, Richard's core personalities were beginning to show. He was a very bright child, almost never got less than an A in any of his academic work, and even when he did he wouldn't cry over it, he'd just work a lot harder the next time. He was a kind person, quick to help people out when they're in need. He was eager to please, but only to those who he deemed nice or worthy to be respected. And last, but not least, he had a fighting spirit. If thought something was unfair, you could bet that he wasn't going to sit down and let it slide. He'd stand up and give a piece of his mind. And, unfortunately, more often than not when this involved his peers he got into fights. He meant well, but got into trouble because of it. That's the only problem his parents saw, but they loved that part of him just like the rest of him. His mother would bandage him up when he came home with small wounds, and his father would talk to him about dealing with these kinds of situations...and also, behind Katherine's back, would teach Richard a few fighting techniques. Richard was content with his life. He loved his family, and his friends. Most of all his best friend, Jeremiah Fleming, a six year old boy who lived down the street from him. They made the same promise all friends make at a young age; That they'll be friends forever. Fortunately, this was one of the friendships that would pass the test of time. Even when time got rough, like they were just about to be

Word was getting out that there was an unidentified object that had entered the Milky Way. It wasn't a mass made of rock, so it wasn't a planet. It wasn't pulled into the suns orbit and forced to circle round it, so it must be moving on its own accord. It was conscience, or being driven by something that was. This was enough to make half the world think the same thing; Aliens were coming. People got into a panic, governments tried to keep the order. The armies were readying themselves, calling in all human reserves, even going into police offices. Unfortunately, Michael Anderson was called upon to join the army. Richard pleaded and begged, asking that he just stay a little longer, at least until his eighth birthday. But Richard just smiled and said: "It's okay, Ricky. You'll see me again. I promise. Besides, I'm never really gone as long as you keep me in your heart, okay. You be safe now, take care of your mother for me. You're the man of the house now. I know you'll do a good job at protecting it, little buddy."

Those were the words that the boy replayed in his mind as he hugged his father, as he watched him get into a car and disappear into the horizon, as he went to sleep that night, and as he had his eighth birthday party months later. Richard never stopped thinking about his father...

Years passed, and the fact was confirmed, Aliens were heading towards Earth. They had sent messages that were not understandable, but persevered as threatening. Armies were armed to the teeth, but some lacked resources. And...though it was bound to happen, mankind couldn't have picked a better time to go to war. People began to fight over resources to fuel their armies so they could protect their nation. Instead of just uniting to protect the Earth as a whole. This is one of the wars that can be labeled with the term; mindless slaughtering. Human lives were being snuffed out, the population was decreasing. Everyone was so caught up in their own little lives that they didn't have time to look up...and see the aliens were already here. Even when they did notice, that's when the aliens dropped down bombs on Earth. Releasing a chemical not known by man. But it deducted lives from the already dwindling human population...

Mankind seemed doomed to extinction...but, what the aliens didn't know was that some humans possessed something which is now known as a "Metagene". The ability to adapt or change, to evolve, to survive in a new habitat. The remaining human population gained supernatural abilities. All varying from person to person. Though humanity had taken a blow, it had just been given a huge advantage. The aliens had come down to Earth, thinking it was now desolate and uninhabited. But, they were dead wrong. The human race ambushed them. They punched them back, and harder. Making them go near the brink of extinction. Driving out each one, until there were no more sightings of any. Then, it was 2069. Humankind celebrated a victory. But also grieved great losses

Due to the events of the Alien toxins being dropped, and the war before that, multiple countries were wiped out or evacuated. Many people were reported dead or lost...among the dead...was Michael Anderson. They held the funeral along with all of the other soldiers who fell in the war. Richard had a great problem with this...but, he was to grieved to fight. His mother threw a personal get together to honor her husbands death, all Richard did was sit on the stairs of the house. Alone. Thinking. His best friend joined him, but didn't speak. Jeremiah sat in silence Richard, knowing his friend didn't need words of comfort, but just to know he had people who cared for him. That made their bond stronger

Years later, in the year 2075, Richard still lived with his mother as he attended college. He traveled to and from college everyday. He stayed with his mother in order to keep his promise to father to keep her safe. Though Michael was gone, Richard kept himself very close to him. Richard had inherited his dad's possessions, including clothes, luckily they all fit him. Although Richard was a lot more reserved, he kept his good qualities, he was still kind, caring and smart. And he rarely fought...but, when he did, he would spiral into a state of blind rage and anger. He wouldn't stop until the other person was unconscious or his anger was used up, whichever one came first. This almost got him into jail a few times, but given his father's fate people went easy on him...or so he was told. Reality was, the government didn't want to kill him, in fear that they couldn't. When the toxin dropped, he gained the ability of regeneration. Not only that, but he was a well-known genius and owner of many first place trophies in science related competitions. And due to his history of violence, one could assume he could handle himself very well in a fight. He was dangerous...and they might need that some day

Now, at the age of twenty-five, Richard dwelt in what was now known as Tetrabode #13. A medium sized town that is blanketed by a electronic force field. Its a lot duller than it once was, but its home. Richard was currently accompanying his best friend Jeremiah to the club, not to drink but to drive his drunk self home after wards. Richard sat outside on the sidewalk, near his motorcycle that had a side-car attached to it. He wore an attire his father used to wear; dark brown gloves and boots, black goggles, dark grey shirt, khaki trousers and a red, white and blue watch. His helmet hung from his neck and his satchel from his side. He adjusted his goggles on his sandy blonde hair as he looked out onto the dull streets with his hazel eyes, while evening began to set on the town. He took a deep breath, and closed his eyes, clasping his hands together laying his back down on the cold concrete ground. He did so alone, in peace and silence, until...

((Please state who you are, your ability, what you look like and how old you are. Please be a descriptive person.))
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((Steampunk (Leaning more towards Fantasy though)/Action/Adventure and possibly Romance, if you wish))

Imagine a child. A sweet, innocent being full of life and joy. For those with a bad imagination, try to reminisce on a time where you were sweet and innocent. Now, picture the child, or yourself, going to bed. The child lays down in bed, but does not sleep. No matter how long the child tosses and turns in the bed, it just can't seem to find any rest. This all due to the child's FEAR; FEAR of the monster living under the bed. After a few minutes of nerve-wracking loneliness, filled with the occasional bumps and thuds that frightened a child to the core at night time, the child calls for help. Of course, the child's parents come to the aid of their offspring. When the parents come into the room, and manage to calm the child down, they ask "What's wrong dear?" in the loving tone a caring parent would ask in. The child replies "There's a monster under my bed." in a terrified and shaky tone. The parents glance at each other, giving one another a knowing gaze. They were both familiar with this scenario. They began the routine of calming the assumingly overreacting mind of their child. Despite the child insisting strongly and fearfully that there was a monster under the bed, the parents subdue him easily. They even perform the task of checking under the bed for monsters, obviously they see nothing but the dark underside of the child's bed. Eventually, they get the child to go back to bed and then they leave the room. Leaving the child all alone. In the Dark. So peaceful. So vulnerable. The parents pride and joy. Little did they know, they were to lose their child forever to the darkness. For there actually was a monster under the bed, hiding in the shadows. This monster had come on numerous occasions, but the child has continuously discarded this occurrences as bad dreams due to reasoning of the parents. Now, the monster had come with assistance, and that night they would completely devour the soul of this young an innocent boy...What a horrible fate to be subjected to...But it is a plausible fate nonetheless

"Jukai, more popularly known as "Monsters of Darkness", are an extremely dangerous race. They live for two purposes, to devour and to destroy and they will stop at nothing to do so. The range of power varies from each Jukai, but one common trait they have is the ability to devour the souls of humans. For the average grown-up, it takes only one session for the Jukai completely devour the soul of the adult. But, for a child, it would take at least three sessions. This due to the fact a child's souls is raw and untamed, full off potential. Far too much for a Jukai to take in all at once. But an adult soul is weather, structured, refined by life and the events that took place in it. Jukai prefer child souls, but Adult souls are easier to devour since most Adults live alone. Once a soul is devoured, the body won't last long. They will either die, or become and empty husk, a bottomless pit, that longs for a purpose. To find purpose, it will hunt down humans. This husk does not have the ability to devour souls, but they attempt to do so by devouring the physical form of the human. These husks are called "Fiends", or "Zombies" if you will. The only other alternative ending to having a persons soul devoured, is the demon possessing the now empty body. In doing so, the demon allows a sliver of the persons soul to run through the body, enough to make it feel like its alive and okay. These "humans" are called "Dark Hosts". While the human is going about their business, the Jukai is using its body as a disguise to pounce on unsuspecting bystanders and steals their souls. At first, the humans would not be aware if they are possessed. But slowly, black scales and marking will appear on their bodies. They will notice that no matter how hard they try, they can't feel anything. They can't enjoy life. This leads to depression, anger, and eventually madness. Once the last stage kicks in, the Jukai is often through with hiding. It will now force the human body to hunt for human souls for it, using the new-found dark powers given to the human by the Jukai. At this stage, the human believes they are in bliss. That they are free and powerful. But little do they know, they are slowly eroding away. Until finally, all that's left is the Jukai who now has to find a new host..."

"So far, only the Dark Hosts have a chance of being save from their fate. But the chances are very slim, as the Dark Hosts are not only physically superior to humans but have unpredictable dark powers and minds to boot. Species of all kinds are subject to this dilemma, so together with humans they are fighting against the Jukai. Cutting them off at every angle they can find. Making them bleed through the nose and suffer for all the trouble they've caused. Together, people have come up together with ways of subduing and even disposing of the Jukai threat. You have come here to learn these ways, to help fight the Jukai, to save lives of innocent beings. To become a Lexward. Welcome to the Transverse Dawn School."

This was a speech from the founder of Transverse Dawn School, Drake Lexward. The man to first try and fight against the Jukai and their evil-doings. Thanks to him, we have manages to create force-fields over cities that prevent any and all Jukai from entering, ensuring that citizens dwell safely. Weapons, magic spells, machinery and potions have been created to aid in this purpose, making sure Rathat the Jukai become extinct. And when the school first started a few centuries ago, it was doing find. People of all ages and species came from across the world to train in the ways of the Lexward. It was a great success, initially. The Jukai took a blow straight to face and gut...but just like us, the Jukai began to advance. They are beginning to join together and make organised forces, they are becoming stronger and smarter. At first, no one seemed to care. Except one man, he had his suspicions. But he kept them to himself. He secretly prepared for what was to come. One day, the Jukai made a sudden and powerful attack on one of the major cities. People thought the force-fields would hold, but the Jukai snuck in through the shadows into the cities and shut it down from the inside. The city was a mess. The Lexwards were overrun with Jukai. The city would have been taken down. If not for one man. No one saw his face. No one knew his name. But he rode through the city, firing weapons that could not be found in any weaponry station. He threw concoctions that no one could recognize. He chanted words of a language no one understood, these words triggered supernatural feats. This single man drove away the Jukai out, and restarted the force-field. To this day, he is known as the "Invisible Man". No one has ever seen his face. But his skills are legendary. He has been offered seats on multiple major councils, been called up for multiple interviews and been offered many high positions. All, he has turned down. But, he did take up the tasks of being apart of the Association of Lexwards and being mentor at the Transverse Dawn School. He only mentors students who are about to become full fledged Lexwards. This is in their last year of school. Each student applies for a mentor, and the mentor may choose to accept the student or not. So far, the Invisible Man hasn't picked a single student. He rejects all that apply to him for reasons unknown. Some people, in their envious and jealous state of mind, think of him as selfish or stuck up. Hearing of all his accomplishments as he sent out for missions by the Association of Lexwards. He doesn't seem to be aware, or care about, such opinions as he has not addressed. Similar opinions rest in the A.L. He refuses to have a partner or a team. He works alone, always has, and it seems he always will

Many wonder to why the so called "Invisible Man" is so secluded, and so secretive. Why he chooses to hide behind a mask and prevent anyone from getting close to him. So far, no one has gotten any results. All that is known is that he is the worlds best chance against the Jukai. The world needs him. The worlds also needs more people like him. Secret Investigators and Spies alike have all tried and failed to get an inside scoop on this Invisible Man. His record is "Invisible" so to speak. All that is known is that he chooses to cover ever inch of his body in clothing, and his signature weapon, a double barreled pistol that is rumored to fire colorless bullets. But that's enough to keep people wanting to know more...

It was a fine afternoon in Transverse Town, the city in which the Transverse Dawn School was settled in. Those below the colleague level will go home while those in colleague retreat to their dorms. The Transverse Train Station was unusually empty that day, only a dew souls waiting for the steam powered train to take them to their destination. One such person was the Invisible man himself, sitting on a bench looking over the currently empty railway. He wore his usually very concealing attire, consisting of a dark grey fedora, goggles, a navy blue scarf, a dark grey coat, black gloves, black trousers, a white buttoned up shirt and black shoes. And his face, completely wrapped in clean wool bandages. He could sense he was being looked at, so he turned his head to see...

((Please be a Descriptive person that won't drop out in the middle of the RP. I'm looking for a long-term RP, please and thank you.))
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I was the school nerd, you were one of my bully's, you always had a crush on me but never said anything, summer passed and I had a brand new look, nobody knew it was me in till role call. "Nami wood" *the teacher called out, I raise my hand "here" I say loudly and raise my hand, I was not shy anymore, everyone was surprised, you really liked me now, everybody knew my name, I was the hottest girl in school, lots of boys went after me I knocked them all down, I was with the popular girls now and I told them I needed to go some where, I walks over to you and hand you a piece of paper, I wink and walk away, the not said "meet me after school behind the building, after school, sharp" it was the end of the day and I was behind the school, you walked behind the school and saw me and......
(Male needed)
(State name before you start)
(I will repost if asked)
(No text talk, emojis, or cursing)
(Thank you)
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you are the class clown, you made everyone laugh, you had amazing friends, and you went with the flow, you had no problems, you have a wonderful family and friends, you made everyones day, even mine, you were my dorky, silly, sometimes stupid, boyfriend, I was the shy girl, I got bullied, no friends, I have a lot of emotional problems, I have tried to attempt suicide, failed every time, you were the only one that made me smile, you were dancing with your friend in the cafeteria, and you looked at me
"Come on dance with us"! Y\N said
I shook my head
"Come on, its fun"!
I shook my head no, I said quietly
you took my hand and started dancing with me, I blushed and looked around, I let go of your hand and started running to the door
"Kailee"! you grabbed my hand
"Let go" I screamed, you let go and looked at me surprised, it was silent and everyone looked at me, the were surprised too, I walked out of the cafeteria, then you..........
(Male needed)
(Out of the picture, pick the guy that you want to be Kailees boyfriend)
(No hentia)
(No cursing or text talk)
(State name before you start, and ask if you want to rp)
(I will repost if asked)
(Thank you)


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i was the nice popular girl at school and you were a bad boy part of a gang, you teased everyone me especially. You & I both had dark secrets, You would watch me play guitar in the music room but you wouldn't say anything, and you would always make fun of me when your gang was with you. One day you pulled my guitar away and you pushed me into a wall, you kissed but as a joke. When you pulled away you said.....

(Rp name is Saiya, male only, and just ask before you rp)
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Does anyone feel like having a good old battle? I have two charas so yeah...I can do paras and I won't question the way you rp unless I really don't understand. Anyways I'll tell you more of my two charas if you're interested \^/ hope to see someone soon!
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