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please read and share with your friends. Its time for us to break every bondage the devil has placed over our minds. Even if the devil thinks you've been permanently inked, there is freedom for you today. 


Love of Parents Spoil Their Children

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Smt. Uma Ramanathan asked “What is the duty of the Parents towards their children and vice-versa?”

Swami replied: The duty of the parents towards children is protection from all sides and the duty of children towards parents in their old age is service, which also means protection from all sides. The unfortunate fact is that neither parents nor children can protect any other person since they cannot even protect themselves. 

In the effort of protection, there is always the seed of ego. This ego must be eradicated and hence, all the proposals of any human being are disposed by God. The only reason is to remove the ego from the heart of every human being and no other reason is true in the case of God. If the parent or child really likes to protect the child or parent respectively, the only way for that is to pass on this process of protection to God since He alone is capable of it. Otherwise, attempt to protect others fails miserably. The love of the parents towards children should not be direct and it should be forwarded to them through God. The direct love is useless and indirect love through God is very much useful and effective.

The actual process of forwarding the love through God is like this: you divert the love on your child towards God. In plain words, you should love God only and not your child at all. In such case, you become the devotee of God. Since your child is not getting love from you, the sympathy rises in God towards your child. Then, God starts loving your child. The love of God brings complete protection to your child. Even if you are doing some service to your child, you must feel that you are doing the duty assigned by God to you. Your service must be a duty without love. The love expressed to your child is actually spoiling your child. Therefore, all your love must be concentrated on God only. The duty performed towards your child without expression of love brings good discipline in it. The love concentrated on God brings protection to your child. This is the best way of doing service to the child or to the parent. Performance of duty without any attachment and complete attachment to God is the best way of doing things in this world. Shankara really loved His mother since He left His mother in her old age in the service of God and she was granted salvation by God for this sacrifice. She could not have attained salvation if Shankara remained in home showing love to her. The temporary service that might have been done by Shankara by staying with her is a petty thing compared to the permanent salvation given to her by the God.

Love of this world may fail....but Jesus's love never fails . 

Theories regarding God and creation

Modification of God into the universe is correct or not?
 Science Analyzes any item having Volume
O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,
The unimaginable God created this Universe, which is different from God since this is imaginable. There are two schools in philosophy regarding the process of creation.
i)        One is the real modification (Parinama) and
ii)      the other is the apparent modification (Vivarta).
In the first type, the cause is really modified into the effect like the modification of milk into curd. In the second type, the cause is apparently modified into effect like the modification of water into wave. Both these schools quarrel with each other regarding the modification of God into Universe. The first school says that God is really modified into Universe and the second school says that God is apparently modified into Universe. The quarrel exists between these two schools, because the creation of this Universe by God is neither real nor apparent. The truth is beyond these two schools and hence, quarrel always continues between two false arguments. If the argument is true, all the other arguments will surely vanish. The false argument can never exist before the true argument for a long time. The reason, to say that these two schools are not applicable to God and Universe, is that these two schools speak about the concepts existing between the imaginable cause and imaginable effect. The milk and curd and water and wave are imaginable items. In our topic, God is unimaginable and Universe is imaginable. There is no unimaginable item in the Universe in view of the developed powerful scientific analysis. The only unimaginable item is God and therefore, science fails in the analysis of God.
The real modification is between milk and curd. Milk itself is not a single substance. It constitutes several chemicals. Another chemical like butter milk is needed for the modification of milk into curd.
Even in the case of apparent modification, the water is associated with a different item called kinetic energy, which makes the water to become the wave.
Therefore, in both these schools, the existence of a different item is required for the process of modification of one item into other item. In the case of God, there was no second item before the creation of this Universe. Without the presence of a different item, God cannot modify into Universe through any school. Therefore, both these schools are not applicable to God since God is unimaginable item and every school deals with imaginable items only. There is no example in this Universe, where the unimaginable item is modified into imaginable item except the case of unimaginable God. Hence, the logic that deals with imaginable items only, is not applicable to the unimaginable God. Not only unimaginable God, even the process of creation by the unimaginable God is beyond such application of logic. Therefore, the unimaginable God and all the actions of the unimaginable God are totally unimaginable. Therefore, not only God, but also, the process of creation of this Universe by God is unimaginable.

Gita says that the possessor of the spiritual knowledge is only God 

Lord Dattatreya gives always the true spiritual knowledge

Datta is also called as ‘Yogi Raja’, which means the Master of Yoga.

Yoga means union, to associate with God always

When God comes in human form, the main program is preaching the spiritual knowledge

Veda says that the only identity mark to catch God is the true spiritual knowledge
No demon has preached the spiritual knowledge.

Lord Dattatreya gives always the true spiritual knowledge. He never modifies the true knowledge keeping your case in His view. Therefore, this festival should be spent mainly in discussions and debates in the spiritual knowledge. Basically He is the Preacher and hence, always addressed as Guru Datta. Let us celebrate the festival by discussing an important concept ‘Yoga’. Datta is also called as ‘Yogi Raja’, which means the Master of Yoga.

Yoga means union. It also indicates a rare fortunate union. Nothing is more fortunate than union with God. Union does not mean your merging in God physically. Union means to associate with God always but God is unimaginable. When God comes in human form, the main program is preaching the spiritual knowledge. While preaching the knowledge, God sits in the medium directly as per Veda and Gita. Veda says that the only identity mark to catch God is the true spiritual knowledge (Satyam Jnanam…, Prajnanam Brahma). Gita says that the possessor of the spiritual knowledge is only God (Jnaneetvatmaiva). Miraculous powers are not the identity mark of God since we find these powers in demons also. No demon has preached the spiritual knowledge. God transmits His power to other media also but on the occasion of preaching the spiritual knowledge God directly sits in the medium. For this reason only Veda said that the identity mark of God is the true spiritual knowledge. 

Birthday is to be Celebrated by Society

The birthday celebration of your child should be later on and should be done by others and not by the parents and relatives. When this child grows and does some permanent benefit to the society, its birthday is celebrated by the society. Shri Rama Navami, Shri Krishna Ashtami, Shankara Jayanthi, Buddha Purnima, Christmas etc. are performed by the society. You should not celebrate your own birthday, which will be like self-praise. Similarly, you should not celebrate the birthday of your child which is like praising your own child. I do not understand why the parents celebrate the birthday of their child. 

What is the greatness of the child that is expressed in the childhood itself? Or, is it for the great act of producing a child? Even animals and birds produce children. The parents should get the real happiness of the celebration of the birthday of their child by the society in future. If this angle does not exist, you can celebrate the birthday of the child in the angle of real worship to God and getting blessings from the real devotees. One of these two angles should be present in the birthday celebrations.


The knowledge of God avoids crime and corruption in devotee

When the criminal nature is put off, – society becomes peaceful.
Similarly the devotee will not be corrupt – by knowing God’s nature.
God will give you whatever is necessary – at the appropriate time.
You are His devotee, why to worry? – no need of corruption.
Even if you accumulate wealth, – it may harm your family.
Your child may be spoiled due wealth, – then wealth is harmful.
Yes, the wealth is terrible poison, – if it is earned by corruption.
God may bless your child directly – to earn infinite wealth here,
If He is pleased with your selfless service, - which is better?
The knowledge of God avoids – crime and corruption in devotee.

If individuals are transformed – the society is perfectly peaceful.
You cannot control crime and corruption – by employing controllers.
Controllers become criminal and corrupt, – no end to your effort.
Ancient kings supported – the propagation of spiritual knowledge.
It could control the sin, – crime and corruption are the two halves of 
The sin, you are spending ten times – on employing controllers, but
There is no trace of control, - spend a small part of it on scholars
To propagate spiritual knowledge, – the sin is controlled fully.

In the name of secularism – the present Government neglects
This aspect and tries to cure – symptom of disease but not cause.
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