Hi Colandr users!
Thank you for using Colandr and your patience with some issues as we work through them! A couple of announcements:

- The process running the semi-automation of labels (data extraction phase) was down recently and so many of you may have not been getting labels to show up or getting a gateway time-out. We have restarted this process, but however, since the model is now learning through all the backlog data of when it was not running, it may be slow and you may still experience gateway time-outs. We hope the model will finish running soon and everyone will be back up and reviewing!
- Please give us up to 24 hours to confirm new accounts, and as always, you can reach us at colandrteam@gmail.com

We appreciate everyone's feedback on this app!

The Colandr Team

P.S. Apologies for any delays in reply as Colandr is currently run by two volunteers, thank you!

it seems that "review labels" function is down. I've already tried to access this function using multiple browsers and internet connections, but the function keeps loading until a 504 Gateway Time-out error is reached.
Thank you for your support!

Should we include truncation or wildcards in our key terms? Term highlighting seems to be suggesting some strange letters in my abstracts, so I assume this doesn't work...?

Is there going to be any option to export the csv file with the full citation details? At current, the csv downloads do not contain all the citation information e.g. Journal title is missing, and this information is required for lists of studies excluded etc.
Alternatively, and preferably, it would be useful to download a .ris file for the "excluded" studies for each exclude reason. This is a very useful function in other SR tools.



Hi all,

I am new to Colandr and still trying to figure out this tool. Does anyone know how to initiate the automated screening process? How many papers do I need to manually screen before it kicks off? Thanks!

Hi all,

I did a search on Pubmed and downloaded the .txt file, but I can't import it onto Colandr, does anyone know why? Thanks!

Hello all,
It is not currently possible to see the pdf when a study is in the full text 'conflict' group. If this correct? If so, is it possible to change so that the pdf is available for discussion between reviewers?


When I import data from endnote (using a .RIS file) the authors' names are shown in alphabetical order. This is annoying, when I will export the results I will have to manually change all the authors. I've already reported this bug but I received no response, is there a way to fix that?

I am new to colandr and I am still feeling my way around the tool. Are there resources I could access, particularly about data extraction?

I am trying to apply the Colandr tool to a rather large systematic map. I am wondering whether there is a way to export the relevance rank scores of articles to a .csv after training the tool for a certain number of record? Thanks.
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