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Good afternoon guys and gals,
Here are some things that might help you when you are studying for your final exam.
Sports vocabulary:

Location prepositions:

Using the Present Tense to talk about the past:

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Thursday - Dec. 5: Speaking Test
Tuesday - Dec. 10: Review for final/Speaking Test
Thursday - Dec. 12: Review for final

I will give you 2 points on your final grade if you sing me your favorite song in English. 

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Buenas noches ladies and gents, 
I am posting a link to a website for you to look at that gives a much better explanation of the Present Perfect tense (have/has + pp) than you book. As you know, I really think your book is a piece of crap. Here are two links to exercises that you can do on the difference between Past tense and Present Perfect. HINT HINT - I suggest that you look at the exercises since I will look at them when thinking of exam questions.

Guys and gals,
I forgot which day you wanted to take your exam. Do you want to take it on Tuesday or Thursday?

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DO NOT EMAIL ANY ASSIGNMENTS, QUESTIONS OR WORK TO ZCOHEN@UFL.EDU!!! I do not use that email! You should email me your assignments, questions or work to I WILL NOT OPEN ANY EMAILS SENT TO 

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I'm giving you your homework assignment on Modal Verbs. Also, I'm giving you a review of Count and Non-Count Nouns. You do not have to do the review of Count and Non-Count Nouns, but if you want to practice for the Quiz and Midterm Exam, it would be a good idea to look at the worksheets. YOUR HOMEWORK is due NEXT TUESDAY's CLASS. 

Next Tuesday, you will have a QUIZ over UNIT 7 and 8. Next Thursday's class, you will have a quiz over count and non-count nouns AND modal verbs.
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