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It's 91 percent on the poll that it is Tempest who will be will faces off flash and twi.
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Just a little poll to see Which Villainous character you like from the trailer of MLP the movie.
Choose wisely and in the meantime
+Rainbow Dash+Dashie14 RD+Trixie Lulamoon+Scootaloo Pony+Twilight Sparkle+Prince Coda Leviathan+Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer EG
+Princess Celestia+Diamond Crystal+Lucy Dragneel+Princess Luna
Follow them
This poll is not available.

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I adore Captain Celaeno!
Eclipse and Captain Celaeno!
Adorei o resultado, e amanha ou sexta tem post de pedido então fica prestando atenção no perfil basinha ao lado
Próximo desenho: reforma de dois ocs

AT: Off
Pedidos:: Off
Não copiem meu estilo
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I consider of support flash Sentry.
Prince Solaris is going to be make him as an appropriate as a very supportive character on the movie this October.

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Hi everypony.
Hi Flash, you are invite to the Friendship Festival in Oct.

Hi I'm new. So what do we do here?

+Flash Sentry thinks he has no need for google+ and he gonna hang himself pla help him

share this so people can help me

i helpe +Rainbow Dash RD 
then +TwilightSparkle Fan 

and know we need to help +Flash Sentry 

Please add the reason why we should help flash to the description of the group

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