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Impact Investment and Systemic Change
I am co-hosting and moderating with commentary a new gathering in the Bay Area of impact investors, impact investing professionals, and individuals involved in systemic change initiatives. The format will feature participants sharing brief narratives about how they are currently involved in impact investing and/or systemic change—with moderation and commentary by Bobby Fishkin. We will also be joined in this community of practice by individuals at the forefront of making systemic change happen. Our goal is to think creatively—together—about how to leverage impact investment in synergistic social innovations and social enterprises to create broad-ranging social change.

This gathering is informed by the idea that "magic bullet" investing—where a single approach is designed to solve a whole problem—does not address wicked problems. In order for impact investing to successfully address intractable problems, whole outcome investing is needed in which networks of individuals, social enterprises, social innovations, and institutions work together to achieve impacts that mutually reinforce each other. Systemic thinking is needed to help the social enterprise and social innovation sectors access the support they need to succeed and scale.
About the first event in our series:

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