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Hello everybody, and welcome to this community! It is a RP community based on Warhammer 40.000. However, this isn't the conventional RP community on the sense that it is based and only allowed strictly Warhammer-related profiles/people.
This community is, in fact, a RP group. A crossover RP group, where "anyone" can join. A Space Marine? You're more than welcome to join. Mario? Why not? Batman? Feel free to join!
However, there are several rules to this community, and facts that need to be clarified before you join.

This community takes place on all the Imperium of Man, but it is mostly centered on the capital of the Imperium, on Terra. Because of that, I reccomend you researching a bit about the Warhammer lore before joining.

1) Respect your fellow roleplayers.
2) You are NOT allowed to try to impose your authority over the Emperor, or in fact, anyone above you. It doesn't matters how powerful you are, any attempt of trying to "take the throne" or any higher position on the Imperium will result on a warning, and if continued, on a immediate banishment from this community. Only the Emperor - or someone of a higher ranking - can promote you, and only for a good reason. Here is the official hierarchy:
3) It is strictly forbidden for members to attempt to kill the Emperor, the High Lords of Terra or in fact, any figure of authority inside this community. Outside of it, it is completely allowed to do so.
4) This community, and EVERYTHING that happens to it, is intended to be 100% canon to your character, and to all involved here. Enter at your own risk (Or gain).
5) +18 posts aren't allowed on the community, directly. You may do it on private, though. If a RP post seems to be walking on that direction, continue it on a PP.
6) It doesn't matters if your character's origins clash/paradox with the Warhammer 40K settings (Which is very understandable). To sum things up, this place ignores the natural flow of time-space and reality, and you may join, no matter your universe/origin.
7) This community is aimed for anyone who wishes to cooperate with the Imperium of Man. The requisites to do so are:
- Having a good heart.
- Being a human, semi-human (Or even just slightly human) or human mutant. Exceptions, as always, are those aliens with incredible good on their hearts that solemnly swear to not harm a human unless absolutely necessary. Superman would be a good example of that.
- Being cooperative.
8) You MUST protect any human, half/part-human, mutant human, member of the Imperium or truly good xeno. By truly, I mean reaaaally good alien/xeno.
9) Meta-gaming, Power-playing, "character debating" and godmodding are straight forbidden in here. INSTANT BAN. Mary-sues and Gary-sues aren't appreciated, as well.
10) Have fun!


Q: What is the purpose of this community?
A: Simply to unite fellow roleplayers and expand the Imperium of Man. You may ask for other members of the Imperium for help on another communities, like Earth+ or the Temple of Glory.

Q: Do you guys have a moral compass?
A: Yes. And only good guys are allowed, preferably on the Lawful Good side of the compass. Neutrals are tolerated, as well, but be aware, Chaotic characters, no matter if they are Good, Neutral or (Especially) Evil, they are going to have a hard time here. In fact, Lawful Evil characters are more welcome than most Chaotic Good characters.

Q: Do I have to obey the Emperor?
A: Yes. Usually, He won't deliver orders to you, unless you are of a really high ranking. But even then, there may be a chance to be just a request, not an order, but who knows?

Q: Do I have to aid any fellow members of the Imperium?
A: YES. In fact, it is one of the main rules of the Imperium. Unless necessary/if they prove themselves traitors, human/Imperial life is invaluable and should be respected.

The categories of this community are:
Discussion: Pretty obvious, eh? You may discuss anything there, ask for help In-RP on other communities, just chat in general, and etc.
RP Posts: Roleplay Posts on the Imperium. While this category does exit, I would prefer you to roleplay on other communities, since that would advertise this community.
Multimedia: Post whatever image/video/music here! It may be funny, interesting, or simply epic. It doesn't needs to be WH40K related.
Questions/Help: Pretty obvious, isn't it?
Stuff/Fanfiction: Post fanfictions and Warhammer 40k official, free or paid, stories here. HQ's are welcome as well. You may share WH40K novels on the PDF format. However, I'd prefer to keep the fanfictions WH40K-based, and I will delete any fanfiction that, on a way or another, is simply way too Mary-sue-ish. I love fanfictions, but keep it nice, guys.
Other Communities/Stuff: Post anything that doesn't fits any of the categories here, and feel free to share your communities here!_
Lore: DO NOT publish anything here unless you are a mod or owner. This category is for adding RP-canon lore, such as canon arcs, important roleplay events, promotions and etc. Any post that wasn't made by a mod/owner will be deleted, and it's maker will be warned. Continued practice will result on a ban.
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