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We've LOWERED our prices AGAIN! 100ml Bottles for less than $6 Shipped!! We've sourced millions of dollars in raw materials and have passed on the savings to you!! Stop paying retail for your juice! Find your next all-day-vape at

3x100ml Sample Pack---$21
6x100ml Sample Pack---$38.50
10x100ml Sample Pack---$59.50
240ml Bottle--------------$15.95
3x240ml Sample Pack--$35.50
5x240ml Sample Pack--$54.50

We've got over 150 flavors to choose from. With prices this low, you can't afford not to try.

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Check out this blog that every vape shop owner should know

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WOW, An AMAZING news share with you. 510 nail V2 which can best fit the BOX MOD is coming out, what's more, all accessories can be replacement.
Please contact me, let's talk more. :)
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Premium online shopping for an #Ecigarette or #EectronicCigarette is ordered in cool new avatars and accessorizing it in your own taste and style.

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Chal sutta martein hein – Occasions That Give Me a Reason to Smoke

“Chal sutta martein hein!” – A line that could make any #smoker #smirk. It could be daytime #smoking or the last #cigarette of the night; a cigarette can cure a multitude of your problems. But, does it really need an occasion? Yes it does! I mean, how often do you smoke a cigarette just for the heck of it? Smoking is not always premeditated, it happens for a reason. A stressful day, a #breakup, a #surprise meeting with friends or even a lonely moment could spike a cigarette craving. Cigarettes are a man-made excuse to escape the chaotic world for few #seconds and introspect on your #life and the course it has taken.

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(18+ Event, 21+ to drink)

(November 18-20th 2016)

Show Hours-
November 18th 10:00 a.m - 8:00 p.m
November 19th 10:00 a.m - 8:00 p.m
November 20th 11:00 a.m - 5:30 p.m

*Open to the public all 3 days
*100's of Vendors from around the country
*Live Music / Entertainment
*Live on stage Performance by Luis Bermudes Nov 19th
*Full Service Cafeteria
*Largest Bar in Arizona
*Free Swag, and Prizes
*Cloud Comp
*Trick Comp
*Loads of Advocacy

Vapor Dynasty Expo has established itself as the premier Vape & Ecig expo in Arizona. VDE has brought together hundreds of companies from around the nation and world together under one roof in Phoenix, Arizona. Thousands of consumers and business owners have experienced the success that Vapor Dynasty Expo delivers to both business owners and consumers alike. 2016 will bring the 3rd installment of Vapor Dynasty Expo back to Arizona bigger and better once again then ever before

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we are E cig boxes manufacturer . accept any OEM package orders , and can save a lot of money for you .
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