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Name: Stacey Lynn
Nickname: Stace or the ice witch when she's in her witch outfit
Age: 15 She seems like she's 12 though lol
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Gender: Female
Likes: playing video games, socializing, drawing, writing fan fiction/manga
Dislikes: being alone/unsocial, mean ppl, math
Weaknesses: fire and madness
Personality: Social, gamer, smart, mean at times, very friendly, clueless, artistic
Race: Half Human/Half ???
Powers: Can control any liquid/ice, she is immortal and invincible
Weapons: Can form any weapon with liquid or ice
Job: wizard for hire
Family: none they all died :(
Friends: none for now
Crush/Bf: no one for now lol
Pet: Puppy named Bandet
Enemies: none
Bio: 3 years ago while she was drawing in her bedroom a fire started and she lost contousness, when she woke up she learned that a goddess had taken over her body for 2 years!! When she learned that she thought her whole life was taken away from her........ Her family had died and she was saved, she couldn't live like that. So she tried to kill herself several different times but nothing worked, she jumped off cliffs and landed perfectly fine, she'd drink posion but nothing happened. But one day she was tired of doing that and stabbed herself with a knife, the only thing was when she took out the knife the wound healed itself. Then she realized that she was immortal.......... She would never die..... Ever............

Then her sanity snapped in half like a twig. She would never see her family ever again, she would never argue with them, or play video games with her dad........ It was all gone.............
At that moment her eyes turned a cold grayish blue from her usual bright blue eyes, and her hair darkened a lot. She had became a shadow soul, forever alone.............

The next year she had learned that the goddess that had taken over her body, left behind her magic. The goddess could control all liquids and ice. The goddess was also Irene's daughter, and her soul was in a deep sleep and could never be awoken.
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Name: Madison
Last Name: none
Nickname: Royal/ Kivi
Age: 16
Personality: Funny, Sweet, Serious, boredom,
Bio: to long to type
Friends: to many to type
Family: [Sister] +MidnightBlue [Emily] if my other rp family joins then i'll edit this thing
Appearance: Pictures
Likes: to many to type
Dislikes: bandits
Crush/Lover: shh -.-
Species: Part Fox ( :3 ) 
Wizard Type: Fire Dragon Slayer
Magic: Dark Fire
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Name: Blue
Last Name: none
Nickname: Midnight
Age: 17
Personality: im exactly like natsu
Bio: long and sad
Friends: 246 ._.
family: +Madison The Black Phantom [Royal/Kivi] 
Appearance: pics
Likes: friends and protecting the things and ppl i love
Dislikes: the ppl who hurt the things and ppl i love
Crush/Lover: crush natsu xD
Species:  half wolf
Wizard Type: dragon slayer
Magic: Shadow
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The Owner has given me permission to make the Template
Last Name: (optional)
Nickname: (also optional if u have none)
Age: (yes you can be whatever age you want and if you don't wanna put it in then its optional)
Bio:(if you don't wanna put it in then also optional)
Friends: (if you have to many just say to many to type or if you have none then I have no friends :c if you want ot say that one)
Crush/Lover: (this is also optional)
Species:  (yes you can be a cat thingy like happy)
Wizard Type: (there's not many dragon slayer spots left) (also if you don't wanna you don't have to be a wizard if you don't want to)

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No1 and nothing can beat fairy tail ❤

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Natsu = Happy
Gajeel = Panther-Lily
Wendy = Carla
Laxus = Pikachu

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