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Double Character Profile. WIP

Type of Roleplay: Transformers

First OC

Name: Vibromic

Nickname: Mic

Species: Cybertronian

Age: Unknown

Height: 29 Feet

Homeworld: Cybertron

Primary: Blue
Secondary: Light Gray
Logos: Avenged Sevenfold Logo (Painted on his shoulder by Angelica)

Eyes: Blue

Allegiance: None

Morality: Good

Human: Angelica Cross

Vehicular Form: Blue Semi-Truck

Gender: Male

Weapons: Sword Arm, pics

Personality: Quiet, Protective, Hard-Trusting, Stubborn

Likes: Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking things with Angelica, Jamming Out, Sleeping in,

Bio: This Cybertronian knows nothing about his past, where he came from, why he is here, or anything about The Robot War. All he knows is that he woke up in a crater. For some reason, he knew how to fight, he had weapons. Figuring out his capabilities, he took on the form of a Blue Rig.

One night while sleeping, A Blue-Haired 19-Year-old ran into the Junkyard he was in, she was crying. Wanting a quiet place to stay for the night, she broke into The Cabin of an "Abandoned" Blue Semi-Truck. Her crying quickly became cries of fear, as a voice began to question her. After realizing she was in no danger, she calmed down. Then was scared again as in a matter of seconds, she sat atop a Metallic Shoulder

Eventually, she told the robot her name (Angelica Cross), and he explained he had no memory. So she gave him a name, Vibromic. Once they got closer as friends, Vibromic learned about Angelica's abusive family. This made him sad for his friend. He had suggested she stay with him, and she could live in his cabin. She agreed to this, so they lived out on the road. She would steal what she needed.

Vibromic and Angelica had become best friends, building a Family Like Bond. They loved running from the Cops and sleeping in junk yards. They'd do the stupidest things. But when it came to Angelica's safety, Vibromic was no longer fun and games. This was put to the test when Mic needed Energon. He didn't know what the energetic smell was, until it led him to an Energon Mine controlled by Decepticons. So they began stealing small amounts of the Energon, avoiding contact with the Dark-Metals, as they called them. One day though, they were caught

It was very difficult, by Mic got free and rescued Angelica, after brutally killing her captor, the Dark-Metals leader, or so they thought. Angelica and Vibromic, one of the strongest bonds between Woman and Machine

2nd OC

Name: Angelica Cross

Nickname: Angie

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: Five Foot Five

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Blue

Personality: Quiet, Protective, Stubborn, Funny, Kind

Bio: (Fixed into Mic's)

Likes: Avenged Sevenfold, Sleeping With Sirens, Sleeping in Mic's Arms, Riding on Mic's back

Family: All are alive, but abusive.

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Designation: Mavro Spathi

Nickname: Anubis

Age: 15,00

Gender: Mech

Likes: His partner, His brothers, fighting, head and chin rubs like a cat, getting his wings groomed.

Dislikes: Others on his territory(or what he believes to be his), other touching his things, Other bad mouthing his partner/brothers, People pulling at his wings and tail as a way to pester him.

Bio: (This character is an AU based demi god, but please take note that he is not overbearingly strong or anything, he is just about as strong as a combiner if anything.) Mavro is a decedent of Unicron along with his brother who were deemed the 'Anti-primes' Or 'Unicronians'. Mavro a predicon shifter and is one of the first of his kind. If not, the very first predicon to exist. While Mavro was born from Unicron, he surprisingly isn't very violent and aggressive as his siblings. Though he is still highly aggressive with others depending on the situation and location of their meeting. Once he is comfortable with someone, he tends to act more like a very large house cat. Mostly lounging around and begging for attention. Being the youngest and less evil of his sibling he is slightly shunned by them, all but the eldest sibling Unicronous.

Other Info:
Mavro being a predicon, I imagine him being in robot form would be taxing and difficult because of his alt-forms size and then having to compress it to a smaller vessel. Because of this he doesn't change very often unless necessary.

Mavro's wings don't have the glow unless in his alt-form because of the energy it take to simply maintain robot form. The glow of his wings if from plasma like energy that allows him to fly and in robot form, allows him to glides over the ground no higher then about 10ft high because of his limits.

Mavro's tail tip and the way it's shaped can be used like that of a small shield. While small and almost useless as a shield. At least he can protect his eyes from gunfire ovo

Mavro have a heightened sense of smell, sight, and eye sight. Allowing him the more basic animalistic type of abilities. Also as a dragon he can use fire, as shown below, though it's mostly just like any Cybertronian bullets that they shoot but a more steady and concentrated stream.

*(A vast amount of this AU belongs to my Cousin and myself, please do not use it without asking.)
(All Artwork is mine and is not for free use, ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED)*
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Name: Hela
Species: Cybertronian (Dinobot-Raptotron-thats how i call it so deal with it 😂),
Rank: (none)
Gender: female
Transformation Form: velociraptor
Likes: earth,friends-autobots
Dislikes: Decepticons
Quick Bio: she is one of few last barbarians (idk if it is right name but we are calling them by this) she is tiny but strong and fast. She is last of her limd she had "family" which were velociraptors or "Raptodrons" like her but they are all dead now she is last Raptodron.
13. 4. 2017
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name: Shockfleet
species: cybertronian
rank: battle commander
gender: male
affiliation: destrons
alt: space boat
quick bio: after the Unicron battles Shockwave followed Megatron's wish to stay at peace with the autobots. 10 years later Megatron is revived and war begins, during which Shockwave is heavily damaged and is reformatted into Shockfleet, now more powerful, and having a strange infatuation with Galvatron.
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Make a custom Cybertronian named thunderbolt

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Name: Arcee
Gender: femme (female)
Alt mode: motorcycle
Weaponry: dual blasters,arm blades
Personality: brave ,blunt, quick to run into battle, kind
Alligance: autobots
Bio: after years of training on cybertron arcee is is looking for a new team and after loosing alot of partners she wont take anyone else to be her partner
Work in progress


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Name:Ultra Magnus
Alt Mode: Semi Truck 🚚
Likes:giving orders, help others...
Bio:I think everybody knows Ultra Magnus...if not go use tf wiki...
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Name: Omegatron Prime
Age: 9,000,000
Gender: Male
Rank: Sub-Prime
Function: Guardian of Primus
Abilities: Spark-Absorber
Weapons: Wrist-Blasters
Alt mode: None
Side/Faction: None
Likes: Cybertron, Primus, Cybertronians
Dislikes: War between Cybertronians
Personality: Silent, Thoughtful
Team: Primus
Bio: Omegatron was one of the original Thirteen unnamed Primes, also called the first Cybertronians. During the Fallen's war that decimated the Primes, Omegatron fled and hid on Cybertron, assisting Primus the Creator in creating the new generation of Cybertronians. A century before the Autobot/Decepticon War, Omegatron was sent by Primus to keep watch over the new Thirteen Primes, 5 of which are made known, 8 of which are still in discovery. Omegatron spends his days underground, near his creator, in the Primus Core room.
Motto: Cybertron is Eternal 
Ships: Krag of Valor

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▽〈〈тнe вaѕιcѕ〉〉▽
〈Quote〉 "My role in this war, young human, is to serve the humans. That is why I chose a military jet."

〈Name〉 Rodimus Glide

〈Gender〉 Male
▽〈〈pнyѕιcal ιnғorмaтιon〉〉▽ 
〈Transformation〉  General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

〈Armor〉 Cybertronian High Guard (CHG), Commander-Class (C-C) ZS9 

〈Weaponry〉 CHG, C-C SD3 Rocket and CHG C-C FC5 Blaster
▽〈〈вιograpнιcal deтaιlѕ〉〉▽

〈Personality〉 Extremely Intelligent, Sometimes Snarky

〈Alignment〉 Lawful Neutral

〈Faction Affiliation〉 Mankind
Formerly- Cybertronian High Guard

〈Biography〉 Rodimus Glide, once called Commander Hexwheel, was, before the war, Hexwheel Prime, Commander of the Cybertronian High Guard, last of the natural Primes. Everyone knows Optimus Prime, once a librarian called Orion Pax, but Hexwheel, now called Rodimus Glide for hiding sake, is the last remainder of the natural Primes and Ex-Commander of the now destroyed Cybertronian High Guard, still holding the title of most durable weapons and armor ever created by a faction. He now spends his time serving with the US Air Force as and automatically controlled F-16 Fighting Falcon. 
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I just started and is also new to youtube
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