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I saw some information about ABN AMRO "fraud", but other than the posts, there's nothing. 
The "whistleblowers" pieced-together the story without any evidence. What's the deal??
John Potter
Manchester, England

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I'm getting several phone calls a day on my mobile and landline phone from a phone system purporting to be from my bank, asking for personal info. The Department of Communications and Media Authority (DCMA) Australia seem unable to stop these nuisance calls. What is the best way to deal with this problem?

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Take care with your RFID card.

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"From my Lawyer Cousin : 
Scam Alert!! We received this letter over the weekend along with a very impressive looking check. (It looks very real.) This is a total scam.

The victim will receive a letter or email notification informing them that they have won a lottery or sweepstakes.

The victim is given a counterfeit check to finance the taxes and fees associated with collecting the "prize". They are asked to cash or deposit the check and wire the money to an individual who is collecting the "tax" or "fee" that must be paid to receive the prize.

The reason this is so successful is that it plays on an American dream. Also, most times there is a contact phone number that the person can call. Of course it is the scammer himself on a non-traceable cell phone who is safely outside the US.

Clients have been arrested in Covington County for negotiating these checks in the past. Other clients have simply lost the money and have to make repayment arrangements with their bank.

Please don't be fooled and please forward this to your friends."

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Astonishing description on

how everyone can make money by REACTING on frauding bankers that are sending 'phishing' mails. Nobody seems to care, nor the banks, nor the European go ahead and earn you money by blackmailing, until SOMEONE in the world will acknowledge it and take corrective steps!

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Hunting (frauding) season is almost over for HSBC bankers in 2012!

Last two months I have been experiencing 'bank fraud' like never before. I said 'yes' to a lot of emails promising me 20 M USD of heritage etc. And look what I found!

In 95% cases, it turned Chinese people were behind it. With .cn addresses. Names as Peter Wong (like the CEO) and Ming Yang were very popular.

The email address of my 'Ming' was and of my 'Peter Wong' Wong Peter <>.

As I mixed there proposed affairs, they came to know each other and admitted to me they were both HSBC Hang Seng colleagues and now knew about eachother's 'fishing hobbey' just before Christmas.

They are the men - one banker even signed a Lefebre Pelletier contTract with me to fraud me - who, after work time, fish in the wide world: through a spam company in your mailbox, the 20 M USD promise. It always ends up, I found out, that YOU as a customer has to do a pre payment, quite oftene to open a bank account offshore (piracy and piracy phantasy). After such a payment, they try to let you pay more, even of you paid the agreed. What ever you paid: it is lost. They will never PAY YOU a dime on YOUR account.

It are 'grown up men', with family and all, who find this very funne.

That is the banking mentality of China, WORD.

In the contact with them, I noticed they had ultimate pleasure in frauding you. How to make a distinction between work and private then?

I struck me these people had no idea of 'morality'. It is onluy now that I cam to thought: ALL CONTINENTS ON EARTH have been civilised - either by Christianity or otherwise by Islam. It had an effect, a very POSTIVIE effect in my view. I have seen documentaries about Somalian pirates: they just want money for their tribe on the coast because there are no fish anymore. The do not pirate for fun!! They would prefer not pirating.

It is totally different than the Chinese. The highest pleseaure a Chinese can have, is frauding. Is this a HUMAN race, Mr. Darwin? Are are it badly mutated apes?

There is fortunately only one case that looked so good that even I fell intoe the trap. Half.

It often is with dormant accounts. Banks LOVE dotmant accounts. Because, if you do nothing with an account for 3 or 5 years, a bank does not try to contact you, but lets the account 'sleep in'. That is to say: they take the money themselves. A bank does NOT think 'He, shall I phone to see why, has someone died?'  and certainly not 'Someone died, let us look for a next to kin'. No. Banks are glad if no ones claims the money, so they can have everything themselves.

Certainly private bankers know this. So they come up with stories of accounts sleeping, whilst the balance has not been paid to a next of kin, or no 'next of kin' has been searched for, or not 'next of kin' have been found. That I already knew about banking.

So then when they, like Peter Wong, TOLD me a story of a 22,5 M USD unclaimed in the bank, I believed him. BECAUSE: I knew banks worked that way. Peter Wong (the mine) had arranged an offshore bank, where we could split the money. A befriended notary of barrister would state I was next of kin. Let me see.

Rather soon, this Peter Wong came up with a transfer. He acted seriously, looked like he needed to get a payment passed his boss. 22,5 M USD to a next of kin, being me, and intended receipt on a bank account of NOBLE BANK, 'an offshore bank' they said.

Before I continue, herer is the wire, and study closely the BIC code


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So after I got that wire, 22,5 M USD I thought.....could be possible.

I had just learned about dormant accounts at Abn Amro. My former chessmate Johan van Hall had become COO of Abn Amro, so I expected to be treated well after Abn Amro and I split up (we did not like eachother - from my side: Abn is snob without content, could save itself in 2008 and advertises in 2012 about cash management - the precise point they  could not manage themselves in 2008). But I discovered that after 11 August 2011 (the agreed split up) other people still transferred money to my (ex)- accounts, whilst I could not see the money, not had a right to retrieve it. I asked Abn Amro tens of times to close the accounts, but no they did not. Instead of closing the accounts, Abn Amro called the police of Breda that 'I would stalk Abn Amro' - the police was so stupid to believe that until I REALLY explained them a while ago.

So the bank on PURPOSE leaves accounts open, so extra money can fly in, and if after a certain time there are 'no movements'  it it put to 'sleep'. When then over a certain period nothing happens, the bank takes it.

That is the way a lot of fuss - stll in the eighties - existed about Jewish assets was going on after the war. A bank does not seek out whether you are dead - when account does not move, it is put to sleep, and after x years f sleep: confiscated.

I can very well image that a banker, working at HSBC/Hang Seng saw a dornmant account of 22,5 M USD and thought: 'What a waste if this goes to the bank...if I find a next of kin, I can let it be paid out, come to the country of the one who it has been paid out  to, quit my job and play multimillionnaire.

So I thought my fake-Peter Wong wanted to share with me.

He insisted, which I did not like, to a 'Noble Bank'. I looked on the web, found....things that could be true, untrue.....

I could open an account (did not cost much) then watch my balance: at a website of Noble Bank (but not with a domain as nice as indeed, over 15 million GBP, correctly converted.......I tried to transfer, to test, but that did not work. (like in another case, with Banco Popular, also Peter Wong).

Now came the trick I did not expect. They said I could transfer if I paid due diligence to the British bank. I mailed, I phoned, indeed a British voice, an number, but I would have to pay 16.000 K GBP as due diligence.

That I found too much. They insisted on doing all I could. I said 'No prepayment, deduct it from the millions, but I do not prepay'.

At the end I signed a deal I would already get 100.000 of I signed part of due diligence. That risk I took, I paid 4.000 euro to the HSBC-bankers, frauding as hobby and extra income in their spare time.

Then I was pushed on to pay more. But I principally refused. If they lied at least once, how many times more? So I backed off, called them liars.

But they kept on coming back to me, each time trying to push it further.

Then, as I had ordered a book from Ruth Wandhöfer (with whom I seek contact, she is not on Google+), the author of a book about SEPA payment integration in the EU, I re-valued what my 'fake' Peter Wong had done. BECAUSE: he had used the BIC number NBUK25....which could not exist, as first 6 codes must be 'letters' - see also And I had tested it: from my Friesland Bank screen I could not enter BIC Peter Wong probably made deals with all kinds of  offshore banks, 'en grand stile', to get out dormant money out of HSBC/Hang Seng through next of kin and offfshore split trick.

But in fact they were even more egoistic than I thoughty. In the beginnen I thought they would like to split. But nono, 22,5 M USD leaves Hang Seng and is split among 'pirates' on the offshore' and the bankers themselves. Maybe they play the offshore part even themselves.

So this is ultimate fraud. Frauding the bank, frauding innocent world citizen's like me, maybe also frauding the offshores.....all dormant money is taken away by the bankers themselves before year end. And after Jan 1, 2013, the books are closed, and who at the bank is  noticing that something was stolen from a dormant account?

So this 'Year End fishiing'  by HSBC / Hang Seng bankers is made for own profit, almost all te money ends up with themselves.....and extra money by needless payments of citizens 'en passant'. So the money goes from the sleeping accounts of Hang Seng/HBSC, through forged next of kin payment to outside. Outside  a citizen is attracted to pay money - in vain. The money ends up on REAL offshore account (not a fake one) of the HSBC banker himself. What a pleasure they have these Chinese!!! So they steal money from the bank, and on the way to offshore, they try to seduce as many people as possible as well.

Here, no rule will help. No traning. These people do not have ANY GOD or other religion. That is where it goes wrong. Frauding others is for them just a game. They were born and raised  like that, you will never change them. 'Drop them in Somalia' is the best solution I can imagine, as punishment. WIth their money. The Somalians would love to welcome them in hell, where they belong.

Now 2 things:

1) the BIC code: can a banker simply assign a BIC code and share it with people outside? That is the simplest way to create a bank! Just create a BIC code that is accepted by the international clearing houses and you create a bank! These leaves a VERY WIDE door open for even more serious fraud than the fake Peter Wong.....

2) how will behave HSBC now? Will it rationally think over its options, (a) can we sue this Philippe, can he proof etc etc) or with the heart (; we knew about the shit but shit it is larger than we thought.....people dong this do indeed belong in hell, not in a bank and not even in investment banking).

The whole world learns more and more about banking. A year ago, more than, hiking through Montenegro, we wondered why there were so many big but al,most empty hotels and hospitals. 'Russian maffia' they said. but I tried to think through. It may be true that Russian maffia build it in order to launder....but who paid them in the first place?

In a German movie the theme played of 'investment funds'. A man was disapopointed to find out the promised well running hotels did not exist. Of course! Mal-allocation of the profits. Did you ever have funds? Like 'Adian Tiger fund' or 'Global property fund'. You thought about what would do well he? Well chap: stop thinking,, it does not make a 'fuckting' difference. A bank can allocate lumpsum money to whatever fund they like! So it is childlishly naive to think one fund would do more than another.

Do you trust your bank to account profits or losses to the right fund??

I do not know whether this is peaceful Christmas reading for you, anyway: it is sensational. I am curious whether HSBC will be so polite to make up for the 4.000 euro I have been frauded.

But I learned a lot. And wanted  to share it with you, so you are better protected against spam and bankers (in my cases it were always bankers doing this as hobby).

'Never prepay' is a very good lesson.

The sad side of it is that you can thus 'never trust a stranger' and certainly not a banker....

Merry Christmas, think of nice things in this world, there is fortunately more than 'bankers'.

Philippe Blankert 21 december 2012
(bank fraud community - as per today - on  Google+)

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A summary: this is how fraudulent BANKERS from HSBC-HangSeng start phishing (for higher year end 'bonus' etc.)

And this is how, with plenty of new codes available for new banks in the SEPA integration process, code NBUK25 is used for a - by the banker made up - Noble Bank, also under his control, and REAL Hang Seng dormant account money is transferred to a 'fake offshore' bank, Noble Bank. Also by the 'Peter Wong' -name carrying Hang Seng employee.

Wong Peter <>
Ming Yang <>
Li le Mr Song <>

We know also for sure - apart from the bankwire - it are HSBC-Hang Seng employees becaused they mailed as things as 'during the day we are bankers and have a family too' and 'don't mix us up, I know who Ming Yang is, but do not mix up businesses. Now I know what he is doing and it is a bit awkward to see eachother in the corridor here at Hang Seng knowing this about eachother'.

Most horrible is our view not even:
- the initiation of physhing by bankers
- the use of BIC code possible due to SEPA integration process and probably overlooked by Ruth Wandhófer (we cannot find her to ceck out this point)
- theft (?) of dormant accounts
- frauding innocent citizens on the way to offshore

BUT: the reaction when you catch them. 'Disappointed'. They see this as usual Chinese frauding game, not different from the rest.

These people with this attitude and total lack of human or religious reference frame should not have been allowed to become bankers in the first place.
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