Rip this got inactive.

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Keep growing! Invite your friends, invite your family, invite your pets!

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hahaha lol

Try and keep /b/ to a limit of questions, exclamations of love of this community, and related stuff.
You get 3 strikes and then you're out of the community

It's 1 mod per 10 members (ish)

i'm going to have an interchanging mod system. Every week on wednsday the 2 mods get replaced.
ok fine im just kidding

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Settlement Name: Aristotsca
Location: Northern japan; Hokkaido (Conquered by North American settlments)
Government Type: Monarchy
Population: 50 (?)
Symbol: (I'm gonna go with what I know)

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Name: Biethian
Location: South London, England
Gov. Type: Democracy
Pop: 17


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Animated Photo

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Settlement Name:  New Washington DC
Location of Settlement:  USA,District of Colombia (Formerly Washington D.C)
Settlement Government Type: Democratic Republic
Population: 20
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