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How many times you go for a yearly health checkup??
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Whealth At Work  Overview
Working in corporate have few obvious meanings; targets, stress, no time for you and your family. All these things have a great deal of a toll on your health. With the change in lifestyle we have adapted our self. But while adapting to this fast pace life, somewhere we are neglecting our self and health of our loved once. If we stretch yourself to the maximum limits, then we could manage to take out time for our loved ones health appointments. These hospital visits become our emergency when there is illness. But we are never able to devote time on wellness and fitness reason is lack of time at home. But what if we say that we at Plan my health can provide you healthcare services under one umbrella. Yes, you read it right, we can provide you wellness services in your office.
Let your boss say it’s time for for regular health check-up, come on everyone, go and get your vitals evaluated by the physician waiting in office premises. Its a group package as well, therefore, you need not to feel out of place for going for your health checkups.
All you need to do, have a coffee date with your doctor. Once in a month. Not only that we have several other services for you in our corporate package. Some of these highlights are as follows:
• Plan My Health encourage celebrating “Health day” in corporate.
• Plan My Health will provide dedicated health Manager exclusively for your organization.
• Plan My Health are flexible to provide you customized Package as per your demand and requirements.
• Plan My Health Health manager works closely with the HR team to facilitate all kinds of ease and comfort.
• Plan My Health make sure that your confidentiality remains sealed.
• Plan My Health have facility to cover your family as well.
• You can access your health records online, we maintain them for you.
• You can have online chat and video chats as well.
• Plan My Health make a small card for your assistance.

All under one roof. Whether you are looking for Environment parameters compliance or you want to have a healthy environment in your workplace, or your aim is to have reduced absenteeism in your organization. Plan my Health is one stop solution for all your corporate needs and assistance.
Let your office too blossom with smiles and laughter. Let your employee feel like home while working in your organization. We assure you that attrition rate will definitely reduce to a larger extent and you will have a worlds best place to work for. You will see a change in employees attitude and loyalty as well. A lot can happen when you are associated with the Plan my Health, Jainam’s initiative.
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