Is it possible to set minutes for the climate timer? Seems to only allow setting of day and hour. At the moment the minutes are set default to the minutes of current time when setting the timer.


thanks for the best LEAF app so far!

I would like to see the battery temperature while charging to see when my rapidgate LEAF slows down.

Is the charging speed shown in the app calculated by charger or by Leaf?

Thanks a lot!

The free and open source nature of this app is fantastic, and it is a huge improvement over the official version. Thank you!

Where do I go to take a peek at the "open" source code? Is there a guide for a newbie developer who'd like to have a go at rebuilding and possibly tinkering with it a bit, such as how to set up the development environment and the build/release process?
I'm an embedded software engineer working in C (regular, not ++) by day, with a little academic knowledge of Python and Java from my university studies. No doubt I'd have a steep learning curve to get up, but I'm keen to give it a try, just to see how things work.

I’m having trouble logging into the app for some reason. I’m receiving an error message saying, “Nissan’s carwings api is currently having problems making signin not possible”. Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks for your help!

May be a bug in the update code, tried refreshing battery status, and after what I presume was a timeout from the Nissan server the app showed the same status, but with a refreshed timestamp.

Might be worth noting the car was practically empty, which may or may not affect Nissan ability/will to respond to the update query correctly. Refreshing the status after connecting to charger showed 0.0% correctly so the low % alone is not to blame for the timeout while driving just moments before.

Anyways, so far I'm loving the app despite the inherent limitations from Nissans servers. Keep up the good work!

The Carwings API is currently down in multiple regions.

1.4.0 released on Google Play and the Apple App Store.
You can now view all your trips in detail; press the numbered list icon under the Dashboard.

Have a nice weekend! (I'll be in Sweden the coming week; so replies will be slower than usual)

Awesome application. The only issue I have is with the battery update, it never completes. This is the same on the official app also and started happening a month ago. Anyone have any ideas.. it's a 2013 leaf.

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Not strictly related to the app, but probably interesting for the community;

An AWS service that lets you get You+Nissan features through IFTTT / Alexa / Google Home.

Hey Tobias, love the app.

I'll take the opportunity to leave some feedback (all just my own opinion / personal wish list, of course, and I don't really know the capabilities of the API);

• "Locate my vehicle" I don't think the pre-2018 Leafs can share their location? This feature has never worked for me so perhaps have an option to hide it / text to explain it's not available for older Leafs? I think "LEAF Manager" used to cheat at this just by storing the phone's location when it saw the car's bluetooth.

• Would it be possible to view statistics for the last drive, as well as daily / monthly statistics? Also, yearly statistics?

• Really wish there was an easy button to turn on climate control. This is what I want to do most often when opening any Leaf app so I wish it were a bit quicker, with less waiting screens. Could you pre-load the status when the app opens, so it's instant when we switch to the climate screen? Or when you turn the climate on, could you put the "updating" notification in the background so it doesn't lock out the app whilst it's loading? "LEAF Manager" app has an easy button to turn on climate / start remote charging.

• A widget would be great :) Is it possible to have a setting for the app to ask for the car's status every hour or so? Would that drain the battery waking the car up all the time?

• Is it possible to see a log of the little nissan 'eco-trees' you've earned so far? Would be cute.

• The app is really clean and beautiful. Great stuff! So much nicer and faster to use than the official Nissan app.

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