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Hi everyone - thanks for being so patient! There have been a number of unavoidable hiccups which have delayed me releasing the Nordsaga playtest.

I've finished the character sheet, but here's the status of the rest of the doc:

- ART: 90% (waiting on internal art, cover art is finished)
- MECHANICS: 90% (just need to finish the conflict & gear chapters)
- ADVENTURE: 70% (writing is done, but I need to massage the format to make it a bit more toolboxy, plus provide a toolbox)
- PRE-GENS: 0% (haven't started yet but I have a good idea of what I want - the plan is to make six to eight of them)
- MAPS: 20% (I've made a working map of Jorvik, but still need to make a village, region, country & imperial map - these will all be a bit rought around the edges)

Anyway, with that out of the way and as a little holiday gift, here is a preview of things as they currently stand, everything but the adventure. The target now is to get this as close to 100% ready for the end of January, when Fria Ligan's Year Zero Engine OGL will be going live.

I'm starting to consider taking Nordsaga in a different direction than the more standard fantasy which I've previously pitched...

What if Emperor Sigurd has become morally corrupt with his near-immortality and vast power (a near certainty, really), and the Viking Empire is now a tyrannical dystopia? The PCs would therefore play marginalised people within the Empire: impoverished Imperial citizens (serfs/thralls), foreign humans, or the various fantasy cultures (all of whom would be considered outsiders).

This would make Nordsaga feel a lot more "cyberpunk" than it does currently, and would match a lot of the themes I have in mind for the other games I'm planning on making next (marginalised Victorian Londoners, cyberpunk anarchists, cornered redcap goblins).

Obviously, anyone could still play a more "standard" fantasy game using the game - it just wouldn't be the default.

What do you all think?

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I've put a little teaser together for the *Nordsaga* Playtest Quickstart. Its intention is to mainly provide the themes, influences, and setting pitch.

I've written a lot more than what I've "TBC"ed, but as some of it is still fluid, I don't want to show anything more until it's more finalised.

I'd love to know what you all think! And if any of you use Discord, I'd be thrilled if you would join the Nordsaga server, which is where I'm probably most active (it's a small server):
Nordsaga Teaser
Nordsaga Teaser
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