Let's say the brain can make 1 million calculations that we are aware of... also the brain will make another million calculations that we are not aware of. Finding a software that can recognize those calculations is the goal. I believe all one individual has to do, is understand the concept of what he or she is thinking about; The computer should be able to fill in the gaps. (Just Theory) Then execute a command via psychokinesis after fine tuning the brain to become n sync with electricity to open that path for communication. Where is the software at ladies and gentlemen???

I am looking for a software platform that can live stream brain to machine interface via psychokinesis. Does one exist?

I am beginner. Can anyone guide me how to move computer cursor by our brain waves. On which parameter I will focus?

[MoC2] Brain Computer Interface and Applications (Mon. 04 Nov.)

16:30-16:50 A Cursor Control Based Chinese-English BCI Speller
16:50-17:10 Performance Comparison of Spatial Filter with Multiple
                       BMFLCs for BCI Applications
17:10-17:30 Causal Neurofeedback based  BCI-FES Rehabilitation for
                       Post-Stoke Patients
17:30-17:50 Phase Synchrony for Human Implicit Intent Differentiation
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