So, should we forget about the idea of this group?

Here's a crazy idea: from the people who have replied to this group, everyone has a background in software development (in one way or another) and nobody has expressed interest on working on somebody else's software idea.

What if we make a project outside of our main comfort zone and work on something like a robotics project?
I propose to create a 4 wheel vehicle that has a video camera and can be controlled from a mobile phone or tablet using wifi and Celular networks. The camera broadcasts where it's going and we add a gps unit to know where it is located at this moment.

What do you think?

Maybe everyone in this groups should give a quick run down of their background and experience, along with their expectation of this group. That way we may have a better idea as to what we could this here.
Yes? No?

Project ideas?

Going along with the thought of having some mini hack-a-thon events, what are some projects we could work on as a group?

Post each idea as a separate comment, and +1 whatever sounds interesting.

So are there any plans to meet yet?

Thanks for getting this started. Seems like fun.

Hello and welcome!
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