I walk,walk and walk....... Realizing there's no end! I see the caretaker approaching, but he's headless. Ireath,Steel,CyBorg, Someone HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I yell back at Ireath, Look who's talking!

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Name: Shego
Age: 16
Parents: King and Queen of Evilness!
Arch Nemesis: All of us are against only one ..... You-Know-Who!
Evilness(on a scale to 10) : 9.3/10 ( if your are more than 9.5 , you will even hate your own people)
Goal: To raise our weapons and Destroy You-Know-Who!
Weapons: Yet to Earn
Power: Green fireballs from hands when angry, I can destroy anything in my way once I am angry!( like Hulk )
Appearance: I am just dressed to kill , Green and black cross jumpsuit!
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Name: steel
Age: 24
Parents: UNKNOWN
arch nemesis: the good and bad
Goal: rule the universe
Weapon: big steel hammer
Super powers: he can turn people into steel when he strikes them with his hammer
Appearance: steel skin with a red cape and an 'S' on his chest


This feels lonely.......

I just Love my apperance and My hair :)

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My fighting was weak this day :) I fought someone but won! Yay!!!!

My parents loved making people Evil ! It was their job :)
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